Bad News And Bitterness: A Radicalizing Day For Trumpworld 1

Bad News And Bitterness: A Radicalizing Day For Trumpworld


Rachel Maddow notes that even as President Biden shares his optimism about bipartisan progress on infrastructure, inside the Trump bubble there is bad news about the scheme to overturn the election, bad news about Rudy Giuliani, and Donald Trump and his media backers are dropping heavy hints about more violence. 
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    1. @Taterkaze “Alex” is a sad, pathetic, little man, who is intimidated by intelligent women. He also lacks originality, as you noted.

    2. @Alex Shields By your logic she would have been fired months ago. Do you enjoy being wrong AND stupid?

  1. The allure of being the bully, while simultaneously assuming the role of the weak, persecuted, eternal victim is just too much for many Trump supporters to pass up.

    1. @Daryl Garrett Yeah 150 years ago! And now as EVERYBODY in the world knows, the parties have switched! How are you people still trying to lie in our faces and act like we can’t see the bs you’re saying? Do you take everybody else for idiots?? Smh

    2. @Joseph Norm The parties did NOT switch. That’s a common lie told by the democrats. If the world knows anything it’s that this election was stolen. It’s 2021. Racial oppression does not exist any more.

    3. @Daryl Garrett yes they did you absurd liar. The south was racist and nuts when they were Democrats and they’re still racist and nuts as Republicans. Smh you can’t gaslight me I’m not a fool!

  2. The world: “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.”

    MAGAs: “If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it’s an extremely talented cat.”

  3. ….” I like those who WEREN’T captured…OK ? ”…… why did you give so many PARDON’S to those who WERE ???

    1. @jj welsh75 Hey that raises a good question! When he goes to person will he even need secret service protection?? Won’t his jailers do that for him???

    2. If you can’t decipher good or bad between both sides for yourself that’s pretty hopeless!

    1. That’s what you call manipulation so that Rudy doesn’t have any hard feelings about not being paid and flip on him.

  4. Why is he doing rallies? Oh, it’s part of his grift. All that is gonna do is let him spread his lies even more. Lock him up already and put an end to this madness.

    1. @miapdx That’s why he’s going to visit the Border next week! To rile up the racists because their attention is turning away from him! Same ol’ red meat, as usual.

    2. @debbie duccini-day Trump has gotten away with crimes since the 70s! When he is finally caught – KARMA. It is going to be massive because he’s gotten away with so much!
      Rudy was suspended yesterday from practicing law. So there’s that…

    3. @Joyce Duncan Biden has been putting blacks in prison and bragging about it since the 70’s too. How fitting that 160 years since juneteenth you idiots elected a clown who put more black men in prions than what was the total slave population of America at any given point in history. Oh also his VP kept innocent men in prison for cheap labor and the only black man she ever helped was when she was on her knees in return for political advantages.

    4. @Joyce Duncan Hows that border going by the way? Biden and Harris said they would fix the crisis yet its only gotten worse and instead of welcoming in immigrants as they said they would on the campaign trail they are begging them not to come

    1. It’s possible, but my guess is their all cowards when they don’t out number their opponents….and all talk!!!

    2. Random capitalizations *and* rampant grammar-mangling…?
      Rockie, *you’re* one of #45’s accounts…aren’t you?

    1. Ray Charles could have seen this coming. Wonder how long it will take before the Kraken gets cooked? Should be about the same time it takes for calamari.

    2. Go bye Rudy I told you to flip before Biden came back from meeting with PUTIN
      Its the slammer Rudy soon

  5. “Did Trump just instruct his cult to engage in another insurrection?
    I believe he did.” Yup /////sure did.

    1. @Some Guy yeah one side is upset because in a country of 350 million people only 25 unarmed black men were shot and killed by police in an entire year in an entire country to put it in perspective 40 people were struck and killed by lightning last year so you had a better chance of being struck and killed by lightning so let’s go protest and burn and loot our country to the sum of 3 billion dollars in Damages all while protesting police brutality and 70% of the businesses that were burned where black owned isn’t that special and the other was a group of angry Trump supporters protesting a rigged election with their Viking suits on and no weapons at the Capitol building where they were let in for about 3 and 3 hours and 20 minutes compared to every single night for a whole year and it continues to happen to this day in Portland Oregon every single night there’s your Insurrection are they protesting police brutality to LOL yeah I bet they are

    1. When is maga and the cult going to be held responsible for the damage they have done in Seattle and Portland.

    2. If gullible people weren’t meant to be scammed then they wouldn’t exist. Sheep were created to be fleeced.

    3. @Matthew Williams 14000 people were arrested. I’d say that’s being held responsible. But in MAGA world…math isn’t a strong subject.

  6. The OAN guy said anyone who tampers with election integrity should be executed and OAN is tampering with the election integrity _right now._ Lol.

