AztraZeneca-Oxford developer blasts Canada's vaccine halt 1

AztraZeneca-Oxford developer blasts Canada’s vaccine halt


Sir John Bell from Oxford University gives his insight on whether or not Canada is making a mistake by avoiding the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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    1. He’s right it is an experiment and they assume no risk. all who take it do so at their own risk.

    2. There’s still a lot of things we don’t know yet,soooooo roll up your sleeve???Yup I trust this guy with the face I’m sure his mother loves him?

    3. @DLM Let’s see, 2,000,000 Canadians got the Astra Z shot and 3 died. Meanwhile 1,328,582 got Covid and so far 24,948 died. Honestly don’t need to add anything to that.

  1. I took a low dose aspirin daily for 2 weeks after the shot. Didn’t think it could hurt

    1. @A. Stri The AAFP specifically states that those at risk of cardiovascular events should avoid COX-2 inhibitors (Ibuprofen) in their precautionary guidelines for prescribing NSAIDs

    2. Yeah, about that not hurting. If you do get that, used to be rare, but not since the frankenvax, type of thrombocytopenia, it is absolutely dangerous to treat w/ blood thinners. Not for every type of clot, but the brain bleed ones, they cause a paradoxical effect in the body, because not only do dangerous clots form, but the blood platelets also tank. So they have tried to warn hospitals, that even though w/ clots, it would be protocol to give a blood thinner, if they suspect that specific type of thrombocytopenia that that these gene jabs are causing, then they need to not give blood thinners, because it can make it more lethal yet, and it’s lethal enough.

    1. He shares the frustration every scientist should feel when watching misinformation and government incompetency

  2. I’m curious who said they want to mix and match? I personally took one AstraZeneca and would like the booster of the same please

    1. That is the right move from what I’m seeing. If you had no negative reaction from the 1st dose, you don’t have the condition that allows your body to overreact to AZ. In other words, your immune system is operating normally. Just my opinion.

  3. Not one question about the phase 3 clinical trial??
    AZ is due to complete their trial by Feb 2023. So yes there are plenty of unknowns.

  4. This developer guys looks like a professor-terminator from the future who came to tell Canadians to stop with their nonsense!

    1. Wait until you find out that most viruses are detected via PCR, and it is nothing new… Also, the TRUE inventor of PCR was Kjell Kleppe, over 10 years earlier.

    2. @Chuck Norris Oh, and the difference between 33 and 55 cycles is negligible only because both are cycled too high to give a reliable reading.

  5. Are we actually in trial???
    So far they don’t anything for sure
    Specially about Mrna that will come in few years

    1. The trials of all the vaccines that are currently being used have all been done; no phases or medical trials were skipped in any of the currently approved vaccines.

  6. He looks like Ivan Drago in later years….i was kind of expecting him to finish talking about vaccines by saying ‘If he dies, he dies’.

    1. We know lots about covid? It’s all a matter of risk and benefit. There is no perfect.

    2. Let’s see, 2,000,000 Canadians got the Astra Z shot and 3 died. Meanwhile 1,328,582 got Covid and so far 24,948 died. We know that.

  7. I seriously doubt he charged up his energy beam and unleashed a blast that landed on Canada. He probably, you know, just said a few stern words.

  8. The way he regard Canadians and the virus is telling. He only really cares about the bottom line.

  9. He sounds pretty legit and unbiased

    I’m happy to hear his take on this but certainly wouldn’t want to make him the authority on what’s in everyone’s best interest.

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