Bad News for Jamaica | Chinese Whispers - January 11 2020 1

Bad News for Jamaica | Chinese Whispers – January 11 2020


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  1. Is it time for Jamaica to shift its dependence from tourism as its primary source of GDP? Post covid, tourism may not remain a dependable revenue source.

    1. I think Jamaica needs to adopt what is being done in Bhutan. Get rid of the GDP and start using GNH (Gross National Happiness). Money can go to the back burner and happiness and health will be the measuring stick. Money and contributing to society is important but judging a society by the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is obviously flawed. Don’t agree think about 2020.

    2. The time gone long ago: this should be done thirty years ago! When investing they tell you to diversify your portfolio, why!??? Sugar was king; it died. Banana and coconut bought the bread, It stopped ( because of disease and ignorance). The writing was on the wall long time! We too damned stubborn and dependent! We should start investing in secondary and tertiary production long time ago! Now if we don’t take that vaccine we can’t work in there hotels ….

  2. That’s why the country cannot go forward this country will never ever go forward that those are the people the stumbling block

  3. Fix the problem by getting test kit.. Medical of Jamaica need fix now.. Stop the talk. Freedom of speech and respect people opinion…

    1. A how you sensible suh, Marcus Garvey had wrote the blue print on how the black nation should structure our own economy without reliance on other’s, but our so called black leaders take it and wipe their arses, while the white nation took and put his words to tuition/reality

    2. Every one is saying agriculture is where we should go, how can our farmers compete with mainly hillside farming, when one farmer in the USA can produce more than all the farmers in ST.Elizabeth can.
      Which crop Jamaica can produce that has export potential and can compete with the American farmers I can only think of yams and some other ground provisions that the we grow exclusively.

    1. It’s bad news for Jamaica you dont know about know how much revenue Jamaica going to lose????

  4. I suggest the heads of government take the vaccine first cuz they travel a lot no jamaican citizen is gonna run on the front to b vaccinated oome on

  5. When is all this killing going to stop in Jamaica? Aren’t these criminals tired of blood crying out from the ground. Are they aware God’s eyes are watching? They’ll pay dearly.

  6. Jamaica requires negative test results for visitors from the U.S. so I don’t know why they would be objecting to other Countries instituting the same policy.

  7. Jamaica depend 2 much on tourism, find something else 2 bring in income. Politians stop use n waste taxpayers money.

  8. Nah lie if the country was safer, tourists could spend money throughout all of Jamaica instead of just resorts. The tourist them can’t even leave the resorts safely and fully see the country. In result, all of tourist money is going directly to the hotels. Going downtown and other places to vendors and purchasing the goods directly would work wonders for the GDP. An even spread of the money coming in. Instead of one corner of the country receiving foreign currencies.

  9. Stop backside hole depending on tourism we need to look at what the country have to offer in means of our resources Agriculture manufacturing etc let’s start producing and send out better for us as ppl

  10. Jamaica is more at risk from those coming in the Island . How will a vaccine improve our tourism product when there is a new outbreak worldwide which is shutting down many countries again .. These politicians think the nation is stupid .. it is definitely a wait and see period and nothing or no one can change the facts

  11. This fiat system that they have created is crumbling down, jamaica will enforce whatever measures possible and go to whatever means necessary to be apart of the babylonian system. We haven’t seen anything yet, the worst is yet to come.

    1. Jamaica is so reliant on tourism and the government don’t assure that tourism workers get treated fairly because they get to pocket money for themselves. KMt

    2. @Jo Mark they say we are “independent” and “free” why are we stuck with high level of poverty, and a currency that has no value? being charged high on Bills, being paid like it’s volunteer work everything in this country cost and at high prices. Some form of intervention need to be done. The dignity of the government costing us dearly and causing this country to be the way it is. Let’s get back to being one of the richest island in the world and cut badmind cut poverty cut jealousy cut envy cut murder rate cut begging cut badness cut desperation cut depression cut slavery!!! Stop with the petty promises and do real effective efficient work. Them think we no wise out here make them bring out the anger from we ancestors in a we.

    1. It doesn’t have to do with millions, we’re an island of 2.9 mil. So it’s a matter of relativity and positivity rate.

    2. @Cher zass crist!!!!!!! I was exaggerating. Everybody know how much ppl live ya because everyone have GOOGLE!

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