1. yeah, we’ve seen all these “best people”…
    drop like flies over two years…
    let’s hope the trend continues…

    1. J G – Weeds them out?? He RESISTS firing them. He overrides security clearance warnings. Michael Flynn. Ryan Zinke. Rob Porter…

    1. BuildingCenter : Trump’s people are used to corruption being normal, in his filthy world. They literally don’t know HOW to vet people to a moral standard . . .

    2. BuildingCenter lol The president exposed CNN as fake news long ago yet you still drink it up. Amazing how stupid and naive people are .

    3. Oh, “POTUS” thinks that red flag is a good thing, since the idea of “president” for life (or chairman Trumpsky) is what he wants.

  2. 🍕I’m like a smart person I know the biggest words believe me I’m a very stable genius

    1. Chapter 1
      The story begins.
      Somewhere in a dusty square in Pakistan, a little man with no shoes and one name languishes away ceaselessly. One day he and a few others like him, hailing from various parts of the world, will be enlisted to take part in the most extraordinary event the world has ever witnessed.
      To be continued…

    2. @bobbybrown1967able As a disabled veteran how can I vote for someone who said ” POWS are not heros because they got caught” and ” I believe putin over our own military intel”. CONservatives + EVILgelicals = republiKKKLANS

    3. @Jerry Guerra I agree with you Jerry it’s sad to see people believing in a lier who doesn’t care about them but only cares about himself. Smh

  3. How does Donald Trump screw in a lightbulb?
    He holds the bulb and waits for the world to revolve around him.

    1. Spamming the comment section isn’t helpful and just makes you look desperate. Please stop, it’s stupid and annoying

    2. Again…not funny. If I find one that is funny…i will give ya a 👍but comedian does not seem to be in your present or future life.

    3. The joke is old, humorless, and never really made any sense . . . much like the man himself. So in that respect . . . it’s perfect!

    1. @SOLDIER 4CHRIST Don’t worry I’ll be a early voter I’m trying to get people to do the same.

    2. @The One Why are we even talking about race. I mentioned nothing about it. Its sad that I can’t make a post without a ignorant Trump supporter talking dem plantation, slavery, or something ignorant dealing with race you guys say the same thing.

    3. @Keeping It 100% your the one who’s still a fucking slave to Democrats. We set you free, lost 350,000 lives doing so, yet you stick with your masters. If you dont like people calling it out the too fucking bad.

  4. A racist, an adulterer, and a criminal walk into a bar…
    The bartender asks, “What can I get you Mr. President?”

  5. I remember the first time I saw Trump,
    standing on a hill,
    his hair blowing in the breeze.
    And he too proud to chase it.

    1. @Templar Rising. I’m not even going to directly respond to your initial comment. That’s just too ridiculous to even consider.
      But… Trump claiming, like most other hypocritical conservatives, to be a good Christian. One that cheats on two (that we know of) of his three wives. Uses money donated to his charitable foundation to pay hush money, and personal debts. Bankrupted companies for fun and profit. Refuses to give up total control of his businesses, as he is expected to, then insists that he and his entourage stay at his properties to over charge the taxpayers. Speaks ill of the dead and dying heroes of our country. Forces his way in to upstage every other world leader, except his buds from Russia, China, and N. Korea. Uses world events to pat himself on the back, when it’s not about him (or his bone spurs.) And so, so much, more.
      Sad news for him . . . There is no Nobel PUNK Prize. Cancel the flight.

    1. @David Davidson Yeah, No…one day one of the conspiracy theories that you believe may cone close to being true…probably not…but you keep trying!

  6. Never changes his schtik, same bs day after day after day. Predictable, expected, corrupted, con.

    1. @Idylchatter It’s obvious Trump is doing a better job than any other president in the last 200 years.

  7. A sociopath like Trump, whose mind and soul are both corrupt, is simply incapable of picking the best people. Trump has the moral compass of a weather vane, and his administration is a direct reflection of it. It’s the reason why his administration has been a revolving door of rambunctious and unqualified sycophants, roguish grifters, unprincipled neophytes, and criminal minded scallywags. And like a moth to a flame, they all seem to be drawn to the moral turpitude that has defined Trump, and his contemptible administration.

    1. YES David J! DOWN WITH THOSE SCALLYWAGS. WE SAIL EAST IN THE MORN AND MAY THEY TURN TAIL AND RUN WHEN THEY SEE OUR SAILS!!!……….seriously though, Trump and this administration are swamp creatures personified. Truly a disgusting sight to behold.

    2. @Simultaneous Lee you’ve been playing too many video games in the Basement. The only swamp creatures are the ones left by Mr Barack Hussein himself.

  8. When Jeff Sessions is the least corruptible in your administration, you might be a swamp monster

    1. I remember sessions telling trump he was going to recuse himself cause of conflict of interest and that was on tv

  9. I think the media should be vetting the cabinet. They are doing a better job than the Trump Administration!

  10. Yeah very good vetting process. I have the best people. Are you a criminal? Good your hired.

  11. LMAO, Trump’s one regret was the only member of his administration that has any morals and did the right thing.

    1. Sessions didn’t recuse himself outta morality.
      Legality ain’t morality. Don’t confuse ’em.

  12. “My only regret is appointing Jeff Sessions because, unlike the rest of my team, he stepped up and did the right thing one time.”

    1. Jeff Sessions has to live in this world Post-Trump……He left his balls in DC, slinked off into the sunset……..So Long!

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