B.C. farmer lectures a lynx after it attacked his chicken coop 1

B.C. farmer lectures a lynx after it attacked his chicken coop


A wild lynx got an earful from a farmer in B.C. after it attacked a chicken coop on Feb. 21.

Chris Paulson managed to grab the lynx by the scruff of its neck when it refused to leave the henhouse.

B.C. officials are reminding people that those kind of interactions with wildlife are dangerous and illegal.

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    1. More like scared. Think about it. Big cats attack the neck usually. It’s neck is essentially being ‘attacked’ right now, and it has no way of retaliating without endangering itself. (From its point of view?)

      That cat is scared as fuc.

    1. Sally I will bet you $100 that this farmer could have shot and killed this cat, no sweat! but he didn’t! Maybe he has a family to feed or something? I dunno….
      I like cats too, just in case you were wondering…..

  1. Its scruffed, still I’d be more worried about the damage it does to my face. would never handle a lynx like a kitty

  2. Lecturing a lynx for being a lynx is an exercise in futility. Scruffing a wild cat like that? What was he hoping to accomplish?

    1. I dont know about that. I once told a couger that my wife had treed that I wouldnt shoot him if he took off and never came back.
      Havent seen him since.

  3. Oh look at the cute grizzly bear, OH! I was just decapitated and he’s eating me now…he looked sooo cute and fuzzy.

  4. Unreal I’ve had cats that would slash your face if you grabbed them in a stand off or over food. That cat seemed too mellow, maybe not full story since most would shoot it maybe wound it.

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