1. What geographic or demographic diversity?! All the early states are still in the eastern third of the country. Not one western state is in that group. And black people are not the only minority, in this country. What about Hispanics, Asians and Native Americans? Have the first primary in California, the state with the most voters, and most diverse range of voters. Only a third of that state is white. Too long have western states been taken for grated.

  2. Joe Biden will be 86 when he finishes his second term.That’s Ok with me but I wish He had a more appealing VP.

  3. Here is a better idea. HaVe one day, a super Tuesday type day where all primary are held at one time. EaCh votes and no state is influenced by other. Candidates would be voted on by the states and not the press.
    Stop me if I am wrong. I think this would also save we the people money and stress from hearing political stuff for a extended period of time.

    1. They already have super primary days, and have had for several years. I do STRONGLY AGREE that we need to spend far less time and money on political campaigns! It is an insult to the American people and the candidates from the 2022 mid-terms that Drumpf was allowed to announce his candidacy for 2024 one week after the elections. It is another manipulative move by this psychotic narcissist, and it should not be allowed/tolerated by either the RNC or DNC.

    2. But the Bible says that in the end of days, the country called Venezuela has a financial system that needs to be repaired immediately. The demand for slaver, which is the process of undercutting the labor industry in a trade deficit country, needs to be relocated to the high school level using new macroeconomic financial instruments.

      All 10th grade students must be attached to a economic performance value of $1.00/B1.00. That has the ability to buy lunch during the day.

      11th grade has a workplace economic performance value of $4.00/B4.00


      12th grade has a workplace economic performance value of $9.00/B9.00

      Post 12th grade has a workplace economic performance value of $16.00/B16.00

      All adults over 18 years of age must reset their country. Getting paid $16.00/B16.00 per hour, by March 1st 2023.

  4. The proposal to give workers seven days of sick leave, which was championed by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and other liberal lawmakers, failed to pick up enough Republican support to overcome a 60-vote threshold set for adopting the measure and fell in a 52-43 vote.  

    Six Republicans voted for the sick leave measure: Sens. Mike Braun (Ind.), Ted Cruz (Texas), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Josh Hawley (Mo.), John Kennedy (La.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.). ⚔

    1. And only 3 R’s in the House voted for it. A total of 9 Republicans in the entire Congress.

      The R’s only voted for it because they KNEW it wasn’t going to pass.

  5. Democrats….PLEASE do not even think about sticking us with a Biden second term. He served his purpose, we had no choice in 2020, we chose the lesser of two evils to get rid of tRump, now its time for a younger candidate that we actually want

    1. @Archie Clement 👈. Good, that means prices will drop, no wars and the border will be closed again. We need President Trump back.

    2. I would want someone else.But BIDEN won because he is a moderate democrat.Independants and moderates republicans WON’T VOTE FOR any PROGRESSISTS.

  6. It would be brilliant for a smart, true liberal to challenge Biden, and that is why the media is protecting Biden with segments like this.

    1. There is no one in the trump and GOP crazy camp now that can challenge BIDEN. You people are so crazy calling DESATIS all day. Biden will beat him so bad it will be more than trump. You think the US election is Florida? Biden is not perfect but who is there? Trump, DESATIS? the one who fighting cultural wars and using migrants for political stunts? The historian that have predicted almost all modern us elections said it clear, DESANTIS cant save the GOP

  7. Nobody can beat Republicans like a 🥁 Cept. Delaware’s JOE BIDEN🪘Our Greatest President ever. 🌌🎀

    1. They actually covered it with Smerconish….he brought up Matt Taibii, Ro Khanna and Dorsey saying it should have been allowed…fyi

    2. @LE Really? Violations a side, it’s over reach, and massively corrupt. Twitter has too much power to push a partisan agenda, left or right. Call Twitter a private company all you want, just as long as you call it a private company with 1.3 billion users.

    3. Tells me they played in The Affair of election manipulation and needs to have their collective kyster kicked.. CNN NEEDS TO COVER ALL OF THE NEWS AND QUIT SPREADING PROPEGANDA LIKE A “COMMUNIST SOCIALIST DEMOKRAUT TOOL”! if they do, they will have respect…

  8. Why would Dems want to have their candidates “vetted” by a state that will never vote for them? Personally, I would like to see all primaries on the same day. FOr late states, it is generally done before they get to vote, while a few white farmers in Iowa can sometimes choose the next President. Maybe two weeks before the convention – everyone votes.

  9. President Biden is doing a great job and I hope he runs again.
    David Axelrod has spent the past two years slamming Joe Biden but President Biden has been very successful.

  10. After what Mr. Elon Musk has done, dementia joe’s going to be in jail before he ever gets a chance to run again.🤣

    1. This is the same joe that give you people a nice whopping. it was so bad until you people had to go and break in the capitol. That’s the same joe . You people think everyone so dumb ? no, if you look at the alternative for president, no one wants them.

  11. Nah – I hate putting importance to any state, especially a small one. There needs to be a single primary election just like the general election. Also get rid of the electoral college while you are at it.

  12. 0:22 “The idea is to test candidates earlier in crucial swing states.” Right, because South Carolina is now a “crucial swing state”? Huh?

  13. I am a democrat voting independent (I can’t vote for the GOP until they take out of the MAGA trash) in SC. I hope we have other options then just Biden. Not because I don’t like him (I voted for him purely to get Trump out of office and he fulfilled what I voted for him for on 1/20/21) and because he hasn’t done good things but because he is too old. We need to be capping president age and congress and senate age at 65. I have no idea who I would pick for the primaries yet but if I had to vote for him in the general I would.

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