Axios: Kevin McCarthy Caught Criticizing Liz Cheney On Hot Mic | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

Axios: Kevin McCarthy Caught Criticizing Liz Cheney On Hot Mic | Katy Tur | MSNBC


Axios released a new report detailing criticism House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy leveled against his own Republican Conference Chair Rep. Liz Cheney. This comes following the congresswoman’s repeated critiques of former President Trump and her refusal to lie alongside him. 
According to Axios while caught on a hot mic ahead of an interview with Fox News, McCarthy said of Cheney, “I think she’s got real problems.”

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Axios: Kevin McCarthy Caught Criticizing Liz Cheney On Hot Mic | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. When you are more comfortable with the work colleagues who tried to get you killed than you are with the one who won’t lie for you…

    1. @Ray Cis
      Are you telling me Trump told BLM and Antifa that they are special and he loves them?

    2. @Daniel Faraday
      Oh sorry, the insurrectionists with their bear spray and flag poles were there to hug and kiss people, right?

      You reich wing loons are hilarious!

    3. @My Pillow Guy almost as loony and hilarious as calling random people insurrectionists because you’re too lazy to think/research for yourself. You do know the only person KILLED during that riot was an unarmed woman protester right?

    4. @S Dot
      The terrorist who stormed the Capitol? Good.

      Hundreds of Capitol police were injured and maimed by The Trump Terrorist Mob. Just because your insurrection failed doesn’t change the intent.

    5. @My Pillow Guy remember that first statement when somebody starts mowing down these Antifa numbnuts. And you called me an insurrectionist

  2. Wait…. KEVIN MCCARTHY has “lost confidence” in Liz Cheney? That’s like saying that Mitch Mcconnell thinks someone else is corrupt.

    1. @Trogg ok so if i ever steal money I will never return that money because that would be socialism, right? The gov’t forces us to pay taxes(stealing) so it’s socialism for them to return what they stole. Or do you not see forced taxes with no representation as stealing? It isn’t socialism to return what was stolen.

    2. @The _Awakening This is the way our founding fathers designed it. You talk like a foolish victim. What is America without tax revenue? You can find out if you move to Haiti.

    3. @Trogg no they fought the revolution partly because of taxation without representation. We have representatives but they don’t represent anybody even though that is their job. Btw taking a stimulus check that i could’ve done without and been fine, which was directly put into my bank account does not make me a socialist. I hate the idea of social programs, income tax and other things that take away from our individual profit while giving politicians an infinite amount of money to line their pockets with.
      The oppurtunity this country promises hardly exists anymore unless it directly benefits the politicians. I don’t see myself as a victim just someone who recognizes the problem while everyone else stays ignorant to that problem. Slavery never went away it was only reimagined.

    4. Donald J. Trump
      10:27am May 3, 2021

      The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

  3. “You know, I’ve lost confidence…” He said essentially the same thing about Trump after the insurrection. How can he stand upright when he lacks a spine?

    1. @Ajax The American People don’t need CNN tells them what the whole world could easily see in all news networks and social media. 1 image worths a 1000 words and we saw a lot of images.

    2. @Lynn Schmitt I sure as H hope you are joking. otherwise, you are ready for the white jacket.

    3. @Gar Heard lol, true…silent majority? not so silent, not a majority. 32% is not a majority, nor was the insurrection silent, nor have they been since (except those who were at the capitol…they hiding.) And don’t you think it odd that the GOP somehow can’t get ANYTHING done in 8 years, but somehow in ONE day manage to pass bills to prevent voters from voting. That kinda duplicity takes talent…for stupidity.

    1. @ A G… ALL CORRUPTION must go. Including Democrats. But, if you yruly want to “drain the swamp”, then King TeeRump and his entire family must be among them. Ask yourself this question: were you truly better off Nov. 2, 2020 than you were Nov.4th?
      The honest answer is ‘no’… none of us were.
      We don’t need the muddy waters of the swamp stirred up… what we need is the damned thing drained. I thought TeeRump might just be the one to do the job. But, I was wrong.
      Just like I was when I defended Nixon right down to the very bitter end.
      I had three personal connections with the man in the ’80s and he’s a worse human being now than he ever was back then.

