Axios: McConnell Leans Toward Convicting Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC 1

Axios: McConnell Leans Toward Convicting Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


Axios reports that Sen. Mitch McConnell is leaning towards convicting Trump as the New York Times reports that McConnell is “pleased” Democrats are impeaching Trump again. Eugene Robinson tells Lawrence O’Donnell that this is McConnell “letting it be known that he is done with Donald Trump.” David Jolly says McConnell’s shift gives Senate Republicans cover to reconsider their votes, meaning conviction “might actually be in play.” Aired on 01/12/2020.
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Axios: McConnell Leans Toward Convicting Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. The turtle stuck his head out and realized he was in a pig sty not the swamp.

    2. @Geoffrey Fyfe The senile, decrepit, anti-populist GOP cost the GOP the Senate/Congress. If the GOP actually passed populist, pro-common people laws and drained the swamp then the GOP would have probably been winning in the past couple of decades. Instead they sucked up to big banks, big corporations, and cheap but illegal labor.

    3. I am totally with you. Personally, I don’t believe any of the republicans will get any punishment at all.

    1. It’s all about the money. When the big corporations switched off the donations to the GOP, McConnell turned on a dime.

    2. @red Buoy …. Jettisoning “Dead Weight”… Exactly! And predictable from Mitch McConnell alliance with Anything or Anyone.

    1. Yes. It’s all about the money. When the big corporations switched off the donations to the GOP, McConnell turned on a dime.

    1. My God , I did not think it was possible , the Kool-Aid crowd screech louder and higher pitch than
      they did for 3 years 24 X 7 Russia Gate Hoax ….children I am impressed

  1. Oh he’s only changing his tune because their corporate sponsors stopped donations because of the domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol

    1. @Reyana Moria
      Only in your wet dreams that Trump would have any chances to run for president again!
      Keep dreaming!!!

    2. @Jeremy Dyar Mitch probably trying to save the party. He just won reelection(6yr term) he is 76 he want run again.

    3. He is mad that trump lost him his majority leader status and democrats co trol the house and senate and presidency.

    1. @cannibal014 If you’re worried about BIG BUSINESSES pulling donations, then yes you’re PROBABLY a Republican (some Dems are no better).

    2. Its past money
      Mr Turtle is an old rich white guy
      What could he possibly want to buy at his age he couldn’t already afford 10 of

      Bunker boy is in so much debt, with walls closing in on failing business
      There’s not enough fools left to milk

    1. @G Woodsy Thank you – was coming here to say EXACTLY that. “Loose”/”lose” has become the new there/their/they’re.

    1. That bad man needs alot of help help thank God he has a bad evil in him he’s a very bad man no good that’s all I can say for now thank you and God bless you all take care God is there with thanks and cake

    2. ‘Last minute impeachments? Who you gonna call? Nancy’s Impeachment and shampoo Inc. This week’s special; get 3 impeachments, pay for 2!’

  2. McConnell carried water for Trump for four years and his reward?

    The base of his own party now calls McConnell a traitor, and the rest of the world harbors even more disdain for him, but for much better reasons

    1. @Kineahora Republican leaders knew Trump had hijacked their party as soon as their constituents voted for Trump to be the Republican nominee, despite their collective campaigning against him.

      McConnell and other Party leaders carried water for Trump in exchange for a massive tax cut for corporations and the wealthy, repealing environmental regulations, and packing the courts with conservative judges.The only people who got played in the end are the American people.

    1. Unfortunately the entire country is paying for it. Well I wish you all the best for democracy and your country.

    2. @Ford Prefect “the devil made me do it” = I had no self control. Regardless of mythology or theology its psychology. Everything has a price. You can’t work with a mobster and expect not be tainted by his crimes.

    1. The problem is the whole system it’s forgotten it’s purpose to serve the people. What happened to Government For The People By The People.

    2. @Anime Boulevard Sorry to in form you but that part of America is now manufacturing cheap merchandise in China and being imported to the unemployed and underpaid American people.

    3. @Sutikare Oluwagbenga and it shouldn’t be that way greed and corruption have overtaken what the country was founded on modern American is like Rome just waiting to fall.

    1. Trying to salvage their party. Funny how they keep rolling over and over and over and over. All of their actions are taped and aired to see what they really are inside. They enabled bad behavior and see where it ended up. Truth is if you unleash a mob, how can you really control such a mob? In some ways, this looks like this was a set up but it’s become all to easy to ensnare some people into their own play book of patterns. After you know their patterns, you allow them to carry them out to the point they go all the way to ruin just because that was the only way to get them to see their own actions caused it. This isn’t the first time a man ruined his own name by his own actions. Howard Stern warned him that it was a mistake to become potus. He should have listened. It’s hard to believe his path forward from now on will be a cake walk. The seed you sow – so shall you reap. The GOP is getting exactly what they sowed.

    2. I’d say the Orange Utan destroyed the GOP, so Moscow McKremlin has nothing to lose. Greetings from the Netherlands.

    3. @Chris Yeh yeah, a classic example of the instability and futility of power

      The whole purpose of our form of government is to avoid these petty squabbles

    1. He could have addressed the crazy President situation in the first impeachment -but instead tried to use him, and left our country to rot. Moscow Mitch packed the SC with judges who are arrogant in their own religious views, proud, not humble individuals, who will dispense their edicts on all of us. To them the constitution is dead and no changes will be allowed. No room for evolving. No room for progress. God help us with them, too.

    1. 1933 Germany was on the same road we are now. By the end of 1945, Germany was in ruins. It started just like this.

    2. @TherealLumpendoodle…shut up Looney. Worry about yourself. My soul and relationship with God is on point. Now, sit back and watch the real devils go to prison. Next…..

  3. Funny how a loss of sponsors can grow a spine. MEDICAL MIRACLE

  4. He’s trying to stick his sins on Trump now so that the people will forget his devilish stunts he did in 2020.

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