Bacchus Family: False Covid Accusations Causing Grief | TVJ News - August 24 2021 1

Bacchus Family: False Covid Accusations Causing Grief | TVJ News – August 24 2021


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  1. People will always talk —that’s what they’re good at! Condolences to the family ! Can’t imagine what that must be like losing not one but two parents so suddenly!!May you all be strengthened at this Difficult time!

  2. Condolences my dear. People need to stop fass inna people business. We so busy inna people lives while ours a spoil. Smdh. Nothing no sacred inna Jamaica no more. How far down the pit we have sunken.

  3. Condolences to you and your family.
    Becareful with words because they can heal and they can cause wound.
    People grieve differently.Let them grieve
    Whose with me??

  4. This to show how many false news out there about vaccine ! Ppl could just fabricate anything and send it out there .rip Bacchas

    1. The finger of blame is with the Jamaican government for blocking alternative treatments that work, that could’ve saved these two. They’ve put their trust in an experimental jab from Big Pharma, that few want.

    2. Do you think this vaccine was made to save persons life or to cover up the lies told and their true intentions

    3. How do know if they didn’t both die from the clot shot. A common problem with the clot shot is ADE.
      ADE is when the immune system goes wrong, will produce same extreme systems as covid. Is anyone even checking to find out, or will simply be blamed on “covid”?

  5. Destructive comment should be made a criminal offence this is not an attack on free speech some false comment cause more harm than good defaming someone with lies is defamation of character false news on social media needs to be challenge and those responsible should be made to answer by the authority

  6. Social media become a feasting ground for many… whether or not the content true or not.. they put it out regardless…for likes and subs… bad vibration and some..

  7. Condolences to the son and families,young man you can’t stop folks from talking.Its gonna be okay

  8. I agree ” if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.”
    I am so sorry you lost you mother and father. Death is a terrible enemy.

  9. My deepest condolences to this family, employees, friends and all who may know them.
    Very sad.
    Healing love to you all.

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