Banker Convicted Of Bribery And Conspiring With Manafort To Land Trump Admin. Job 1

Banker Convicted Of Bribery And Conspiring With Manafort To Land Trump Admin. Job

Rachel Maddow reports on the outcome of the trial of banker Stephen Calk, who was convicted of bribery with millions of dollars in loans to Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort with the expectation of receiving a position in the Trump administration.
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  1. I like how trump enabler defenders say things like, “he wasn’t made Secretary of Defense so how can you say there was corruption”

  2. A shame it couldn’t have waited to prosecute Manafort, Flynn, Stone and the rest after trump was out of office. Well, I guess any level of example is a good example.

    1. If his (remaining) brain shrinks at the rate it does today, soon that will be just the truth, the fully truth and nothing but the truth

    2. @From Germany it’s like the opposite of Steven hawking. Steven hawking’s left brain consumed so much energy, that wasn’t a wheelchair that was a nuclear reactor. Meanwhile Donald’s Brain doesn’t even know how to regulate it’s own sphincter

    3. @From Germany RIP Steven hawking who’s brain was so big not even a nuclear reactor wheelchair could prevent it from consuming it’s host.

    1. Mj Short: Manafort is a MAN-WITHOUT-A-FORT! The walls of arrogance, decadence, impunity and shamelessness come tumbling down!!! Heehaw!!!

    2. @freeman manfree He’s out playing golf. That’s where his office was during his term. Trump thinks that while he was in office, he was on the golf course. Therefore if he remained on the golf course, he’s still in office.

    3. @Man Spider higher crimes, lol no; its just more hate crimes being committed by Tronald Dump’s fanclub. Higher prices, yeah but not bc of Biden; bc the last time we elected a celebrity who didnt know what he was doing lowered the taxes on business and raised them on people.
      Turn off fox noise & look around you.

    1. BLATANT corruption. And the effort to put him back in office and the sick people who support it……mind-blowing. CHEATERS.

    2. Your head aches, well when I see this stuff my stomach hurts, so I guess we are even. One question when does it go away?

    3. it’s on full display, and now others who were worrried about keeping up appearances and hiding their greed, lawlessness, prejudice and incomptence are emboldened to jump into the ring!

    4. Trump recently complained how they were going after HIM for not reporting a “few” million in taxes on “Perks” . Oh how the Entitled have fallen !

  3. His best defense was “Everybody in the Trump administration was an incompetent lying turd, so he was perfect for the job”!

    1. G: Manafort is a MAN-WITHOUT-A-FORT! The walls of arrogance, decadence, impunity and shamelessness come tumbling down!!! Heehaw!!!

    2. @S McDonald dont know.but De voz family is the owner of Lots of charter schools through out the country and her brother if I am not mistaken is the CO of the contract army BlackWatet! .

    1. @Man Spider relax, Boris. The election is long over, and Hunter isn’t running for office. No value in anything you post.

  4. Should have admitted to your crime while trump was still POTUS Calk. Could have gotten a pardon like Manlessfort. LMFAO

  5. The lying, cheating and stealing just never ends with these cons. There has to be accountability and consequences for every single thief and con man and con woman from this criminal administration.

    1. That’s not fair. I’m currently drinking Trump vodka, eating Trump stake. Waiting on my Trump airlines flight to board to take me to the Trump Taj Mahal for my class in Trump university.

  6. So with Sondland being very clearly guilty of also buying his position in the Trump cabinet (he donated massively to the Trump inauguration), I think it’s safe to say this was rampant in the administration. I hope the FBI figures this out and roots out every instance of buying power and position during the Trump admin. A ridiculous hope I know, but still…

    1. Violating campaign finance laws EVERY DAY he scrapes more donations out of his supporters– he announced he’d “decided” about 2024 but “won’t say so” because then he would have to file with the SEC! The campaign finance laws don’t require filing when you announce a decision, it requires filing WHEN THE DECISION IS MADE. But the orange crime wave announced on Faux News he was breaking the law and evading campaign finance rules by “not saying so”.

    2. HIS CON NEVER STOPPED, do you not have a freedom of information in your country,just how much has DONNY conned out of people will we ever know, i for one would like to

  7. I’ve always said, Trump didn’t drain the swamp, he just stocked it with greedier alligators

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