1. How can this so called audit be called legitimate? Why is it being allowed? This is complete bullshit!!

    1. @VidWatcher1X he wasn’t impeached lol. All the Democrats did was lie on national television. You really are dumb…

    2. @hypertension4u you want the truth but yet you still believe cnn… take your head meds today nutty?

    3. Bullshit is when 150,000 votes pop up at 2am in the morning.
      It will be proven, Democratic’s are evil cheaters. It will be found. Hahahahhahah

    1. @Beatnutz McGillacutty Has any of the Cyber Ninjas “unofficial auditors” political party affiliations ever been disclosed? I think not…

    2. @Beatnutz McGillacutty Yes, by all means please go on…so as to make a bigger fool of yourself than you already have.

    3. @Beatnutz McGillacutty No Dems are not taking part in this sham audit even Republicans are against it.

    1. @Guacamole Kid Good to know, according to an avocado eater, that the most visible and highest ranking GOP public official in the US is lying and the avocado aficionado is credible on the point.
      GOP civil war within the GOP demonstrated.

  2. I like how this audit is done in secret. Repubs were whining that they weren’t allowed within 6 feet of the tables. No one can get within 200 feet in this.

    1. @Shawn Corbin ” I really hope you don’t actually believe that. ”
      believe what?
      since you’re being vague and insulting, i have to conclude you are intentionally trolling instead of trying to make a point.
      since you’re intentionally trolling, I’ll reply this way:
      cyberninjas is a cyber security company, they have no experience forensically analyzing paper ballots or any real world stuff.
      they constantly did things against protocol, like UV lights and blue pens.
      because of this, any conclusion they reach is worthless, because no one can independently verify their results, since the ballots have been compromised.

    2. @V for Wombat No chain of custody has been violated. Period. Truth be told, the routers, SPLUNKS and passwords have not been delivered as negotiated in the subpoenas filed by the Senate. Subpoenas that Hobbs, the Maricopa BOS and Steven Richer ALL signed and agreed to the terms. I meant every word I said, I am a resident of Arizona and a staunch supporter of these audits. Arizona has always been a red state since joining the US. We still are, the citizens know this and that’s why We the People called for this audit. Not trolling at all, I just know more of what’s going on with our audit than you folks in the dark, listening to all the lies and worse, believing them.

    3. @V for Wombat No, cardboard over the windows DURING the election while votes were being counted. There is 100% video visability in our audit TO BE transparent while the whole world watches. You intentionally obfuscate the truth.

    4. @V for Wombat lmao sue for access, its been live streamed the whole time. Seriously your own news station didn’t even tell you its being live streamed. Its so they can keep the “big lie” going. If you can watch it yourself then why watch cnn give a opinion about it?

    1. @Dearly Diane – your an idiot. ‘War mongering presidents’ The prior two bushes BOTH got us involved in wars, the last bush got us into 2-3! CONSTANTLY giving massive increases to military spending and contractors. Trump got us to the brink a couple times as well.

  3. A stupid guy throws a stone in the river; one hundred smart man try to take it out and can’t. This is what is going on in US right now.

    1. You missed the part about how the one hundred smart men can’t get near the river because they are being blocked from doing so by a bunch of the stupid guy’s friends.

    2. They’ve decided that the only way to find that rock is draining the river by building a dam.. But on another river, in a different state.

  4. Republicans on election night – “We need to know the winner tonight! It’s election night not election week!” (6 months later) “We are going to need a couple more months to count these, these things can’t be rushed!”

    1. @Chinese Chicken yet, you’re still here, raging ever more on the software. Unable to separate from the machine. How many hours has it been today?


      i stopped reading there.
      North carolina took weeks to finish counting and the ex-president won it.

      maybe next time fact check the talking points they feed you.

    3. @keaganthegreat ” cultist”
      so you don’t knwo what he word cultist means.
      please learn what words mean before using them, Pee Wee.

      “described exactly how their half-hearted audit”
      it wasn’t a half hearted audit, it was two actual audits.
      YOU don’t like the results, so you support this new non audit.

      it doesn’t help your credibility when you don’t know what words mean and reuse to accept what is an audit.
      you want to make up defintions and facts and then claim i’m ‘obeying master’
      for fact checking you.

      and you didn’t need to.
      you could have simply said the actual audits weren’t enough for you.
      but instead you had to falsely claim they weren’t audits.
      that’s the way it is with you folks- you don’t use words right, you make up phony meanings, and then get all snippety when someone points reality out to you.
      be better.

    4. @V for Wombat oh the irony of you cultists screeching “we’re not a cult” in unison
      Go back to your chants or something. Words obviously aren’t your thing.

    5. V for Wombat I’m with you Wombat. These people only believe what CNN tells them to believe. They could see it with their own eyes and wouldn’t believe it until CNN told them to. Talk about Cultists

  5. Next they will say that the voting paper came from left leaning trees and thus lean toward democratic votes.

    1. A Chinese hacker used an abacus to change the votes.
      I think that’s about as logical as what they have been suggesting.

  6. So the Sham Audit is almost over, and the Sham Auditors need 60 days to figure out how to say, “We couldn’t find anything, BUT…..”

    1. @Nic Moreno Oh God – another US military groupie. The ‘military’ don’t make their own satellites, you moron. They buy the tech from defense contractors – and they also use commercial companies to launch the satellites too. Many European companies sell huge quantities of tech to the US military – British Aerospace is their 4th largest supplier. Another massive Euro supplier is Leonardo SPa, based in Italy. They sell satellite and cypto stuff to the US. Leonardo allegedly operatde this ‘election steal satellite’ NOT the Italian military, ffs. How does it feel to be so ignorant – dribbling out your nonsense?

