B.C. residential school survivor recalls 'horrific' mistreatment 1

B.C. residential school survivor recalls ‘horrific’ mistreatment


Upper Nicola Band Chief Harvey McLeod, who attended the residential school, says children disappeared and it was assumed they ran away.

The remains of 215 Indigenous children were found buried at the site of a former residential school in British Columbia.

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    1. ​@RUBherTOES Rob this was 50+ years ago a lot of improvement has been made, its still fucked, but less

    1. @marcy sere Colonial Imperialism needs to be outed in general.
      Including Colonial Imperialism by Israeli forces in Gaza. Which then stems from Colonial Imperialism in America.
      It’s funny how u miss that point while agreeing with Triple A Stacz ,then go on to argue against the British Monarchy which rose to power through Colonial Imperialism.
      This non stopped hating of “the other” is primitive & needs to stop.
      But I’m afraid many humans are in fact primitive that willfully refuse to change or educate themselves.

    2. @Jonathan Edward Google this, The queen of England and the children who disappeared. Enlighten yourself please. The old queen is evil.

    3. @marcy sere I know history quite well including Jimmy Savile, so I am under no illusion of what colonial imperialism is. Including the hate towards Palestine.

  1. When all perpetrators have been long dead, the truth comes out in time; but there are no justices for all their victims. I was living in B.C. about 30 years ago, I had heard numeric rumors and folklore about dead children had been buried in those schools all around in B.C. Very Sad affairs.

    1. @jon keating get out of here with that garbage, and do your job as an internet sleuth. We have the power to do something we have more resources now than ever.

    2. “When all perpetrators have been long dead,”

      Perpetrators of what? Newsflash: humans are mortal !

    3. Are the perpetrators all dead??? The last of these schools closed in ’96. Might be able to get a deathbed confession or two.

  2. Sad and horrifying to think about… this is what happens when government starts thinking it knows better than the public and start enforcing social agendas.

  3. I wonder over what span of time these bodies were buried. I hope forensic investigation can determine not only causes of death but timespans as well, because it will say a lot if a number of children died at a specific time when certain staff were present.

    1. @Todd Pick the schools also murdered 60,000 children across canada..
      it why we won the court case..

      the climate and law is next

    2. I wonder what the Catholic church has to hide as well…All the institutions that claim to be of peace, love & heroism are very clearly the monsters we have always known them to be!! Rather than knowing of a specific date, maybe we focus on the horror that is clearly our history which many want to pretend it is not.

    3. @Jonathan Edward KJV bible is catholic light Anglican
      Nuremberg Chronicle is the law.
      the Lutherans reformed the church because of Columbus and the KJV bible

  4. The queen is Philip visited that school I believe at some point… I would like a report to dig in to that story a little bit more

    1. oh ya i recall a story where the queen and prillip took 15 of the smartest kids out on a picnic,little did the kids know that they were the picnic.

    2. I think the Catholic Church were masters in covering up their evil. If a priest was reported they would send him to another church somewhere else. The corruption went all the way to the top. It sickens me how they prey on the innocent. The whole institution should be forced to close down, their property sold and given to the victims!

  5. This is still happening worldwide to other races…Human Trafficking is very real….hopefully technology will find a way to stop this from happening eventually.

    1. Human trafficking is still done on widely on reservations in Canada bud…let alone worldwide.

    2. Residential schools are a uniquely Canadian atrocity, carried out in a typically Canadian way.

    1. @Todd Pick yes do you remember United Nations investigation in to it and called it genocide that is why Harper had to apologize on live tv for what residential schools done so you know more then the United Nations?

    2. @Todd Pick it is widely reported that abuse of children in these facilities was rampant

    3. @Todd Pick Why would they hide the bodies if it was not murder? or notify the families? or have grave markers? or death records?

    4. @Todd Pick they probably didn’t botger treating the illnesses and diseases to the best of their ability. Negligence resulting in death is still manslaughter/murder

  6. So very sad…May those who perpetrated these crimes be held accountable…. There was one of these such schools along Clear Water Lake…Manitoba…as I worked the night shift at the tree nursery… I looked toward the ruins of said school…the moon would come over it…and I would wonder…what horrors went on there…the poor poor childern…..I feel your pains…

  7. smh…. all because one group thinks it’s special and better than others. stop the racism, WE ARE ALL EQUAL!

  8. To the reporter who questioning the chief. Thank you for respecting the chief. Meaning, for not nagging him about his personal traumas he went through going to that school. Mee gwetch.

  9. I am so sorry Chief McCloud. My Mother died, when I was a child and the abuse that I went through was horrific. We were not physically killed but we sure suffered. In days gone by value was given to only certain members of society. I have siblings who went through horrific abuse in orphanages but we were not physically killed. Take care of yourself and remember that you are not alone.

    1. only the truth can fulfil an comfort you the time is come im here do you read respond if you care for all

  10. Brutality has no limits , I feel terrible for all those innocent lives taken specially when your own land is snatched from you and you are the one dealing with cruelty

  11. I believe him and this is why country’s like Canada needs to work at cleaning in up their own messes and not getting involved in other countries messes.

  12. The horrific abuse of these institutions has caused suffering and pain felt for generations. Suffering in silence because of the stigma associated with the abuse has damaged families beyond repair. The past continues to be dug up and the pain again resurfaces.

  13. Absolutely no WORDS !It’s not a tears.It’s a feeling,I can not breathe and “swallow” any air!Shame?!Disgust?!And a question:”Will we EVER find the truth behind and bring JUSTICE?”

  14. This is only the beginning, there will be many more exposed , every school needs to be checked

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