Baby formula flown in from Europe to help ease shortage | USA TODAY


    1. Your right, but many of us Moms have to supplement. My body will only make about 80% of what my baby needs. Every Mom I have spoken with in front of the empty shelves are saying the same thing. This shortage has boosted the number of women breastfeeding, which is great, but we still need some formula.

  1. wow clean journalism. oh by the way, Zurich is in Switzerland and not in Germany ( 0:08 )

    1. This is his fault in the first place. If America was “first” we wouldn’t be in this mess

  2. How about flying what they sent to the border back here and maybe putting that saved fuel money into increasing domestic production??? 🤔

  3. Only one company makes all the baby formula in the US? Talk about putting all the eggs in one basket.

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