Bank to Close 2 Branches – October 28 2020

Bank to Close 2 Branches - October 28 2020 1


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10 Comments on "Bank to Close 2 Branches – October 28 2020"

  1. I know that all of these things was going to happen, because the N.C. B has closed several Branches about 20 years now and, because my branch I was using over 20 years closed.Nova Scotia Bank was the 1st Bank I joined in 1974 and, when the PNP party government bought. Barclays Bank and changed it to the 1970s, then I switched to that Bank. Based on the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar, the Banks cannot keep up with the high cost of maintenances.
    I don’t know if Gayle cannot see that the jlp party government, is incapable of running the country. Just like how the B.I.T.U. useto sell out the workers them,I know that of a fact.I knows when Bustamante was incharged of it,Hugh Shearer, and Lasscell Beckford was all island supervisor.Also when that ginal Pernal Charles was working with the union, he sold out a lot of workers them.Your government is of no use over the years, what your government sow,is what they are now reaping.

    • everdon wilson | October 29, 2020 at 7:13 PM | Reply

      Trade unions in Jamaica is a waste of time, Jamaica needs investment and business to hell with these con men who join up with political parties to fool Jamaican workers.

    • @everdon wilson You does not understand the intricacies of trades union at all,it is a very good thing for workers. I was unionized at Kaiser Bauxite company from 1973, and the union did a very good job. The company cannot just fired you like that, without the union defend you. I don’t believe you ever have a real job, that is why you are talking so foolishly.When I took my redundancy from Kaiser Bauxite company,I got all my money and. If didn’t have a union they wouldn’t want to pay us up, maybe because you are young. So you don’t understand the intricacies of the used of the union, so young man just chill out. That is what send Bustamante to prison for two years,f is he was fighting for better working condition for the workers them ok .

    • everdon wilson | October 29, 2020 at 8:15 PM | Reply

      @Blair Boyd You speak highly of trade unions, because as you said, they defended you, so thats all you are able to see.
      A good and qualified workers doesn’t need a trade union to defend him, neither does he need anyone to asked any companies to pay him redundancy, if you are good at what you do, a company will have to pay you for your skills and if you are a good manager for your money, you don’t need to be waiting for any redundancy.
      Why trade unions in Jamaica form alliances with both of our two corrupt political parties, to make laws to suit trade unions and scared away investors and businesses, because unions would organize their workers to vote for either parties.
      Singapore today is leading Jamaica by a million miles when it comes on to economic development and wealth creation overall, you what Singapore did with their trade unions when they started their country’s development they got rid of all the trade unions and turned them in businesses mainly running supermarkets and those unions made more money running supermarkets than running unions. After Singapore did that investments flowed into Singapore continuously for years and every major companies from the US is in Singapore.
      Jamaica today cannot be compared with Singapore , Jamaica had over 1000 murders in 2019, while Singapore had 9 murders.
      Trade unions might have been beneficial to a limited few but it did not benefit Jamaica overall, a workers might be caught sleeping on the job and the trade unions will call a strike to defend that worker that doesn’t make any sense, when other investors sees that they will take their investments to other countries.
      Jamaica need investment more than it needs trade unions and unionist.

  2. What the manager is saying about this digital marketing,it is all nonesensical argument. He does not understand that I have seeing the Jamaican government ministers them,is getting excited about. This digal platform,it is nothing more they changed the receiver to the machines. So that the information can circulated to the relevant machines, that is all to it.There is no different to the information, same thing to used the ATM card to withdraw your money.I have hardly seeing any Bank in the United States without tellers, unless the Banks is closed and. You goes to the A.T. M. machines to withdraw your money,I don’t see no different about this digital marketing. That the government in Jamaica is getting excited about,I remembered when the TV stations also the radio stations in the United States was going digital,all they did. Was changed the receiver to collect the information and, if you does not have that kind of receiver. You cannot pick up the signals, so often they changed the receiver on your phone or in the Bank. Because the whole venture is to make money and, to keep the economy from becoming stagnant economically wise.

  3. They are thieves anyway.

  4. Noooooo not Portmore branch

  5. Keeno Montaque | October 29, 2020 at 7:14 PM | Reply

    Welcome to the Internet Of Things

  6. thats bad news

  7. What is happening in Jamaica with Nova Scotia Bank,it nothing to be ashamed of. Because my Bank which I joined in the United States,long before this coronavirus disease. The Bank has closed some of their branches, so it is not Jamaica alone having that problems.Also long before the coronavirus disease there are some of the biggest companies in the world,in the United States is closing down a lot of stores. Put thousands of people out of jobs, one of the biggest company in the world closed is doors. Kmart when I came to the United States with more than 13,000 stores worldwide and, when I saw that company closed down. Then any other companies can get into bankruptcy, the way of shopping is changing big time. A lot of people is buying on lines and, putting the stores them out of business.

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