1. loved it when he started talking about military and someone yelled 13 dead! So true that man has no right speaking about military knows nothing!

    2. @ThruAWiderLens the fact is this wouldve never happened under Trump fool. The country is doing so well now! LETS GO BRANDON.

    3. @Luis Luis It’s the fool here, Luis! How would this have been prevented under Trump? Seriously, I’m curious as to what you believe he would have done differently.

  1. Being a victim is a choice or we can let our hardships Define us consume us or we can accept our extraordinary abilities we have in this life to create the outcome we choose for ourselves and that is exactly what the people of Ukraine are doing I truly hope they win this war🤔

  2. Excited to hear it tonight! I mean the level of turd polishing that is coming is going to be historic

  3. I will be at home leaning forward towards my tv with eager expectations to hear all the wonderful things that we have experienced in the last year. Or alternatively he could do like Jefferson and send a note to the house. If it’s supposed to include all of the good things perhaps it will be blank. Maybe I will just watch the Good Doctor? Kidding aside God has blessed me and it will take a lot more then Biden or Trump to mess that up…..I think.

    1. Maybe you can fill those blank spaces with all the lies and contradictions in his speech?

  4. “it has to be laying on his mind..” I would hope so Fred, back to you Bill.. Clowns paid to perform, badly.. tsk, tsk, tsk..

  5. biden 1 st words at the “state of the union”- “is this the airport?, is rusty still in the navy?”

  6. I tuned in to watch him struggle to find a single good thing he’s done. Which is nothing…

  7. Gas Prices today $3.69/gallon, Trumps last day in office $2.39/gallon. Thanks Joe keep making it better for me and my family.

  8. Job “growth” is just us approaching pre-COVID levels. Despite what CNN says The economy is in the worst state since 2010.

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