AZ Secretary of State: 'This Is Everything But An Audit' | MSNBC 1

AZ Secretary of State: ‘This Is Everything But An Audit’ | MSNBC


The Maricopa County 'Audit' is set to resume soon in Arizona. The state's Secretary of State Katie Hobbs joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss.

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AZ Secretary of State: 'This Is Everything But An Audit' | MSNBC


  1. The same rules to all sensitive equipment.
    Airworthy aviation parts are green labeled, but treat a green labeled device incorrectly and it will be labeled red and not used.
    Same applies to medical equipment or anything that is mission critical.

    1. ​@Garrett Ludlow You lost, get over it. Remember when you all said that again and again in 2016? Arizona won’t be changed and wouldn’t even come close to reversing the landslide loss for Trump.

    2. @Keith Ziegler Trump won’t be in the WH until 2025, but we will find out whether the 2020 election was manipulated or not.

    1. @steve kake It’s not my opinion that he lied. I already provided the proof that he is a liar. When you make a claim and you can’t provide any evidence and the facts refute your claims, then you are a liar. The burden of proof is on trump and currently he is short on proof. AZ has already conducted multiple audits. Cyber Ninjas isn’t leading an audit. That is the problem.

    2. They are leased. That’s one “restriction” we need to put in place for 2022. Own the machine, own the count and validity of each ballot.

    3. @steve kake He lied about the election being fraudulent… Period, end of story. I’m sorry you feel it wasn’t. Elections are not fraudulent based on your feelings. Multiple audits and gov’t bodies have certified that the election was not fraudulent. Sorry your candidate lost. Get over it like an adult.

    1. I blame this ALL on the Trump administration. Had he held rallies in cemeteries he would have received more votes than Biden. CLEARLY we would have a different president in the WH right now.

    2. @Slick Rick Not MSM. Court documents. From dozens of cases. Including Rumpt Supreme Court. Read everything could get my hands on. All thrown out for lack of evidence or not heard no standing. By Rumpt judges. To deny the validity of the courts is anarchism. Thus all who fight against legal standing are also fascists. To win, fascists need to rail against law and order and in so doing, must destroy democracy in order to assert their own will. That means traitor to your country, to the constitution, to other Americans. Be proud that your loyalty to one wannabe dictator has made you a traitor to your entire country and all it stands for.

    3. @Linda Estell I’m happy for you, and I hope you always feel that way. Planets don’t revolve around the sun in circles though. They have elliptical orbits. At times they are closer to the sun, at other times they are further away. That’s natural. Sometimes we are overwhelmed by the closeness we feel to what we can’t completely understand, or define, and at other times we doubt ourselves, and wonder if we have lost our way. Sir Jacob Astley said before the battle of Edgehill, “O Lord you know how busy I must be this day. If I forget you, do not forget me.” Matthew 19:26

  2. “Get rid of the ballots and there won’t be a problem,” the Thug-in-Chief famously said.

    1. You make him sound articulate. What he actually said when asked if there would be a peaceful transition of power if Biden won is this:

      “Well, we’re going to have to see what happens. You know that I’ve been complaining very strongly about the ballots, and the ballots are a disaster. We’ll want to have — get rid of the ballots and you’ll have a very — we’ll have a very peaceful — there won’t be a transfer, frankly. There’ll be a continuation.”

    2. @Dr. G watch out – don’t quote him verbatim or the cultists will yell, “Fake News!”

  3. I know what they did with the machines: Hugo Chavez tampered with them. He is an Arizona Banana (tamale) Republic citizen

    1. @Tim Zigerfal , what you are saying is that Democrats are so smart that they can fool the Republican who ran the elections in Georgia and Arizona and the stupid Republicans can not detect it?

  4. Hmm…wonder why their so-called about this audit. She knows these are VERY MUCH CERTIFIED TO DO THIS AUDIT!! Probably bc they already know what their gonna find.

    1. Wilma Brooks
      There are only two companies in the US which are certified to audit election results. Anyone can find the relevant information. If they wish to and will not die from having their delusions shattered.
      The CEO and his pack of biased “volunteers” is not one of them.

