Ball Act & Republic Status Among Legislative Plans | TVJ News – June 7 2022

Ball Act & Republic Status Among Legislative Plans | TVJ News - June 7 2022 1


  1. This JLP Government is working. PNP was in power for 21 years and they never table anything like this…The Minister gets my support..

    1. PJ Patterson back in the 90’s, was on the verge of making Jamaica become a Republic, but was met with fierce opposition by the seaga led jlp.
      Also this bill is just smoke and mirrors, since both parties still have affiliation with gang leaders.

  2. I hope she makes sure she put something in there for politician major problem we have in this country is politician politician should go to prison upside down 🤸 every one of them

  3. Innocent until proven guilty, what’s the clapping about, Jamaican have rights remember I’m not supporting bad behavior but anger doesn’t solve problems

  4. Jamaica a the only country criminals on gun 🔫 charge and murder charge and the person get freedom, what the fk🤐🤐…
    Release criminals back public to continue doing what them best📣📣📣

  5. If you on murder change you can not be at-large to intimate witnesses 👍👍
    This is another way of saying every day the bucket goes to the well the bottom getting ready to fall out.

  6. Jamaicans will vote no the pm need a check and balance we saw it on that state visit they felt powerless and upstaged but they do need the power of representations from the crown for the greater good 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇬🇧🇬🇧

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