Autopsy Reveals Rayshard Brooks Death Ruled A Homicide | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Authorities in Georgia ruled Sunday that the fatal police shooting of Rayshard Brooks outside an Atlanta Wendy's was a homicide. Brooks, 27, died after he was shot twice in the back on Friday, the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office said in a statement. Aired on 06/15/2020.
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Autopsy Reveals Rayshard Brooks Death Ruled A Homicide | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Kevin K. No matter which wave it is don’t read my post. It’s not the second wave only because every state hasn’t had an outbreak. Don’t worry quarantined, this ain’t over yet.

    2. Karen Zeiger listen up KAREN – how does that make fighting the cops ok? So from now on if the cops can’t restrain a black person they must back off? How does that make sense.

    3. @Sincerely Yours You’re right… it is not over yet. Myself being 60’s, disabled veteran, it is not over. The rebound from the demonstrations is going to blow-up any ideas we had about containment.

    4. @Kevin K. Nope. It’s all on the Red States who , being real tough guys, decided to ignore the rules. Now you may pay. Oh well.

  1. “Homicide” just means he was killed by another human being – it doesn’t mean it was “justifiable,” or “murder” either.

    1. @grecia rubio that makes no sense. What he did was a DUI. They were 100% in the right for arresting him. Doing the right thing? He passed out while IN LINE at Wendy’s. He didn’t pull over to sleep. Dude, you’re trying to change details to fit your case. Everyone else would get arrested for this, why is this any different? I’m not saying shooting in the back was the best option, but what you’re saying is just false.

    2. @grecia rubio He was passed out drunk in the drive through dummy. The media loves people like you, you just hear something and eat it up.

    3. Yeah, I know. I guess that’ll help him at the murder trial, then. Right? I mean I don’t care. Doesn’t pay to expect things to go correctly. It’s actually sliding off the hill. You’ll see that.

  2. The military has a Uniform Code of Military justice. Each and every service member knows that if he violates that code he will not be disciplined by his peers in his unit but by people that are dedicated to upholding that code. The Police have no accountability that compares.

    1. Maybe but no police officer of any colour, no black judge, would ever have a problem with a police officer defending themselves when a violent criminal pulls a weapon.

  3. Let’s take 3 billionaires and very prominent families. Mark Zuckerberg, Jay-Z and Beyonce, and Jeff Bezos. Lets say a man or woman points a tazer at them and fires it. The elite security bodyguards would light that person up.

    1. Elite security guards aren’t in the public service as community law enforcement. Do you understand the concept that government is suppose to be in public service? You suffer from 2 deadly viruses – lack of common sense and celebrity worship.

    2. @Terminator X
      An elite Bodyguard protects and removes the client from danger #1
      They don’t hang around and they call the police after they have performed #1

    3. Of all of the straw man arguments I’ve heard, this has got to be the weakest of the bunch. Hint: Police are not bodyguards. They are public servants. They are not judge, jury and most certainly should not be executioner.

    4. @Latasha Bell That “Drunk and could barely stand” Individual overpowered two grown men. Then started running flat out while firing a weapon (which was still loaded BTW) at the officers who were armed with side arms that he could have also taken if he had disabled them. They were stopping a potential deadly threat. End of story.

  4. Try Wendys New Char Fired Burgers. Available at only one Atlanta location only for a limited time.

  5. Again, can we please stop with the shrill “homicide” headline? We already knew he died via bullets,
    this description says nothing about whether it was justifiable.

    1. @Joey Echeverria because not a single one has ever protected me from anything in life bro…

    2. @Joey Echeverria What type of person would be _most_ attracted to the job of police officer..? ANSWER: someone who wants to live a violent lifestyle, with impunity. That’s who.

    3. Tessmage Tessera that’s not true. A lot of cops become cops because they want to protect. I have policeman friends. It sucks that the actions and intentions of a few jerks disgraces an entire industry.

  6. ‘He was trying to do the right thing. He didnt want to drive drunk.’
    He was stopped in the drive-thru lane, behind the driver’s seat with the engine on.
    Had he not ‘wanted to drive drunk’, he would have purchased an uber ride. Theres a million dui videos where the person behind the wheel requests permission to ‘sleep it off’.
    I dont understand all the fuss in this matter.

    1. @TheBaller Forever I dont agree with the mans life being taken, but you have to see that cooperation one second, and violence the next doesnt excuse the violence because he began peacefully.
      I can say hello before hurting you, my hello doesnt excuse the violence.
      They were doing their jobs, and there was real life danger, he struck them both and stole a weapon. That has serious repercussions.

    2. @TheBaller Forever don’t shoot anybody running away. EVER. At the same time DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE People.

