Ban on Entertainment Events | Ominous Omicron | TVJ Midday News - Dec 17 2021 1

Ban on Entertainment Events | Ominous Omicron | TVJ Midday News – Dec 17 2021


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  1. What about the citizens mental health. Yes, there is an ongoing pandemic but the entertainment events can be done while being safe. That’s unfair to the children that look forward to Christmas.

    1. Dem Alone Fi Mek Money Man Can’t Stand Babylon What They Already Plan They Act Like They Predicte👺They Shall Fall🔥

    2. They talking about get back to normal. There is not going to be a normal.All of this is not going to be over till 5 years. Weh wi gone 2 ,3 more to come. Everything a go get worse.A food and shelter needed. More people a dead ,from murder, than covid.

  2. Y u did ppl ah get rob……ca dem nuh have nittin fe do dem caan mek no money innah dance , mind u outside entertainment is fine as its out in air. U stop ppl sell dem tings pon stall so dem caan mek no more so wah dem fe do and wearing mask outside is a waste of time mayb inside but outside mask is not needed. Also y jamaica still have curfew, madness

  3. We all under mental pressure. Grandkids here too . Virus turned us upside down. I want jamaica back too it hurts. If you look at the world, maybe we have to do this. Noone really wants to hear that either. Should be some fairness regarding earnings and some activity safely done.
    Dont like calls gov. Makes but look what Austrialia and Germany has done. Dont want that for this country.
    U understand?

  4. Everything can be done with precautions and in moderation. The real issue is, most folks don’t want to adhere to the rules hence the draconian measures.

  5. They need to pay the Police Officers 🚔 dem back money 💰. The Politicians are getting free money, and they are not doing squat for it.

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