    2. The EAC DOES NOT certify AUDITORS! They certify people to certify machines! You don’t even have your facts right! This is a forensic audit not a recount or an election

  5. “While we have many enemies of this country today who want to see us fall, there’s no greater enemy in my opinion than ourselves. … We have divided ourselves into tribes. Lawmakers in Congress have “put their self-interest ahead of their sworn oath” to protect democracy. Our enemies outside our country are aiding and abetting the dissension within our ranks. They’re watching with satisfaction as they see us destroying ourselves.”

    — Retired Army Col. Ralph Puckett Jr., May 21, 2021, the day before he received the Medal of Honor from President Joe Biden.

    1. Somehow they weaponized, are political preferences like, being liberal left-leaning people vs conservative rignt leaning folks. Both sides do nothing but complain about each other, about how the other sides and destroying the country. About how the other side’s media is lying. I don’t remember this not too long ago, it wasn’t this bad.

    2. Jefferson knew this day would come. The tree of liberty just needs replenishing. Don’t worry about what the rest of the world thinks, Trump’s Administration made allies with the good guys, this is all about taking down the Deep State and the NWO the CCP will be eliminated.

    3. @Mike don’t forget the fake Republican rhinos. Decided to side with the Democrats

    1. Spanked? They need the living life slapped out of them with a self picked switch off the tree in the back yard. Just sayin

    2. @Live Free Or Die ahhhh, those were the days! Now you go to prison for saying the sky is blue. God help us in Jesus name!

    1. @R Platt let me break down for your New Hampshire. They just discovered their machines didn’t count 38% of the ballots. because the folds on the paper. Because the paper was folded so the line the crease goes right through the bubble of the Democratic candidate and the machine shorted every Republican by 300 votes. Now this is brand new news so I’m not sure if you haven’t heard it but it’s 100% confirmed it’s no longer a myth or theory

    2. @Remove the media circus How does New Hampshire count ballots from Fulton county? What Q site did this little diddly come from?

    3. @Remove the media circus You obviously have no clue how voting machines work or the process of running elections. You are pretty funny though. Bless your heart!

    4. I Sure Glad That SOS Kayti Hobbes Is Threatening The Taxpayers With A 6 Million Voting Machine Replacement To Detour The Audit Since Thay Can’t Stop It Legally!!!! It Just Shows That The More You Try To Stop An Audit Requested By “WE THE PEOPLE” Of Arizona To Get Our Confidence Of A Fair Election Back Just Show’s How Far She Will Go To Cover Up An Election Per “Joe Biden” – “-We Have Assembled The Most Extensive And Inclusive Voter Fraud Organization In The History Of American Politics” September 2020!! That Quote Will Fallow Joe Biden Into The History Of Politics Forever!!!!!!!!!!

    5. @Connie Carol oh you are so smart. He was saying it is proven now. 100% proven that the machines shorted republicans and gave votes to democrats. So you guys can still sit in your echo chambers and scream Big Lie all you want but the truth is coming out. Bless your heart.


  7. Since this was the greatest, most secure, wonderful, beautiful election ever…with absolutely trustworthy results,

    We who *do* want this audit – will end up embarrassed, with massive amounts of egg on our faces when it proves us wrong and you were right…


    1. You forgot the most secure election that Biden got in Putin’s face about, and outright accused him of manipulating!

    2. Maricopa County election results were “audited” 3 times by Republicans BEFORE the current group of rubes made it 4.
      Look it up in the Arizona Republic. It’s there for all with a shred of brain left in their heads to see.

    3. @Richard Christian

      oh there’s that too – I just didn’t want to try to cover everything in 2 pithy paragraphs.

  8. Euphemism alert: “Fallout from the big lie” = “Today’s bald-faced conspiracy news is…”

  9. Hey who was the foley artist when Ms Ruhle said “ENOUGH?!” Thanks for supporting the arts MSNBC. Two thumbs ups to the anchorwoman for emoting appropriately.

  10. There are so many more of us than Hobbs and friends. Let’s see you keep trying to stop the truth from coming out.

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