    3. Dane Lucier I’m not saying that I am saying you had a clear option for this not to escalate heck Wendys workers could have taped on his window and asked him to move to a parking space or or even got a tow truck. The situation could have been avoided easily but both party’s were wrong but it should not have escalated like that

    4. @TheBaller Forever Were in agreement, I’m happy to have found common ground with someone. Like you said, the discourse and communication was there, it seemed like a bad judgement call to place him in cuffs at that moment, like that. That doesnt excuse the resistance, it’s just a sad and ugly situation all around.

  7. “He was trying to do the right thing. He didn’t want to drive drunk.” He was in the DRIVE THRU meaning he intended to continue driving! This guy has a law degree?

    1. V1NNY they just made a whole video where they told you how cops handled people who ran away from them on foot when they had a sat their disposal in this case they had 2 patrol cars… You are not obliged to be this Cruel …

    2. salmonline are you naturally dumb? The felon turns and fired the taser at the officer. At that moment which lasted 2 seconds the officer draws and fired. The fleeing felon was still in motion as he turns and the bullets just barely strike his back. Only 2 of 3 shots. This now armed felon then falls to the ground.

    3. @Oscar Deville Your willingness to gloss over the fact this guy was murdered is disgusting. Be ashamed.

  8. hey, what happened to ” he was a great father, a great brother, he wouldn’t touch a butterfly, he was a role model, all he wanted was a burger and a nap” I can’t wait for people who knows him comes out from under the rocks and atart saying how such of a good guy he was.
    I personally don’t know him but all i can say is that he shouldn’t had resisted arrest.
    And by the way, what did Wendy’s do?

  9. Weird, not committing crimes, not driving while high, not fighting with cops greatly reduces negative interactions with the police

  10. I’ve been arrested more times than I can remember. I’m a person of color. If im approached by police… I know I’m not going to get away. I’ve never resisted. I’ve never been beaten up or handled wrong by police. I hate that irresponsible people can cause this much chaos.

    1. @Vendicar Kahn agreed. Somehow this will be Trump’s fault? Not a fan of the guy but these changes have been needed for YEARS.

    2. @John Smith is that why for some of my posts I was called white when I’m not by BLM supporters? I’m not sure why you all decided to let them look smart for a couple days, but don’t point a weapon at an officer and you won’t get shot…

    3. @Vendicar Kahn according to the supreme court cops can shoot you in the back if you’re either a danger to society(drunk driving in this case) or a danger to police(shot a “less lethal” weapon at them in this case). He was drunk, and wasn’t thinking right, but this was justified. He should have walked or gotten a ride, and the one who called the police tried to wake him up before the call happened. Please stop making Trump supporters look smart or all of BLM is done as opinion sways away.

    4. “Trumps fault” -@Fred Feldt

      Trump’s opposition to the reform that protesters are demanding is Trump’s fault.

      America is rudderless and with Trump has become nothing but a comedic farce.

      The world is laughing.

  11. Other news you can’t find in MSNBC: “2 missing George Floyd protesters found murdered in Florida; suspect arrested”

    1. We get that. When 1 person shoots another, it’s a homicide. I imagine homicide covers any method of death that wasn’t strictly accidental.

    1. @Capital Homes if a police officer gets tased, his lethal weapon can be grabbed and then the officer can be shot with his own weapon.

    2. @Muhammed PISSSCH DA REEEIN the guy was running and there was another office present. Stop with the if, what, if. The fact and evidence is in the video and it’s has happen. He die, there is no if he survive the shoot

  12. Justin Miller he was passed out in the drive thru line .. wtf? He didn’t park in a parking spot and go to sleep 🤣🤣🤣

  13. This lady is literally saying that he should go home and sleep it off! Bro he’s drunk he can’t drive home he needs to be arrested for endangering peoples!

    1. Drunk? Two cops couldn’t subdue a drunk? You see the cam footage? Where did he fail the sobriety test? Ask yourself why the cop didn’t say his levels after the breathalyzer? Bet it was under the limit. Imagine someone trying to take your freedom not because you failed the field test, but because “I THINK your too drunk to drive” as the officer put it. After the man volunteered to walk home or have his wife come for him. That cop was out for action and he got it plain and simple. So who’s putting lives in danger? The “drunk” sleeping in his car, or the officer shooting an unarmed suspect in an open parking lot… gtfoh

    2. @ktr33 MuZic LibRarY when your beloved gets killed by a drunk driver you wont be so “righteous” about this lol

    3. @ktr33 MuZic LibRarY i hope anything like this never happen to you but I just think you are saying this because such thing does not seem dangerous to you

    4. @ktr33 MuZic LibRarY yep…. all fun and games until a drunk driver creams one of your family members. Ever heard of MADD? Thats the reason NOONE gets a break anymore.

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