B.C. teen sent home from school over 'distracting' clothing 1

B.C. teen sent home from school over ‘distracting’ clothing


A Kamloops, B.S. father is irate after his 17-year-old daughter was sent home from school in tears for what she was wearing.

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  1. Ludicrous. Meanwhile all the women I went to school with (in grade 9) wore mandatory skirts. Not distracting at all… Schools still make no sense.

  2. She was covered from neck to wrists, and knees. Her fashion choice was creative and she looks happy with it. It’s just another case of women and girls being singled out. The teacher needs some training.

  3. While I do think schools should indeed have standards about what’s appropriate for kids to wear. I don’t entirely know if this was bad enough to warrant anything further.

    I think the teacher should just apologize if they were indeed in the wrong. I don’t know if this is worth an investigation.

    1. It was bad enough. That’s not a dress, it’s lingerie, a negligee or slip. A minor shouldn’t be wearing adult sex-clothes at all, let along in school. The teacher doesn’t need to apologize, but the father needs a lesson in fashion.

  4. As a father I would have no problem sending my daughter to school in that outfit. If the teacher or teaching assistant is distracted by this girl then maybe the teacher & teaching assistant need to find a new line of work before they assault or exploit one of their students.

    1. – that changes the situation a little. I assumed it was a knee length cotton dress…. news forgot to mention that detail.

  5. That teacher is out of date. At least 10 years ago this type of dress was the norm. That teacher has the problem! I’m a 74 yr. old woman and this dress is no more distracting than any other other and it’s pretty and modest. Teacher needs council ing or firing!

  6. If i had girl would a let her dress like this personally, no, but did she dress inappropriately, no, they are far more worst than that

  7. Who the hell is this teacher?
    I completely do not see anything inappropriate on what karis is wearing. Not only shame on the teacher but also the principal for sending her home.

  8. • She was sent home because that’s not a dress, it’s lingerie (a negligee). ¬_¬ The turtle-neck mitigates it, but it’s still lingerie.
    • Was sending her home in the middle of the day really the _only_ option? Did she not have something else to put on, maybe gym clothes? Couldn’t they have called someone to bring her something else? Don’t they have a box of lost clothes?
    • Where did she get it anyway? Did her dad buy her lingerie? Did they not realize what it was?

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