    1. @X Ray discredit science as a whole? Are you dense, you asked me which fda approved vaccines, im trying to determine which ones you’re talking about and now you’re flipping the script crying about the NON FDA APPROVED vaccines. Pick a lane kid

    2. @David Gonzalez Garcia so you’re upset that he didn’t “fabricate” evidence? I don’t think you understand what you’re even crying about, and all that voter fraud happened in both parties but you’re to much of a biased child to acknowledge that fact

    3. @Vilda Chaya Sorry no, enough with the false equivalence. You don’t like the 24 hour news cycle, you don’t like sensationalization, I can respect that… but that is capitalism for you. However, Fox News literally lies and misinforms their audience, that’s why their audience consistently ranks as the most misinformed audience of major outlets despite being “#1 in cable news” as they like to constantly remark. It’s easy to be number one when you are the only drug pusher in town…Fox News is a cesspool of hatred, they are a propaganda machine for endless fictional outrage the Republican party requires to conquer and divide. CNN, if anything, is guilty of allowing themselves to be the counterpart in this fictional narrative, BUT AT LEAST they are on the side of humanity! Racism is bad and structural racism is worse, America is a very racist country founded on slavery. This isn’t disputable. But Fox pushes a false realty that racism isn’t a problem in the USA, and that the “radical left” are extreme because they want to resolve it. Because CNN cuts through this BS from Fox, and reports on racism, the Fox audience then points at CNN and says, “you see, they are obsessed with race!”, but they are responding to real issues, and responding to the obfuscation from Fox. There is no equivalence. The same applies to climate change… Fox News pretends it isn’t real and scientists in this one specific profession are liars, and then you want to paint CNN with the same brush for pushing back against those lies. Same applies to gun violence… Fox tells their audience gun reforms are unnecessary and can’t solve the issue, yet all evidence available around the world says the contrary. CNN reports on this truth, and just like that, fall right into the false narrative culture war Fox and the Republicans depend on. Same goes for healthcare. Republicans and Fox say Americans don’t deserve or can’t afford universal healthcare, and CNN is painted as the villain for saying otherwise, despite all the evidence in the world that America is the outlier in this regard, pays way more, and with worse outcomes. So just cut the crap with the false equivalence already, it just makes it easier for Fox to get away intentionally dividing Americans, and speaking truth against this evil does not make CNN complicit in the deception. Saying CNN is like Fox, is like saying animal welfare people are on par with animal abusers. For the record, I am a sociologist so I actually know what I’m talking about.

    4. @MediaIS Thevirus You just proved my point in a spectacular way. Keep going, it’s quite fascinating.

    1. Hillary clinton was handed the nomination in 2016 because she paid off obamas debt. all you guys claim of trump and republicans you guys do ten times worth. pathetic clowns

    2. @max bryant stop being salty over an election your boy lost. Trump lost that’s that. Whether he pays his bills or not does not matter to me. I don’t get triggered easily.

    3. @Judy Corso Unlike non-profits, *a super PAC can legally spend its money on almost anything* except giving directly to another person’s campaign (because the source of the money isn’t tracked), *including giving directly to the Trumps and their businesses,* as long as they declare it on their taxes.

    4. @Ronald Fisher *The right abandoned any remaining claims to fiscal responsibility in December 2017* (if it ever really existed), passing in a healthy economy a temporary tax cut (because it was never projected to pay for itself), that was really an income tax increase when it expired in 2027 (removed inflation adjustments from brackets), and only a permanent tax cut for corporations.

    1. Such as , “ do it peacefully “ ? 1/2 the country think the election was a fraud , because it was , it wasn’t the Dems against Trump but the world elite which has you programmed so well , the Jan 6 Larping was nothing compared to half the country burning down , but you are this stupid and easily programmed

    2. Exactly right. When all avenues of political discourse are exhausted, “take back your country” is about violence and force.

    3. @gorryman when your explanation for every single thing is a nebulous entity called “global elite”(ironically Trump is very much a part of this elite), and you find yourself defending law breaking insurrectionists and their instigators, then you should consider that maybe YOU are the one who has been programmed

    4. @gorryman Let’s check your math, there, son. You said “half the country thinks the election was a fraud” when in actuality it’s half of the Republican Party, which is 25% of the electorate, so, not counting citizens who aren’t registered to vote, we’re looking at about 12% of the country, at most.

    5. @gorryman Don’t forget him telling his dollar-store SA — hours after they’d stormed the Capitol looking for Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi to lynch — that they were “special” and “We love you.” 

      Don’t forget that it took him another day before he could be dragged on camera to read a transparently insincere condemnation of the violence. 

      And don’t forget that he’s spent the six months since then walking that condemnation back.

      *Do*, however, forget about calling anyone else “stupid” or “easily programmed” until you’ve remembered those things, acknowledged them as fact, and are willing to face up to what they mean.

  7. There aren’t enough of them willing to attack people. We will not allow it. Their level of crazy was revealed in January.

  8. “reinstated” sounds delutional to rational people. but to those in his circles, i assure you it is a ramped up version of “stand back and stand by”.

  9. Giuliani did all that stuff for Trump, ends up losing his license and Trump owes him money. That’s what loyalty does to you, when you’re loyal to Trump.

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