Bamberg On Looming Decision To Reintroduce Firing Squad Executions 1

Bamberg On Looming Decision To Reintroduce Firing Squad Executions


SC State Rep. Justin Bamberg says nearly three quarters of statewide executions have been of Black male inmates.

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  1. Funny how the “party of pro-life” is always the first one to relish in prospects of war and death. I’m guessing the majority of prisoners in that state aren’t white.

    1. @Josef Jerbils White people make up 73% of the US population. WTF is wrong with you?

    2. Pro-life idiots who won’t even wear a mask to avoid contaminating others with a deadly virus.

    3. @Josef Jerbils Considering that 59% of the population is white and only about 20% black, it would be surprising if that wasn’t true.

    4. believe me: there are plenty of conservatives who are fully in favor of abortion. i wish they were free with complimentary uber.

  2. All because they lied to major pharmaceuticals about what the drugs were going to be used for.

    1. When pharma won’t allow it, you can always rely on the gun industry to oblige murderous intentions.

  3. Cant do justice reform, cant reform policing, but we can decide to execute people by firing squad…

  4. Sucks. But fireing squads are already driveing around in uniforms. And they don’t wait for due process.

  5. Yell at me if you want, but this would create victims on the other side of the rifle too.

    1. Yes. Such a method is inhumane to prisoners, but also traumatic for the executioner, in many cases. The trauma caused to those criminal justice employees is one reason it was discontinued, in the past.

    2. @H K S Agree. This is rather barbaric. And what’s worse is that for sure, there will be times when the victim will be innocent. It happens too often in a “democracy”

    3. @H K S Maybe a percentage of them will go crazy and commit mass murder and end up on the other side- planned obsolescence if you will.

    4. Oh I’m pretty sure you could find enough Republicans that don’t have enough humanity to mind.

    1. Canada, Australia/NZ, and Western Europe have put those social and criminal issues behind them long ago. Death penalty, equality for gays & lesbians, women’s right to chose, voters’ rights.. The US is so immature, it’s still stuck with those demons.
      The US still give sentences of life without parole to children. It is now the ONLY nation on earth to do so after Pakistan and Saudi Arabia discontinued the practice. Even Iran doesn’t do that.

  6. And they are serious; is there any doubt the level of psychosis for those supporting this is beyond madness; it’s evil.

  7. Shouldn’t be long before the NRA lobbies to have South Carolina make firing squad a civic duty like serving on a jury. Going to be plenty of eager volunteers that’s for sure.

  8. How nice to see the hard-working republicans of South Carolina really helping to make their state better by focusing on the important issues.

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