    2. @Kiza Is it that you have a life, or you want a life without someone clouding your mind with facts? In court win after court win, retraction after retraction, that seems to be the effect Project Veritas has on people. But if reality’s not your bag, I could see where you might not want to recognize them; sure……

    3. He knew the mic was hot. This will now endear him with trump and his cult. This is so transparent and a bs , 20th century (R) ploy.

    4. @Crfor Freedom is this where I get annoyed with your nonworking filter. No this is where I say you need prayers, you are one lost puppy.

  4. Attacking each other will cease if truth is told .tell the darn truth no integrity with these rep.

    1. @Gordon Peacman – Lol. I’m stating the Facts, and you say I shouldn’t have been born.
      – Interesting how you think that IF someone lies, they should die.
      – Pretty Hate filled if you ask me…

    2. Donald J. Trump
      10:27am May 3, 2021

      The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

    1. @Renda Jones all of America knows who should be sitting there in the White House, even the guy who’s there right now knows who should be there

    2. @Sweet Caroline a lot of bat people claim that orange Voldemort is true potus.
      It’s not “everybody” by a long shot. FOS definitely to even believe that everyone is delusional and that gullible.

    3. @Renda Jones I said it’s probably close to 91 million people voted for that orange person you’re talking about, what you want, but I hope it’s in your lifetime that you find out the truth,, but it’s you I don’t know could handle the truth

    1. @Hill Billy Is that why you here spewing your hate on a progressive channel to attack people so GTFOH-TROLLING.

    2. @Ryan Aita All votes in states and districts Trump was disputing were counted and audited over and over without any fraud findings. 67 plus judges which were most appointed by Trump dismissed his claim for lack of credible evidences. So what do you want? That the presidency is giving away to Trump just because he says “Election is rigged. I won by a lot”, without any proof?

      And yes. You’re right. Those angry Trump’s rioters that set up gallows with nooses outside the Capitol and then were frenetically trying to get Pence and Nancy were very pacific, SURE. LOL.

    3. @Hey Ho well the kkk is founded by the democrats just like slavery and Jim crow .. republicans is the abolitionist party and the party of civil rights and mlk… U r a brainwashed dummy…

    1. @Jeffrey Winters Nah liberal media definitely has an agenda and they are pushing it big time.

    2. @tim steele lol you can’t show a brainwashed dude the lies do some searching yourself. after 4 years of lying even now i am not going to spend my time on you scull head

    3. @George Sanchez. Reporting honestly about Trump’s election loss and attempt to overthrow the government isn’t an “agenda”.

    4. Donald J. Trump
      10:27am May 3, 2021

      The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

  5. “I’m concerned she doesn’t do her job” translates to “This woman won’t do what she’s told “

  6. He knew that mic was on,he’s looking for a pat on the back due to those boos he received the other day

    1. @Jacinta Rooke your comment made me think for a minute, had to look it up to see if I was wrong.

    2. That was Romney, but give it time, it will be mcarthy. And the clown show continues. As for him knowing the mic was “hot”, I said the same thing as you did. It’s too transparent and a desperate Hail Mary by mccarthy.

    1. @Lynn Schmitt Hello putinTroll. You IRA workers are so sad with your obvious russian propaganda. Kick rocks russian.

    2. Donald J. Trump
      10:27am May 3, 2021

      The Fraudulent Presidential Election of 2020 will be, from this day forth, known as THE BIG LIE!

  7. “Her ability to do the job.” No, that’s not it. “Attacking one another …” Nope. She’s attacking someone who is neither a Republican nor elected to any position in the Republican Party. “She’s going to get us yelled at!” Yep, that’s it.

    1. Y’all just upset because she won’t lay down with you dog’s and get up with your fleas and lies.

    2. Y’all just upset because she won’t lay down with you dog’s and get up with your fleas and lies.

    3. @Barbara
      Sounds like amongst all of her male colleagues, she’s the only one with a pair of .

    4. He knows exactly what they are doing and I’m not a fan of her’s but I respect her integrity .

    1. Rumble, BitChute and Brand New Tube have uncensored news….video on BitChute: Plandemic parts 1 and 2

  8. Sooo freakin sad,lie like us or get pushed out, these people don’t care about anything,except power over their base and keeping them foaming at the mouth

  9. It’s much harder to stand up and stand out than to cower and bow down.. I’ll give her credit for that

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