Back Home, Texas Dems Pledge To Keep Voting Rights Fight Going 1

Back Home, Texas Dems Pledge To Keep Voting Rights Fight Going

Texas Democrats who fled their state to break quorum are taking their fight for voting rights back to their homestate under threat of being arrested. We discuss that with Eugene Robinson and Mike Murphy.
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    1. @Willa Smalls Someone is lying to you, honey. I assure you, we are still the majority in this country. That’s not ever going to change.

    2. @Willa Smalls white people are little over 60% of the population. The next largest demographic is listed as Hispanic at just under 20%.

      White people are not in any danger of being the minority in this country any time soon. Nice try though race baiter.

    3. @j smith I’m very sure, because if this country ever gets anywhere close to a demographic change, people like myself are going to rise up in mass, and “fix” the problem. This is a white country, founded by white men, for white people, and anyone who don’t like that can hit the bricks.

    4. @Willa Smalls How does it feel to know that you’ve now been supplanted as the largest minority in the country, by your fellow “people of color.” You don’t know what that means yet, but you will.

    1. You understand you have to register to vote?

      Those are private businesses that can require whatever they want.

    2. @BeepBoopHereComesTheSoup I trust you understand that the American people can require anything they want from a citizen to vote in our elections, and that three quarters of the American people are demanding that these laws be passed. That’s called democracy. That’s how it works.

    3. @SIDEWINDER You just watch and see, sport. 48 states are passing laws against voter fraud. In fact, about half of them have already done it. Of course that’s not something you’re likely to know about, because Mika Brezinsky will never tell you to think about that.

  1. Lol you guys didn’t mind states changing their voting laws in the run-up to the election. Interesting…

    1. Because for the 1000’s time it was and always was a civil matter not a criminal one. Quit believing the lies the Texas governor was spouting

    2. @SIDEWINDER These despicable politicians fled their state and left their Democrat constituents in the hands of Republicans. These people should not even be called Democrats because they are cowards and they fled their state. We are all Democrats don’t run away. We stand and fight and if we lose the battle with dust ourselves off and get back up again for the next fight. These political cowards all need to resign immediately and get people in there that are willing to do their job.

    1. @j smith Yes they will, lmao. Don’t think the governor forgot. He’s waiting, much like a lion for prey.

  2. They’re fighting to keep the voting rules/laws that were enacted just for the sake of the pandemic. Also, they are fighting for no ID required. Seems to me that they are fighting to make all future elections less secure. Can you blame them tho, it worked out very well for them in 2019.

  3. The more you help to drive the dems narratives, the more you wake people up, you might wind up being our best resource for getting our country back on track. Your losing ground.

  4. A few more horse’s a** moves like this, and the democrats are finished for sure. Confidence in the Biden administration dropped 20 percentage points in the last 60 days.

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