Baldwin (D-WI) On GOP Senators Planning To Challenge Election Certification | Ayman Mohyeldin 1

Baldwin (D-WI) On GOP Senators Planning To Challenge Election Certification | Ayman Mohyeldin


"To propagate or put fuel on the…misinformation that's out there is pandering," Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) told Ayman. Senator Johnson (R-WI) "owes it to the people of Wisconsin to let them know whether he's going to override and object to their electors…or stand by the will of the people." Aired on 1/5/2021.
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Baldwin (D-WI) On GOP Senators Planning To Challenge Election Certification | Ayman Mohyeldin


    1. @The Zombie Whisperer Dont take it personally bud. I worked with tons of great folks at the refineries who lived out of rv’s. Its not the habitat that creates the personality. Look at t***p, he grew up with golden toilets and look at the trash he is

    1. And after tomorrow he won’t be an American citizen, which means he will be an open target for anybody who wants to get rid of illegal aliens. Or simply go hunting.

  1. Thank you Tammy Baldwin for showing the country that Wisconsin also has bright, moral, lawful representation and not just that crazy a Ron Johnson.

    1. As a Christian I actually have seen this. They are dumb sheep waiting to be fleeced, milked, even killed and eaten by wolves among them.

    2. , ,@Kathleen Martin thank you for that. I’ve been working with a group trying to help a specific group of survivors heal. This cult will have “tremendous” damage. Pray like you have never prayed belore or what we need to do to stay balanced and healthy- it is going to be a bumpy ride.

    3. @Kar Walker You nailed. so many wolves in sheep clothing saying what people want to hear but never question. It is past time Americans used some critical thinking and listen to their gut instincts rather than emotional provoking headlines and gimics. Patterns of behavior for wolves are very predictable.

    4. @Malika Bourne I work for a Branch of Government as an Outreach Worker in Asylum Claims and I have seen more than enough of the effects of Mr Trump’s reign.. What we are living through is unprecedented.. Nothing surprises me any longer with Mr Trump..but I never dreamt that so many in the GOP (Congress and the Senate) would go to this degree of fealty in their loyalty to this Dysfunctional; Serial Lying, Racist Conman ..that to me is beyond comprehension.. I sure Pray that many many of Mr Trump’s Followers finally see the man for who he actually is..

    5. @Kathleen Martin thank you for sharing that. I just want to cry. He has a toxic personality disorder where he uses and abuses; manipulates then spits his victims out to go on to another “supply”. I can see that because I have studied this. Big hugs to you for what you do. I’m so sorry that you have seen so much. But, I am grateful that you seem to have an honest heart. It is difficult to survive this kind of thing on such a massive scale not knowing who every wolf is or who has sold out.
      I had hoped that this country would be a safe and wonderful place for my grandchildren and new great-grandbabies.

    1. Any working democracy needs 2 strong level headed parties to ensure united growth & progress as we’ve witnessed with the US for along time. Since 2016, the country has never been more divided in recent memory. This senator is representing her state with both dignity & pride, something that all Wisconsans should appreciate.

    1. Not like Biden and Harris. He whipped Clinton’s butt fairly. He’s being cheated out of this one. Everyone knows it.

    2. Spending time with you is the best part of my day, well, aside from when I’m sleeping and eating.

  2. To not hold this wannabe-mob-boss accountable for EVERY SINGLE CRIME sends a clear message to other countries and the people of this country and would be greatest single failure this Republic has ever commited. DO NOT let the headlines read..

  3. It’s called Ukraine part two! Only this time on American soil. That’s what trump wanted the Ukraine president to do for him, and he said it was not quid pro quo!

  4. Biden and his Democrats at the White House better bring justice to the former Trump administration and his family. Future court cases will be compared to Trump’s criminal acts if he and his cronies are not brought.

  5. At least we have one decent senator from Wisconsin I am so embarrassed that Johnson represents my state

  6. Just to be clear. U.S. Congressional members, who INTERFERE with the Electoral College votes counting and/or confirmation on Jan 6th, will be in direct VIOLATION Title 10 of the United States Code. This malfeasance act is a federal Offense against the United States and it carries a PRISON sentence. If the Democrats control the Senate and House, then there’s no reason to not PROSECUTE VIOLATIONS under Title 10 U.S.C., after Jan 21st.

  7. Need a list of their names so I can contact these congressmen and women who are so willing to be furthering disinformation and disenfranchise voters too! Might as well be outright Nazis.

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