B.C. 's vaccine card website swamped by huge demand 1

B.C. ‘s vaccine card website swamped by huge demand


More than 60,000 people obtained their vaccine card in the hours after B.C. launched its online system.

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    1. How pathetic has it become that you turn guys like Fauchi and little girls like Greta into some kind of MCU villains just because degenerate politicians you worshiped demonized them?

  2. ‘huge demand’ you mean being legally required, or else you can’t go anywhere without getting fined. Hmm wonder why there’s a ‘demand’

    1. No worries, just don’t go to restaurants, bars, gyms and the like. Outside of care home workers, no ones job is on the line whether they want to take it or not

    2. @Liam Keenlyside for now but what “other” jobs will be in the iron sights for mandates ?
      this is far from over

  3. I would like to see the legal business agreements with the govt and these private company’s just curious.

    1. So go read them, they are all public documents freely available for the asking. Its called democracy, not karen’s safe space.

    2. @markus warner nothing shows how Trudeau $1 billion being used to implement this. An app does not cost a billi

    1. Won’t be the government these Anti-Vax nutters turn violent against. Will be some kid working the door that won’t let him pass. Because that is the kind of degenerate animals protesting this.

  4. Show me zee papers please. Don’t have zem? Ok you can get zem in zis special room vith colored air-conditioning. You can see zee air!

    1. @roof pizza Kind of like how you aren’t able to spell can’t? What is “can’r”? That’s your argument? Lol

    2. @roof pizza I saw a trio of billy goats earlier today. They were looking for you. They were supposed to meet you at a bridge.

  5. Dr. Bonnie must be very proud of herself! “Be kind to one another” turned into “face consequences “. … ok…..

    1. When you right-wingers consider kindness something given at the barrel of a gun its not something you can ignore when that barrel is pointed at you. Remember illegal immigrants? Now you are the ones who are illegal. How does it feel punks? Get out of our establishments, go back into your homes!!! The law is the law!!! 😉

    2. @markus warner the law can be whatever it wants to be I’ll deliberately disobey, openly. You can shove me into a box car and haul me off to a fing ghetto but I will fight.

    3. @markus warner What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be under the bridge, waiting for the three billy goats.

  6. Who wants to join a class action lawsuit against the province of BC for violating the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms? It is coming. Anyone who loses income or is negatively impacted due to these mandates has legal grounds for a claim against the provincial government.

    1. the Only ones paying for it will be the tax payer, it’s the politicians that should personally pay out of their pockets & their children’s pockets.
      Why also the children ? cause they’re benefiting from their politician parents & all the barrels of back door $$

    2. LOL courts are going to laugh you out of court. Keep crying about a needle.

  7. So all we have to do to force the gov to delay this is to flood the website???

    Pretty funny, can’t even launch a website and you trust them with gawd knows what put into your arm 🤡🤡🤪🤪👌

    1. @markus warner They have already been defined in the Charter or we can go even further back to the Magna Carta if you prefer?

    1. They have over 120 million doses over the next three years so I’d expect an echo and foxtrot variant to follow and succeed the brain dead belief in a delta one.

    1. If you can’t exercise without a mirror that’s not working out its socializing with the boyfriends to compare muscled boobs.

    2. Because it’s one of the biggest sources of government revenue. Pretty easy to understand. But I’m all for making it non essential

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