B.C. premier criticized for vacation during wildfire season 1

B.C. premier criticized for vacation during wildfire season


He’s kept a low profile during the pandemic, insisting his lieutenants are doing their jobs as he stays out of their way, but Premier John Horgan’s summer vacation at a time when homes are being destroyed by wildfires and B.C. is grappling with a fourth wave of COVID-19 has struck a nerve.

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  1. I could be wrong …I thought this guy was a BIG fan of N@zi local pass ports … if so …stay on vacation …your services are no longer required

  2. This is soo incredibly sad. My goes out to my fellow CANADIANS. Sending tons of love & support from my family & I all the way from Toronto Ontario.

    1. I work incredibly hard too and am entitled to and deserve my vacation time. But if my job needs me, I am more than willing to cancel my vacation plans. It’s called responsibility. And this is especially the case when you are voted in by an entire province to actively run it. Run it, not run and hide when the going gets tough. This was his opportunity to step up to the plate. He turned his back instead.

  3. We need a massive role reversal, we need to put all of the current politicians in hard manual labor camps. They all have a massive debt to pay to society.

  4. Just behaving like our supreme dictator who has lowered the bar for political conduct in this country.

  5. But hey, at least he sent 1,1 Million to an Indian band to
    help to locate kids of their residential school from way back in the days.

    James, I like the idea to put politicians into hard work camps

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