1. He’s just like a child upset they lost a game and knocks over all the pieces in a temper tantrum rage.

    1. @Angela Siegfried I’m still waiting for you to list any point I made you want me to prove.

    2. @Rod Do you ask yourself the same question about Fox News? Or do you not own a mirror. It’s only *everyone else* who could be wrong, right?

    3. @Rick Why are all of the windows dark at the White House every night since DT left ? Why do all exterior lights at the White House go off every night at 11 PM since DT left ? Why has Marine One not been flying since DT left ? Why has there been no reporters and TV cameras outside the West Wing since DT left ? NOBODY IS LIVING IN THE WHITE HOUSE. See for yourself at the webcam.

  2. “Cersie would burn the world to the ground if she could rule over the ashes.”
    — Lord Tyrion Lannister


    2. Fake news! CNN fake news Don lemon wants people to smell his fingers….its in the police report….

    3. withdrawing troops doesn’t equate to buring the world down though. But i enjoy trump deranged “left” “progressives” people promote the continuous wars overseas

  3. Incredible that this won’t be a huge story, or last a single news cycle, or make any difference whatsoever to anybody. Just insane.

    1. This should be a huge story bc Trump was trying to do GOD’S work bringing our troops home so they’d stop losing their lives and the government’s money defending all those GODLESS people. For our military to go against THE WORD OF GOD by going against Trump they should all be fired and stripped of any and all honors, pensions, and frankly their names should all be scrubbed from all databases & record books. They shamed themselves their families and worse of all their country.

    1. _CNN hiding Biden’s Fail Gasoline Policy. Anyone Still Kissing cheater Biden & CNN’s rear..?

    2. Wow – this story MUST be very true…. if it wasn’t there would be about 8,000% less tRumpy trolls around screaming about all kinds of things. 🤣 The truer the story, the harder they try.

    3. @Best Grandma of course. It is much preferred to base reality on the words of people that do nothing but angrily screech on the internet

  4. I should have invested in diaper stocks…I’d be a millionaire after the failed insurrection…

  5. “Well fine then, if I can’t keep my toys, I’ll just set the whole world on fire.”
    -Trump, being himself.

    1. @Manuel “@FalonGrey The real scandal here is that apparently the commander in chief isn’t the commander in chief.”

      You are confusing the president with a monarch holding absolute power.

      By the way your faux Latino name isn’t fooling anyone.

    2. @FalonGrey you can’t start a war when all you do is golf and send intelligence information to Russia

    3. @Manuel your lack of intelligence in this regard is alarmingly palpable….Can’t decide if your too far left or too far right!! Lol

    4. Fake news! CNN fake news Don lemon wants people to smell his fingers….its in the police report….bidens dying..

  6. DJT’s decision to order the troop withdrawals seems in line with his understanding that he had actually lost the election.

    1. @queenannsrevenge100 it’s funny how people saying what he didn’t say or do never bother to watch him speak. HE LITERALLY SAID WE ALL THE TIME

    2. @Shawn bosley name anything he did that benefited the working class and don’t say the tax break he gave himself

  7. You haven’t fathomed evil until you’ve seen the insanity, bounded only by unfathomable stupidity, that shaped it.

  8. Such a decision could have precipitated more wars at a single time than just about any other decision in human history. It’s like ringing the bell on a boxing match and tossing out the referee.

    1. @Sam Spamoli He has alot to clean….. the dtrumpf was fking The AMERICAN up for his riches. Maybe taught be his daddy that gave him no real love.

    1. @charles They refused to follow an unconstitutional order – that is both a duty and legal, fool.

    2. Fake news! CNN fake news Don lemon wants people to smell his fingers….its in the police report….

  9. It will be the easiest film to make in the history of Hollywood, since reality here far surpasses fiction.

  10. And it was done OFF THE BOOKS? Would someone PLEASE arrest someone? Is there any justice left?

    1. @TomQuiNEstPasLa doesn’t mean you do stupid stuff in the dark. He had months to do this before the election. But if he pulls out in weeks, all our enemies get free reign, and all our allies are surprised.

  11. What is very troubling to me is that I have the impression that the guy can do anything with impunity and his enablers always have an excuse for this craziness.

    1. @Michael Fant Ignore the Russian Trumper trolls, that’s what they do, they try to distract by bringing up the name of someone they point to as their thought of an “other”.

      Focus on the fact that donald, yet again, tried to destroy the US while in the throes of a toddler tantrum, like usual.

    2. @Jerry Tom you should seek therapy if you don’t know the difference between Hillary and Trump.

    3. Maybe you’re watching the wrong channels? Try the GLENN KIRSCHNER channel. He’s the very best with the very latest, given he’s a former Federal prosecutor in D.C.

      Also, I’ve taken to listening to podcasts, so wherever you can hear podcasts… Apple, Google, Spotify, etc., here are the ones I recommend, if you’re interested. Most have noteworthy guests and the episodes average an hour long, so a lot more material is covered than what you find here at YT.

      THE MEIDAS TOUCH (not Midas)
      MUELLER SHE WROTE (Yeah…the Russian Investigation is not over.)
      TRUMP, INC.

      Don’t you find it odd that early on, Trump said he wanted to build up the military and have.a military parade as a show of force, but in the end, wanted to pull our Armed Forces from all over the world? That’s the heavy gaslighting of a Psychopath, “rearranging the furniture” for us. I can only imagine that his defense budget mostly went to pay for that 47 miles of border wall he had built, and repair the existing. Michael Cohen will tell you Trump is afraid of guns and just about everything else. His podcast is 5-star rated. It’s my favorite.

  12. 🔥🔥🔥🔥MANGO KORESH knows SDNY extradition coming… he’s prepping for a WACO style stand-off at MARA LOCO!!! KABOOM!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 LOL!!

    1. Exactly. I cant help but wonder exactly where all the troops from these places would have been sent to!!

    2. Fake news! CNN fake news Don lemon wants people to smell his fingers….its in the police report….

    3. @Mike Oxmall shocking..maybe…maybe back to the USA…home? lmfao you guys are so trump deranged.

  13. This is what has been uncovered only four months into a new administration. We will be hearing about new crimes and shady dealings for years to come.
    Some things we won’t ever know. If he doesn’t go to prison, there is no justice.

    1. I agree with you. He must have been channeling money to himself and he did in some obvious ways and in others not so obvious. DJT came into the presidency to ransacked it.

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