Ban on Music Promoting Scamming, Guns & Illegal Drug Use | TVJ News – Oct 11 2022

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  1. Perceiving the artists and music as scape goats is part of the bigger problem. Scamming and using illegal drugs is nothing new to dancehall and/or Jamaica. If you think scamming and violence will decrease if artists censored their tongue, then I have a bridge that I’ll be willing to sell you. Like Jashi seah, “mankind corrupt.”

  2. Brothers and Sisters All These calamity’s that are going on around the world will lead to a Sunday Law Which will The Mark Of The Beast, Those that keep Gods seventh day sabbath will be prohibited from buying and sell and persecuted. Jesus is coming are you ready?

  3. Gunman Music Been Around From Supercat and Ninja Man. But This Music Now A Day’s Is Pure Kill This And Kill That And Chop This and Chop That Norhing Else And Everbody Wanted To Be Killer’s!

  4. The real problem is education and upbringing as well as the government being soft on crime…if one has a good moral compass one can and will usually discern whats right or wrong

  5. Long overdue…They should also ban explicit sexual and pornographic content in music also…It is important for Jamaican musicians to be able to write music with better lyrics..

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