Banker Accused Of Trying To Buy Spot In Trump Admin With Risky Loan To Manafort 1

Banker Accused Of Trying To Buy Spot In Trump Admin With Risky Loan To Manafort


Rachel Maddow reports on the trial of banker Stephen Calk who is accused of giving pardoned Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort millions of dollars in risky loans in exchange for a senior position in the Trump administration.
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    1. Which is why he should have never been allowed on the WH lawn, never mind sitting in the Oval Office.

      The US is FUBAR.

  1. Seems most jobs in the Trump administration were sold out. Remember that so called “ambassador” who testified in the impeachment trial.

    1. @John Smith They might say that “She is a psychopath” because she is a pro at exposing their corruption.

    2. @yuhji kuioj I agree, but not by her. That is why the government is handling it. I thank the stars Maddow is not Christian. She would be burning people at the stake. She needs a vacation and to seek therapy.

  2. This is how djt recruited ppl for his administration, they paid, & this is the caliber of ppl who were willing to pay, idiots & incompetents. The speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack. If the leader is full of s**t, the rest are covered in it. Pretty much sums up the entire administration of #45. Scaramucci can be glad he got the boot, @ least he didn’t go down w/the trumptanic.

    1. @Baby Teano Waiting on reviewing song and testimony…..with the look of gym jordon and the cow man……

    2. The fact the Mooch wanted to work for the Trump administration in the first place tells you everything you need to know about the man. He only became critical of Trump after Trump kicked him to the curb.

  3. So many Trump associates in legal jeopardy for doing Trump’s bidding. Not even Trump’s “Dream Team” of lawyers can escape legal jeopardy.

    1. @felixcoqui – I just saw pictures of the rally crowd for the con show in Wellington OH this evening—-🤦‍♀️🤮

    2. Trump, Barr, Flynn, Manafort, Stone, Giuliani, Bannon..
      So much corruption, so little consequences and accountability.

    3. I just heard Trump is adding a major legal mind to his team, they’re digging up F Lee Bailey.

    1. prison. throw him in prison. n then lets investigate his entire family. apples dont fall far from the tree.

    2. Bob…….. We have to understand that statement from the perspective of a Don Vito Corleone WANNABE.

    1. I was reading about it in my local paper, it’s Unbelievable how he wanted A job like Secretary of defense, but then he knew with that Administration Experience was A afterthought

  4. How do you know if you are a former member of the Trump administration? Getting fitted for a orange jump suit

    1. @Juan Fortharoad I am glad you like it . But was it Jewish Space Laser funny or Italian satellite funny? I am trying for my MAGA Qanon level five grandmasters certification.

    2. @Larry Robbs”we haven’t gotten one story correct in five years” 😂😂😂 but people keep going to jail

    3. @888strummer it’s 😂😂😂 your defense of Trump was nothing about he was not guilty of anything. It was that Mueller didn’t find enough evidence to remove him from office with a Republican majority 😂😂 and that weisenburger won’t flip on Trump. 😂😂 That’s a great seal of approval that he is the the president of “law and order” 🤡 you guys have been so disappointed over the past five years. When will you understand he is not the second coming that you believed him to be. He is a con man he has always been a con man. His lies and war against democracy is over. He will go down as the worst president in history. Bet on it 🇺🇸

    4. @Shawn The Great oh yeah doing great prawn. Russia collusion, covid isnt from a lab thats trumps conspiracy theory, cuomo is the worlds best leader, de santos doesnt know what he’s doing, trump will start WW3, trump ordered tear gas on protesters at the capitol for a church photo op, summer of love protests were peaceful ,the southern border isnt a crisis. I could go on for ever you’ve got nothing Zero Zilch Duck egg you poor little woke commie racist lying joke.

  5. The corruption that Trump brought to his 4 year reign is only now being exposed, more will come, count on it…

    1. @Errol 0007 it’s not that most of them don’t care about corruption; they do. The problem is most of them are too blinded by their political prejudices to accept that “their side” is capable of and actively engaging in it. They will never admit they were wrong to vote for the 🍊 🤡. If he is thrown in jail at some stage they will still not accept he was corrupt; they will claim he was framed by Democrats. Their indoctrination is impervious to rational thought.

    2. @Squashed8Ball you are giving his base way too much credit. You have reason, rationale and logic on your team. That team has no such sophistication 😬

    3. @Ron At least Nixon still loved his country. He allowed himself to become corrupt by the power of the office. He would have never sold the country to the Russians or anyone else. He was educated and a politician who knew enough to cede, right after he got busted. Instead of dragging the country down through his filth.

      And, he created good things like the EPA. The EPA that drump destroyed.

    1. @Sarah F. 4.2
      Says someone not smart enough to realize that the money that she got in her stimulus checks went right back to Joe, the little girl sniffer, in the form of his sky high gasoline taxes.

    2. @Richard Cranium

    3. @Richard Cranium y’all only stared Biden a pedo after pictures leaked of trump with Epstein so you had to try and save face by saying “NO YOU” 😂😂🤡

  6. Every corner of that administration was corrupt and had their hands out for the people’s hard earned money. Can’t say I’m surprised. Never seen this level of corruption… EVER!

