1. Guess thats what we get for handing the incompetent our rights on a silver platter ladened with gold flake.

    2. hear me out. whatever test you got is wrong only the test they’re selling you is right. example you have test a done “sorry sir we only accept test b”, and vice versa.

    3. @GO OlSEN right. because everyone knows that if you don’t have a phd in a particular subject, you know nothing about it. is the level of intellect that we have been reduced to?

    1. There’s no accountability in society anymore. Everybody wants to pass the buck and in the end the giant bureaucracy wins and the cash strapped hard working citizen gets it in the rear end!

  1. When the prime minister and politicians messed up multiple times in the begging…did they get fines? They still don’t.

    1. They will probably just put it on your revenue Canada tab, tack it on to your taxes and seize your GST and refunds.

    2. @Rush It should be noted, garnishing your wages via revenue Canada is an option, but not the only: Further enforcement can include garnishing of wages, seizure of personal property, suspension of a person’s driver’s license and, possible incarceration.

  2. The covid tests don’t even work… They just GUESS weather you have covid or not. You can take several tests during the same time period and get vastly different results.

    1. @Robert Fortier why go for test? if a healthy person has symptoms, just stay home and rest. let the immune system fight against the virus .. we never got tested for cold/flu ?!

    2. @Grendal Snap most tests for many diseases are PCR. The reason he said so was that he could no longer profit from his patent as it was improved upon. PCR magnifies the sample and gives a probability of infection. It’s only draw back , if you have been previously infected and cured. It would still show positive as fragments of the virus would still be present that your body killed but not gotten the fragment out of the body.

  3. You deserve it. You ALL DESERVE IT. You voted Trudeau and will likely vote him again. You deserve to suffer the consequences of electing Trudeau. Go bankrupt.

    1. @Peter S At least we aren’t calling elections when we still have a pandemic going on… Trudeau is trying to be like his father but cant even get that right.

  4. That happened to me…Air Canada wouldn’t let me on the plane in Tampa…I was annoyed at the time, but I think they saved me $5k

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