Back to School Woes | WHO: Concerns About High Monkeypox Men on Men Transmissions – Aug 31 2022


  1. The fools fogged the place in February .i never hear mosquitoes breed in winter .anyway the whole country is cover with mosquitoes i see no fogging which fool makes all these stupid decisions .no wonder our country is in so much trouble

    1. They say it’s much more painful. Larger sores, and it’s not related at all to the chicken pox 🦠.

    2. Monkey pox – predominantly amongst gays / man 2 man activities (aka “fish” in Jamaica)

  2. When a no one thing is the other. Teachers are leaving the class room now these senseless and heartless thing trying to even make it harder for the children 🙄🙄🤔

  3. JAMAICA MONKEY POX LAWYER SAY WE SHOULD NOT BE CONCERN – Because we are already ugly with a lot of bump on our face so what is the difference, he need to apologize to the people of Jamaica with such ignorant insulative statement.🙏

    1. Apology not accepted,out of order nd bright,he meant nothing with his apology,is what come frm u mouth defile your bdy 👌 he just doing a little lip service fi polish tngs off. Frehfreh nd farrad,that is why jamaica will never nd can never be better 👌🤔💯

    2. @Pelps pelps The one that is representing your favorite dancehall artist World boss his appeal case in the UK

  4. I would say something about some of the contents in this vlog but I, a shut I mouth God show them the sign.

  5. What Covid has taught me..whatever you are going through “this too shall pass”..Remember last year this could not even open because of covid..ah sah…TIME is the master.

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