    1. @Carl os ..there are two types of t=rumpers: too stupid to breathe, and racists. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. @Dan Alexander Audio so that’s your argument? “Too stupid to breathe….” That’s a a liberal playpen defense mechanism brought on by obidenitis. When presented with fact you automatically need to counter with idiocy.
      It’s the democrat playbook.
      You don’t have anything remotely intelligent to rebut the facts. You’re actually the racists by using a race argument. You’re actually the communist for supporting the communist/socialist views. You’re just “too stupid” to know it.
      Now give grandma her obama phone back and climb back into your playpen child.

  7. Corrupt to the core never anyone who knows Trump just by name be allowed to run for public office

    1. Wait until Ron Desantis goes to that Whitehouse after Trump Dictatorship and they want need the maga s anymore because he ll be there like Putin forever

    2. Maybe his niece could have a shot though … given she’s only “half Trump” and that was Fred not Donnie.

  8. Didn’t this banker know he could miss out the middleman and rent a suite in Trump International?

    1. He would have less heat brought on himself, had he never ran for President in the first. Gluttonous is the only thing he has ever been at the core, since long before 4 years ago.

    2. Wasn’t Obama’s cabinet full of the bankers who created the housing crash? Oh, sorry. That’s a whataboutism. Even though Biden was Obama’s VP at the time. Sorry, you’re right. Orange man bad

  9. Well many of donny’s appointees were coincidentally were also large donors. This being their ONLY qualifications for the jobs they were given.👿

    1. The one enigma that still seems so odd to me is the appointment of Ben Carson to HUD… brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon that seemed with common rational sense-dumb as a rock. ‘Republican Black Man Token For Poor People Housing?’ I dunno, he and his wife, the entitled furniture fashionista were a head scratcher…

    2. @Joni Beehive ..I think you nailed it with the word ‘token’. He(donny) needed one…put him where he wouldn’t be seen much…cause donny did not care about HUD.😏

    3. @Diane Fanning -I mean no disrespect to people of color but it was stunning. I suppose the last five years have almost eliminated our abilities to be shocked and remain constantly disgusted. Ugh, I’ve aged at an accelerated rate and my views on quality of life have deteriorated.
      ‘TRUMPS DERANGEMENT SYNDROME,’ has caused irreparable and unreconcilable damages to our citizenry and democracy.

  10. Everything Trump is corrupt and fraudulent. I can’t believe millions of cultists wouldn’t like to see that.

    1. @Toni Sumblin – I don’t know that we’re all shocked..I’m not. I think it’s the massive numbers of people, the degree of hatred, conspiracy and the complete lack of rational thinking and delusional core that has permeated the minds of so many.
      I’m pushing 60 and I’ve never been so ashamed to be a Texan and an American.

    2. @Toni Sumblin that’s the Truth. I was also wondering how could He have so many Folks fooled. Then I realized they have to be just like Him. It’s that old Con trick of distracting. All the People He brought into the Administration had to pay, or donate before they were hired. So He got paid up front, and they had the chance to funnel monies to their Companies. And the fact that those with no Chips backed him has to do with his Lawless, Unbridled, Racism, his support of the gun Lobby, the Corruption of many Rouge Cops, and the possibility of having a race war. To think that America has gone back to the 30-40‘s in just 4 + years is totally wrong. Fact is the Culture, and inner workings of Government, have never left. He didn’t say anything NEW. He was just the One brazen enough to do it. That Racist Nationalist are present in the Government isn’t New, it’s just before they hid it behind the Policies they promoted. Now they can openly adhere to the Hate groups, and the KKK, or NEO Nazi’s without fear. Don’t forget that after every Monumental event to bring US ALL closer to equality, there’s always been a counter action to keep things different but the same. In 1965 Negroes were finally permitted to vote, and 2 years later the ANP (American Nazi Party) was formed. Or further back with the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863, 2 years later was the founding of the KKK, 1865. That things happened 2 years later is important because it gave the Americans a period to rejuvenate in the accomplishments, just to have their Joy taken away by another Evil. I’m glad that Nancy and the Dems have started forming a Committee without waiting for the Bipartisanship, to put these Traitors on Blast for attacking the Peoples House. And I hope those Republicans, including Ruby, and the EX WH OCCUPANT BUNKER BOY RACIST PUSSYGRABBER EXILED IN FLA. LOSER, and those Enablers get Prison sentences. Never give up hope. But it sure does test Your confidence in Justice. Stay Alert and Diligent.

    1. I think he got most of his idea’s from “Wayne’s World”, but, that’s insulting that movie with a much higher IQ than Trump ever could even imagine.

    2. Wonder what all those horrific chrome plated bathroom fixtures will fetch on the salvage market?

  11. “…going back to Watergate.” And yet this one seems so much more widespread criminally stupid, that the head Dorito might even get caught up in it.

  12. What a corrupted administration. This is the reason why so many members of the GOP want Trump to remain in office so that they can continue abusing their power.

  13. This is why the Trump Administration was so incompetent. Instead of filling roles with qualified people, they sold the roles to the highest bidders.

    1. Donald Trump was one of the few Presidents not to get the US embroiled
      in a new war.

      The Obama-Biden administration bombed more countries than any other administration since WW2.

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