AZ Republicans Finally Calling Out Shambolic Election Audit Spectacle 1

AZ Republicans Finally Calling Out Shambolic Election Audit Spectacle


Rachel Maddow reports on the growing awareness among Arizona Republicans that not only is the incompetence of their so-called "election audit" making them a laughing stock, but it is likely doing unnecessary damage to public confidence in future elections.
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    1. @Vincent Ramirez That’s funny. Building went on here in Arizona throughout the pandemic. And you think that’s why prices for lumber, steel and copper tripled in price and everything else is way up as well? You think that’s why there are fuel shortages in areas outside of where the pipeline was hacked? We were energy independent. But not now. Wouldn’t one think that since things are clearing up from the pandemic people would be going back to work. Well, they’re not. Why should they when they get free money from the government? But that’s what the leftist’s want. They think there’s an endless supply of money from the government but there isn’t. And according to the left everything that happened under Trump is his fault so likewise for Biden buddy boy. Trump’s achievements with the economy and unemployment can’t be disputed except by the mentally ill that refused to acknowledge the fact. But you’re not going to learn anything here. I come here to trigger you morons. You come here to lap up the leftist MSM puke and parrot it because when it comes to your own logic and reason you come up blank.

    2. @Ephbaum The world doesnt revolved around Arizona my guy… Just because you see construction in a maga neighborhood doesnt mean the rest of the world isnt following guidelines.. Hack happens and it sucks. It happens; wont happen the 2nd time.. Get over it.. Price goes up and down… its called “Supply and Demand” … The world is not after you Republicans; Get over yourself… Pandemic happens ; its the Government job to protect us and jump start the economy by helping the needy… Biden new tax will help with the debt accumulated during pandemic in the long run… And it has nothing to do with you unless you make 400k a year; or own a corporation which i doubt. Is it that bad to tax the rich? That Maga are just soo against?.. Unemployment was at its worst during Trump ; so im not sure what you’re smoking. Or are we really gonna ignore 2020?… What is soo difficult to understand? At less Biden is not golfing every week… There’s a reason why Trump only served 1 term… Theres a reason why Biden won a landslide of over 7 million more votes..
      Golf > American lives.
      Trump even scammed his own supporter with recurring donation without them knowing. Yikes.

    3. @Online Comments I think you misunderstand how this stream of events actually works. Try again.

    1. Those chickens are the same chickens that hugo chavez used to eat the ballots in Venezuela

    1. @Stephen Garner Cruz and Graham do not care for Democracy. They have repeatedly made that clear. Many Republicans in our government are supporting the election lie conspiracy, continuing to falsely claim that Trump won. It’s absurd and it’s a poison running through the veins of our democratic process. America is seriously ill until we can defeat this infection and finally break this fever.

    2. @Nola I can truely understand. How do you manage to keep sane when nearly half? the population are fine with their nonsense.

    1. @Queens Rule

      Ok if you think so but watch and see lots about to happen next few months. He never admitted he lost because he didnt. Don’t let the mask take away your vision please. “Just saying” darling

    2. State Senator Paul Boyer says the magic words we are all going to be hearing repeatedly over the next decade from those in the GQP when they realize they can’t participate in this loony tones fascism anymore “Looking back, I didn’t think it would be this ridiculous!”

    3. @Maggie

      Oh wow. Man didnt see that coming from a leftist. Well he will be a greater at Walmart in 2022. Oh. Did I say that. Man you and about 6 other Biden supporters all feel the same way. But the rest of the world knows sleepy Joe doesn’t know what or who or where he is half the time. Its ok. Their are handlers for him to help him up the big airplane stairs.

    1. Unlikely. I have seen people with actual paranoid delusions and unlike the GOP they had a lot of clear moments and actually understood that there was something wrong with them.

    1. They have been since he was elected in 16 until now… but as the Scots say, “he’s a feckin’ clown”

  1. Arizona Republican Senators: “We must move on!”
    Arizona Republican Senators: “It’s hard to pass these voter restriction laws with the entire world believing we’re trying to restrict voting based on the lie we’ve been pushing until now!”

  2. Like the old saying goes, its easier to trick someone than to convince them that they’ve been tricked.

    1. @AlienRobotGhost Sorry but the FBI CIA DOJ CISA Trumps hand picked head of election security Krebs and over 70 courts say you are wrong. But I guess that is not enough for some people with really thick skulls.

    2. @AlienRobotGhost who got “tricked”? If you happy to explain I am Australian so deal with facts & not Disneyland stories.

    3. @AlienRobotGhost you DO realise the rest of the World judges America by the GOP behaviour. If that FACT is hard to realise then China & Russia has won the contest.

    1. Which ones? The metaphorical ones or the ones they incinerated after feeding them the ballots?

    2. @Senam Lawson Why didn’t we just bypass the burning of the chickens and just burn the ballots?

  3. The exasperation on display during Rachel’s response to “…and then fed the ballots to his chickens…” is heartbreaking.

  4. OMG I was watching this while I was eating my lunch. I literally almost died when you mentioned feeding ballots to chickens and then having to incinerate the chickens to cover up … omg I almost died for reals I thought I had heard it all but hadn’t heard that one until now lolololol

    1. Believe it or not that’s a true conspiracy theory here in Arizona the guy was feeding the ballots to the chickens

    2. @Hank Eckenroth “true conspiracy theory” is an oxymoron. Kind of like “educated Conservative”.

    3. Admit it! The reason you almost choked is that there were Arizona ballots in your lunch!!1!!! I knew it all along!!!!1!! xD

    4. Yep, these Reichwingers are Nutzi. Having cooked a lot of chicken (and even burned some) I can attest to the fact that paper burns with less effort than chicken…unless one uses a Jewish space laser, I guess. Seriously, this is crazier than looking for bamboo fibers!

  5. “We counted from A to Z and then we had to stop because that’s how numbers work.” ~Cyberninnies

    1. @Kim Tastik I honestly do not know how y’all manage. A word I use unironically because of my brief time in Arizona.

    2. My sister lives in Flagstaff, which I think is more purple. My parents moved in with her at one point. Years later, my mother said that if she’d known about the state’s political climate, she’d never have moved there from New Mexico.

    1. Sidney Powell, after getting sued by chicken farmers: No reasonable person would believe that Hugo Chavez had chickens.

  6. I wish people cared enough about me that they’d try this hard to keep me from going to prison if I were a criminal mob boss.

    1. Agreed. 😀 I wonder if it has more to do with what he *has* on them that they don’t want him to relate rather than how much they “care” for him as a person. (laughing…….)

    2. Hey, it’s because you’re a regular, good, decent person, not a criminal boss, that you’re OK without others bowing down before you.

    1. That comes from squirming around under furniture. I don’t know what to do about it. (5/19/21)

  7. Q told us “go to the chickens” “the answer you’re looking for is with the chickens”.

  8. “…cause you wouldn’t want to just incinerate them you would have them pass through chickens first…”

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