Bad Road Protest | Speed Bumps Causes Vexation #TVJMiddayNews – April 27 2022

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  1. How does this make any sense to try and bloated the kids future for all I know all of you drivers my like would not be using these taxes again uno would continue to block road and use that pay uno bills

  2. No it’s because they nor slowing down they are not using the school limit when school is in session

  3. The speed humps works in other countries Jamaican are just unruly and disrespectful don’t follow and obey the law

  4. Its a good thing the authourities are making it safer for the students in the area. These are the future leaders teachers farmers and more.

  5. Mr. Robert Miller, you’re saying all this, yet you still haven’t done anything. All talk but no progress. How about you show that you care and spend it out of your pocket to get the stuff installed, then does talking about it and not come to a resolution

  6. Lisa Hanna, You guys are still using your goddamn hands to keep up with the market. You need machines; you guys say the sugarcane industry is dying, yet we are buying sugar from another country. If we still buy sugar, some of the countries and others produce

  7. Mr Miller you are criticizing others who have made physical efforts to solve the problem yet you only offer words about what should be done. Why don’t you go ahead and do some of those things? Where is your action?

  8. Speed humps work. There should be signs to notify people that speed hump is ahead. Speed humps should be painted in stripes,either white or yellow stripes. I’ve said my piece. God bless.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly however roads need to be fixed first. Fixed in a sustainable way to reduce the amount of time needed between repairs.

  9. Mr Miller rather people dead than accidents weh insurance have to cover for the car people a dead and him have a personal problem with speed bump.

  10. I love how the taxi aparater take it to the street,is the same thing we in st Thomas jamaica we are going through but when we start in st Thomas not even the police here can’t stop this war when we start, because we in st Thomas are facing hell with the road

  11. All the capital town in Jamaica need a face lift, that gentlemen is right a lot of stagnant water runs true the old capital, and other towns in the country.

  12. My people also blocked colegate to Moneague too Good job as usual tvj. Jamaican roads are garbage, who in charge is useless

  13. Quench Jamaica thirst first before we pree to export water….then again Jamaica is the largest exporter of water in the Caribbean

  14. If the Parish Council and the Local Gov’t going to fix the Road can not be a quick fix water drawing needed with the side walk for pedestrian walk on top of it ,Get skill labore to do the work .

  15. Robert Miller saying speed bumps are to blame and then saying out the next side of his mouth that people need to slow down.

    You can not have it both ways.

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