Baby formula shortage costing Canadian family $200/week to feed their twins

A shortage of baby formula is costing one Ontario family to pay more than double the amount to feed their twin babies, as they struggle to find readily available and affordable formula.

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  1. In b4 they try to make random citizens pay for people’s choices again. If you can’t afford kids or food for them, don’t have them. Mind blowing, I know.

  2. All by design .
    Absolutely deplorable.
    Baby food factories worldwide are suddenly not in production?
    This is pure evil .

  3. Sucks they are having problems. But maybe don’t have kids during record inflation, logistics problems, and product shortages. It’s not like this economic situation just started last week, last month, or even just a year ago. These issues started when the pandemic started and fucked everything up. Pretty irresponsible imo.

  4. Not to be ignorant or sassy or anything. Why would mothers not use breast milk? To my understanding it is way more healthy then formulas full of processed garbage and sugar. If someone can let
    me know I’d appreciate it.

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