1. Can’t have bi-partisan support when one party has decided that hate and division are the modes of their obstructionist agenda.

    1. @GoGo Frenc What cheap shots? The extreme beliefs of a nutty “handmaid” is completely relevant. The Constitution is not subordinate to the Bible.

  2. So let me get this straight what thier saying is dems have been rejecting republican nominees for litrally 50 years.

    1. What??? Those two didn’t get the disrespectful questions like Brown receiving. Just say they or y’all don’t want a Black woman in the position.

    2. @Keith Mc blaming both parties is bs. Barrett and Kavanaugh shouldn’t have been appointed at all for obvious reasons. Dems had legit reasons to rebuke their confirmations

    3. @Keith Mc No I only read the headline .. I cant watch too much here as its always hype and not true but thank you for the clearing up.
      I can tell you that in the last administration, a BLACK WOMAN who was a judge in a lower court was up for the DC circuit court which is next to the Supreme ct. graham stated at one of the questioning that they wanted ,eventually, to nominate her to the supreme ct, but the Democrats who were in the majority voted her down . It was not for Black and color as much as for her NOT being a left activist.

  3. Ya know what “qualifications ” matter? A firm understanding of the constitution and a strict adherence to the constitution.

    1. No no no. the qualifications that matter to wokies is color and being a woman,what ever that is!!!!!

  4. What the civilian sector of America needs to do, is to be more concerned and exert more efforts so that something as simple as Jackson’s cofirmation will get approved. There is increase of apathy and feeling of entitlement in America(even to the point of having disregard for other people’s rights), so that politicians who would have been good for America, do not get the support they need to stay in office nor win in thd election. The average American needs to appreciate that the living condition thay are enjoying is a result of the efforts of the older generation of American. If the future generations of Americans are to continue experiencing the same kind of living conditions as the current Americans, then the current American have to carry out their civic duties and not just spend their whole time going after what they feel they are entitled to. Life is a 2-way street. One cannot expect to keep on receiving from the society without giving back something in return.

    1. Says who. I just moved from republican to independent and am preparing to move to democrat in order to vote in and get me my entitlement of free goodies. I am retired, let those few who work and even fewer who pay taxes give me my stuff, keep the country running and pay off that 30 trillion dollar debt. I want the tax payers to squeal like pigs. With any luck I will be gone before the country goes bankrupt. Knowing the people will either turn on themselves like cannibals’ or if they lucky all they will have to do is learn how to speak Chinese.

    2. @Andrew Pinson Following passage of the tax cuts, the unemployment rate dropped to 3.5 percent in 2019, a 50-year low. In the same year, median household income increased by $4,440 or 6.8 percent, the largest one-year wage growth in history.

      This wage growth dwarfed the wage growth experienced under the entire eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, which was just 5 percent.

      Black and Hispanic Americans saw their median income hit record levels, while the poverty rate declined to 10.5 percent, the lowest rate in decades. The bottom 25 percent of wage earners also experienced wage growth faster than the top 25 percent of wage earners.

      How’s your financial situation doing today compared to 2019? 😉

    3. @Rei When most people were unemployed due to force shut downs of the economy, I can see why employment and wages are up. Not hard to raise the bar when it was zero. I think you are a little free with the numbers. But I do not care for that any way. I am just like most of the roughly 50% who do not pay taxes, just sitting back and waiting on mine. I did think about moving to California though. They are starting people out who don’t work on a salary, and if you want to pilfer a few company stores for goods I think they don’t arrest if it is less than $900 (might be a little off on that though) but if they do arrest you you get to get out the same day. Just all kinds of free stuff in Cal. and will soon be making its way to the other 49 states. Thank god for liberals. The rest of you get to work and just steal from those who have money and give to us non-working.

    4. The death of America: ALL THE REPLIES TO JIBBER’S POINTS are.. “ME ME ME” and some out of context numbers thrown in.

    1. @Bhutten Asvuk people used the fact that Barrett adopted a black kid, against her. The hate runs that deep

    2. Barrett was unable to name all of the freedoms outlined in the First Amendment, and is inexperienced.

    3. @Amy Brown Missing one of the freedoms outlined in the first ammendment is a whole lot different then not being able to define what a woman is.

    4. @Bradyn Lotterman, I believe she didn’t answer bc regardless of her answer, it would have been misconstrued, and wouldn’t have been the correct answer.

      I find it interesting that you minimize a prospective Supreme Court Justice’s lack of knowledge of an Amendment to the Constitution.


    5. @Amy Brown I’m not minimizing anything, but one forgetful instance is a whole lot different than not being able to define what a woman is. The fact is that she didn’t want to piss off the far left when defining a woman because it would go against their transgender bs.

  5. A majority of voters elected the government we have in the US… & the government is establishing the future for citizens of the US. If it isn’t clear what is happening in the US… US citizens should be concerned… right?

  6. Ya think kavanaugh & that woman are what the founders wanted?? Can you imagine if rbg was still alive??

  7. I would like to thank Will Smith for standing up for bald men everywhere. But what do I know. I’m not a biologist

  8. We need to vote everyone out flip the whole House and Senate whoever’s in vote them out if it doesn’t work this time do it again the next 4 years that’s how we should play this game

    1. That’s not a solution based plan. That’s blind hope that it won’t be replaced with worse. Which it very much could be. And you’re only hurting yourself because the reality is most people that like their candidate are not voting the good people they like out. So let’s say you are pro climate change policy but you vote our everyone. Well they lost your vote and the other side did not vote all the people they liked out. so your side loses. A better strategy is to replace the ones you don’t like with people you do.

    2. Better yet: All should have term limits and age limits, or whichever comes first. In addition, ban lobbying/bribery and reform campaign finance laws to eliminate big money and reveal complete transparency of all finances going back at least 10 years. No felons! New people with fresh ideas that want to get something done is the only way to change this broken thing. Entrenched politicians, like entrenched dictators, are incapable of evolving with new ideas over time. Instead they become more uncompromising.

  9. “The party of the President has to be in control of the Senate. And I’m pretty certain the founders didn’t have that in mind.” — Let’s be clear that the founders didn’t want political parties AT ALL. George Washington gave a speech about how dangerous they were when he left the office.

  10. All of this started with the Kavanaigh nomination. Our operatives search in the gallery screamed and hollered. We confronted senators in the hallway, in the elevator screaming at them. We accused Cavanaugh of a sexual assault that happened years ago that turned out the prime what does couldn’t remember when where how or why. We accused him of drinking beer. And then there was ACB.
    The Republicans behaved very well I thought in those segments that I had the opportunity to watch. I was in DC meeting with several of my clients while this was going on. They were very respectful but they did hold her accountable for her past decisions. I was with Joe in Atlanta when he made the announcement that if he was elected he would nominate a black female for the Supreme Court. After the speech I reminded him that what he said was in violation of the civil rights laws that all of us work so hard to pass. He just smiled at me. She should have declined her nomination based on the fact that her nomination violated the civil rights laws that we had passed.

  11. It use to be good or bad, right and wrong. Now it’s just about power no matter the cost.

  12. That’s when Scotus nominees could define something as simple as XX chromosomes. New day new rules.

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