    2. @Alastair Barkley don’t you dare insult a Trumpist with facts and knowledge. Don’t you know emotions of anger, hate, and disaffection trump facts.

    3. @hypertension4u There was plenty of evidence but you can obtain real proof only by auditing the ballots and voting machines. Nothing else is conclusive. That is what is happening right now and Dems are crying about it. Why? The only reason to stop the audits is fraud. They sent memo to all of their MSM minions to smear the audit from day 1 because they know what it will show.

  7. The GOP is owned my oligarchs.
    They are the ones calling the shots for the GOP.
    This is not a democracy, this is an oligarchy.

    1. You must be happy that you learned “ Oligarchy” ..I bet now you think you’re the top banana

    2. Guacamole Kid – Trump’s own chief pollster did an “autopsy” of his failed 2020 election bid. Nowhere does it say there was fraud, and it acknowledges that Biden had a double-digit lead over Trump.

    1. @Guacamole Kid You are so right, it isn’t even funny. That’s what has trump pissed. He keeps getting caught.

  8. They are not going to find any fraud, but remember…the classic conspiracy kook response will be. “That just proves that there IS a conspiracy cover-up. CONSPIRACY THEORIST 101.

    1. @TIgre Ahaha so the elections can’t be audited because it would disintegrate them. Brilliant. Dictators approve your statement.

    2. @kkarx AN audit? As usual, the point of the “bigger picture ” is lost on sore losers. You mean multiple audits with NO probable cause other than Trump can’t believe he lost. REPUBLICANS (not all) don’t want to vote! What do you think is going to happen next election when the majority of voters are democrats? Would you call that an election or a decimation? Then the Republicans who DO vote are going to cry FRAUD again when they lose. Trump did this to himself. He said even BEFORE election day, that if Biden won, it would be because of fraud. He said this BEFORE! He set this up. He told his voters not to wear a mask but then told them NOT to mail in their ballots. Helloooo? It doesn’t take a genius to see the cause and effect of that ridiculousness. Don’t wear a mask, get covid, get seriously ill and hospitalized, can’t vote in person. Then tried to slow down the mail service? Seriously? And the recordings of him trying to illegally wrangle more votes from officials. You’ll ignore that BLATANT PROOF OF CRIMINALITY but still choose to believe speculations and accusations based on nothing other than you WANT to believe it. Speculations that have not produced an iota of wide spread voter fraud. Even the manufacturer of the Arizona ballots said there was NO difference in the ballots from 2016 and 2020, other than Trump lost in 2020.

    3. Tigre in simple terms, because we did not find anything there must be fraud. How about ballots that
      change the vote from Trump to Biden by thought control.

    4. @John Godley I can see you truly understand CONSPIRACY THEORY! If you have NO PROOF, that IS your proof! Lol! NO PROOF is their driving force. So they can play the victim. And at the same time try to make themselves feel better and raise their self esteem by trying to act like they know things no one else knows. It’s textbook. Even though it’s funny, it’s true. People are bored and unhappy and want someone or something to blame. They have no peace and want to spread it. Coz, misery loves company.

    1. @Beatnutz McGillacutty
      Russia hoax? Parrot! Just because Don the con didn’t get caught with a smoking gun, doesn’t mean he’s innocent. Mueller found everything but. Putin couldn’t have done a better job of spreading disinformation, killing Americans, and inciting an attack on our capital and democracy. Putin must be very proud of comrade Donny and his traitorous enablers.

    2. Beatnutz McGillacutty – Trump DID collude with the Russians. Don’t take my word for it. The Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee came to that conclusion… And the Mueller probe lasted less than two years.

    1. And only interested in the top two federal races. Any down ballot GOP winner is OK: no need to question that result.
      In short, the theory is: a voted ballot can be invalid for particular races while being valid for other races.

  9. We gonna get back to the old two tier economy where only white male millionaires can vote, be educated and hold office. That’s the republican Amerikan way. Nostalgia for the 18th century, slavery and general ignorance.

    1. The Great Awakening is here.
      The election was a trap- no other way to expose the machines and the corruption.

  10. The “audit” is starting to smell a lot like the John Durham, “Investigate the Investigators” waste of taxpayers funds, which really in retrospect is basically the republican’s party constant agenda.

    1. @Sean Patrick
      It was debunked! Wake up!
      Still spreading the lies of corrupt mueller! The same guy that delivered Uranium to the Russians as per hillary & obama! Please…

    2. @Geman1512
      Debunked? Only in right wing media and a corrupt AG.
      Read the reports for yourself.
      Including the REPUBLICAN Senate Report on 2016 election interference.
      It is all crystal clear.

    3. @Sean Patrick
      Why dont you just say it…you hate all things Trump & his supporters?? Why not? You’re a brave guy aren’t ya, come on man, just come clean in front of everybody! You’re a Hater with a case of TDS!

    4. @Geman1512
      Over 30 Republican lead Benghazi investigations over nothing. Republicans openly admit the investigations are only for political reasons.
      Yet 600,000 dead from COVID, at least 400,000 avoidable but for gross incompetence.
      Yet no investigations.

    5. @Geman1512
      I’ve read the redacted Mueller Report, the heavily redacted transcript of the “perfect call” with Ukraine, the Republican Senate Report on Russian interference in the 2016 election, etc. Have you? I haven’t seen the ex-president’s taxes, have you?

  11. “theyre saying it could be 60 more days”
    Its called stalling. This is just an absolute embarrassment.

    1. Watch them stall till after 2022 so they can keep the election fraud lies alive through the midterms.

  12. no PRIVATE companies should ever be involved in voting “audits” or “recounts.” we know they aren’t partisan, and who knows what they do with all of the voter information that they have access to!!

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