Background Checks Stopped A Record 300,000 Gun Sales Last Year 1

Background Checks Stopped A Record 300,000 Gun Sales Last Year


Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action, talks with Rachel Maddow about new FBI records obtained by Everytown for Gun Safety that shows a record number of gun sales blocked by background checks last year, and how President Biden's announcement of stricter enforcement of gun sale laws, including background checks, will help advance the cause of gun safety. 
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    1. Any Convicted Felon that is in possession of a fire arm ( Which is a Felony ) will serve 4 years in Prison without parole, straight 4 years. Problem is in the democrat controlled cities Felons who get caught with firearms usually get their fire arm possession thrown out and then are back on the street again with another firearm… Liberal DEMOCRATS are the Problem.

    2. @Dach : Are you a bot? Or is Copy&Pasting all you can do, because you have no original thought in your trump Trolly head? Just curious, Karen. Is Joe responsible for the weather too? Gonna’ blame him for the fact that you never get laid? 🤦‍♂️😆

    3. @Ash Roskell lol 2 times now you tube has deleted my reply. No name calling now fould language just my opinion on where the gun crime is.. guess i will just say everybody wants to be a gansta rapper.

  1. In my country we have a real constitution. There are no statistics on the number of gun sales this blocked, but it’s a lot.

    1. @Nathan K People are being murdered left and right like it’s going out of style, so maybe you shouldn’t.

  2. This exact same headline will be used at the next NRA convention, but with a different connotation.

  3. Wow!!!! But not surprised!!! I know for a fact that in Texas you could have bought as many guns just for a sale!!!!! Believe me I went in there and asked!!! And they were going to be kind enough to let me out the back door🥴🤬

  4. Hold on, I thought they were not done? So which is it? How many illegal guns do thug gang banging people have? Get them.

  5. You gotta wonder why those law and order Republicans are so upset by the law helping to bring a little much needed order to the country. Even the 2nd Amendment begins with the words, “A well-regulated…”

    1. Not passing a background check for buying a gun doesn’t mean the person was a criminal, there are many other reasons for not passing one. I guarantee most of those denied didn’t even know they couldn’t pass a background check. You really think a criminal would go to a legitimate gun dealer to buy a gun? Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

    2. @Mike Hunt67 Hmmm… and when prostitution becomes illegal, all Johns will be arrested, too… oh, wait…

      …and when Terrorists Attack Our Nation’s Capitol, all identified Terrorists will be arrested and charged with a Seditious Act on the US Government and Our Property.

    3. @eltorocal you people really think a bunch of half drunk idiots was an “insurrection”??? Did they find any guns? If the right was going to pull off an “insurrection” don’t you think they would’ve brought all those guns? We really do need an investigation into this and the team should be made up of 3 democrats and 3 republicans so it’s fair and no information will be covered up by either side because I guarantee the FBI was in on starting and fueling this little “insurrection” as you leftists like to call it. Even though there were no guns found.

  6. Just because my ex-wife has a restraining order against me meant I could not buy a gun to defend myself.

  7. “Background Checks Stopped A Record 300,000 Gun Sales Last Year”
    Well, that will be an estimated 66,666 Less Mass Shootings for 2021-2022.

  8. The right to bear arms and the right to vote are both in the constitution however don’t tread on the second amendment but we’re allowed to walk all over your right to vote?

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