Ban On Menthol Cigarettes Could ‘Solve A Fundamental Problem’ In The U.S., Says Surgeon General 1

Ban On Menthol Cigarettes Could ‘Solve A Fundamental Problem’ In The U.S., Says Surgeon General


The FDA is working on a proposal to ban menthol cigarettes, a move heralded as one expected to improve the health of groups most likely to smoke menthol products, including children and Black Americans. U.S. surgeon general Dr. Vivek Murthy explains his support for the nationwide ban.

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Ban On Menthol Cigarettes Could ‘Solve A Fundamental Problem’ In The U.S., Says Surgeon General


  1. Wow! I used to smoke menthols for over 10 years.. but I gave them up by lengthening the period of time between each smoke, longer & longer..
    If I weakened & broke the rules, I just started, over, again..

    I’m now over 10 years, free from nicotine!

    1. @Earl Frazier No, it’s not actually, because your “choice”, costs everyone else a lot of money, and cigarettes are people killing people. You don’t think people own the company that sells you the cigarettes? Your habit is the biggest financial drain on our medical institutions, especially since so many poor smoke, & are on Medicaid. Even those that don’t, jack up health insurance costs for everyone else. Try again pal.

    2. @Earl Frazier Yes, in fact, they are trying to do something about carbon emmissions. Your line of argumentation seems odd. Why did you move the goalposts to carbon emissions as a way to tilt the conversation away from cigarette smoke?

    3. @Alvah Nomicron
      I have an aunt who died from lung cancer, never having smoked herself but living with an abusive pipe-smoking husband… (who is still alive & now in his 90’s!)
      You have my empathy & understanding.

  2. What about fruity flavored liquors then? Might as well ban those along with edibles if your stripping adults of their freedoms to “save the children”

    1. @Daniel Schlobach Never heard of anyone being killed because someone was driving under the influence of tobacco.

    2. @I’m Your Huckleberry. when the topic is banning a substance purely because of the “flavor” and certain people liking it more because of that “flavor”, then talking about things they could do the same with are not whataboutisms.

    3. @I’m Your Huckleberry. They’ve politicised people of color to ban menthols simply because they prefer a certain type of tobacco.. Shouldn’t they let them decide what they want? All of the sudden it’s the governments responsibility to determine if a product is suitable for use because of the race involved? Sounds like soft bigotry to me.

    1. Or an after market company will make some solution they can dip their cigarettes into to get that menthol flavor back.

    2. @DigDoug nah they more likely will make something where you can dip your cig filter in. Don’t need much to make it hit like a winter wonderland.

  3. this sounds like it will put more people at risk of death by police. “i pulled him over because i smelled menthol and saw him smoking”

  4. So all these “disadvantaged community” menthol smokers are just going to quit smoking instead of switching brands?
    Yeah right.

    1. Some im sure. Former smoker here. Regular cigarettes are nasty when youre used to menthol. Some will stop im sure

  5. I currently live in a state where cannabis is legal, but menthol cigarettes are illegal.

    Wild times, man.

    1. a trick: you can watch series on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching lots of of movies lately.

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    1. Without the help of expert David Moore I would have still been in abject poverty struggling with life

  7. In 7th grade my science teacher warned me I would get hooked, coming into class after sneaking a Winston. I knew I would never get hooked on those foul-tasting things. Discovering KOOL, 45 years later, menthol is what I smoke. Stopping is a mood-altering horror of endless ‘anger’. I hate being addicted to them.

  8. The question everyone should be asking is why the government thinks it’s ok to not allow us to make our own decision in determining what we want to consume.

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