Bankrupting Trump? Legal Insider Behind Mafia Law Rattling Trump 1

Bankrupting Trump? Legal Insider Behind Mafia Law Rattling Trump


New York law poses the risk of bankruptcy for citizen Donald Trump if the entire Trump Organization is indicted. The Manhattan DA veteran who wrote the memo that may seal Trump’s fate in the New York probe, Daniel Alonso, joins MSNBC’s Chief Legal Correspondent Ari Melber to explain how the Trump Organization could be indicted as a company and why this fact is critical to the ongoing investigation. (This interview is from MSNBC’s “The Beat with Ari Melber, a news show covering politics, law and culture airing nightly at 6pm ET on MSNBC. ).

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    1. @Russell Jordan … you do realize: every time we all buy something, we pay taxes. So what are you talking about? Bitte erklaren Sie dich.


    2. @mike briganti lol ok dude. Trump has been hated for decades. There’s a reason he was shunned by Manhattan’s upper crust. He’s a con man, a phony billionaire, and a moron. He just played a successful CEO on TV, and slack jawed mouth breathers are the only ones who fell for his crap.

    3. @A Fry exactly that. Trump even said in one of his depositions regarding his pretend university that he would donate to get favors from those in office. He answered it several times that he would.

    4. @mike briganti it didn’t start when he became a candidate. Trump has been known since at least the 80s for his ripping people off and bad business ess deals. He also associated closely with convicted gangaters and not just for buying cement for his buildings. The crime of money laundering has been associated with his businesses for a.long time, including with Russia.

  1. Just couldn’t see past the money all the trouble they were getting into Greed it in the Bible look it up!

    1. That is ironic, nothing about 45 indicates he is anything like a “fungi”, not even a little bit.

  2. Oh lawd the politically brainwashed trumpites are going to lose the last bit of their sanity if they luck him up.

    1. @Augie Rockero whatever you say. I see you cant address the Walmart voters or the voters with addresses that dont exist. You resorted to name calling I would say you are close minded. If I saw real evidence of wrong doing I would condemn him today but your claims never come with a shred of evidence.

    2. @Augie Rockero just wanted an example because I have seen alot lies that were not lies. You cant put words in his mouth he never said and then call it a lie. You put more effort in calling me names then just giving an example. Saying you wont engage with a cultist is a cop out.

    3. @Sleepy Joe and the fine people hoax,the Ukraine hoax, trying to impeach him over telling people to peacefully protest and the list goes on forever,300000 lies that were not lies. It’s so sad to try and lock up a man who gave so much even to thoughs who hated him.

  3. For the president who acted like a mob boss to be brought down by a version of RICO would be so fitting

    1. @Chris Magnussen call me when the Trump derangement is over your obsession with this guy is just ridiculous.. I mean the egg on your face it’s something to see

    2. @John Larson lmao, I’m not the one deluded enough to think he’s going to be reinstated, or stupid enough to keep him as the leader of the party. How much money have you sent him? If you act fast, you might still be able to get one of those $1200 tickets to his “inauguration” in August.

      Talk about egg on your face…

    1. @evan doe by definition of the word “fabricated”, all legal action is. The laws are made up by need and enforced when a case is built.
      Wow you’re dumb, as evidenced by your other troll comments

  4. While bankrupting the whole organization sounds nice, I’d still rather see Trump himself in jail.

    1. @evan doe Sexual allegations from grabbing women by the pu$$y to r@pe.
      The tax and bank fraud allegations, there are a few of those floating around.
      The real-estate fraud allegations
      Trump had inflated the value of his property assets to secure loans and understated them to reduce his taxes.

      Plus the Trump organisation has been doing a lot of dirty dealings.

    2. @evan doe let’s not forget someone went to jail for lying for him and trying to intimidate a witness for him and what does he do he pardons that same man. How much are you blinding yourself from that you can excuse that behavior?

    3. @evan doe several people went to jail about lying on their contact and conversations with Russian officials and trump then blocked witnesses and tried to delay and obstruct justice being done. If you want the evidence to what I’m telling you I’ll be glad to give it. The one thing y’all refuse to do

    1. @evan doe clowns can easily be identified by lot’s of makeup that change their natural color and fake hair to name a couple obvious characteristics.

      You still aren’t acting when you act dumb
      Try harder

  5. Enough of the chit-chat, let’s get Trumpo plumpo indicted, convicted and fitted in fancy orange jumpsuit post haste

    1. @N 827 funny how you call it a forensic audit but let me ask you a question. If in 2016 the dems were to say the election was stolen and then after having several official certified audits then said no it’s all fake and we need an audit done but you can’t be part of the audit unless your a Hillary supporter. Would you accept the results of that specific audit with only Hillary supporters if the audit came back that Hillary won??? It’s whataboutism flipped on you. I am 100% sure you wouldn’t accept the results same way we aren’t accepting your fraudit results

    2. @N 827 so you do realize that there is a list of people that become president of Biden is no longer able to hold office for whatever reason and trump is not on that list. So keep dreaming

    3. @evan doe so which cases are you referring to because he is still very much being investigated for several things. You do realize they won’t make an announcement about the investigation until it’s over the justice system isn’t going to keep you updated every step of the way. That’s not how an investigation works

    4. @John Larson your literally describing what happened under the trump presidency I think you may have bumped your head. Literally the country was split when he was elected and is still clearly split over him now. Your literally arguing in his defense now by making sh** up about Obama

    5. @N 827 since your so sure he cheated and I know you did your research. Why don’t you prove everyone wrong and link the evidence right here. The left keeps saying that when you ask for evidence that you run. And I’m rooting for you bud let’s see that evidence all you have to do is provide a link.

    1. @evan doe which, I suppose, is why you are so keen on calling people trolls. Projection…..

    2. @mike briganti Apart from omitting a full stop at the end of the first line, his English was fine.
      Your use of solid caps is shouting, and bad form.
      Now, it’s time for you to lay off the kool-aid and take a little nap.

  6. “Going down the metaphorical toilet” lol trump’s expertise on toilet flushing should come in handy when the time comes

  7. Been saying RICO for almost a year, including for insurrection… finally, news is waking up and catching on.

  8. Many people are saying it’s going to be a big, beautiful jail term. The greatest and most incredible jail term in the history of our country, believe me

  9. “Rejected by more than 81 million voters, Trump is still spreading lies about his historic 2020 election defeat and getting away with it. This has only further emboldened those convinced that neither the election nor the insurrection is over.”

    1. NJ no no no
      Touch and hold a clip to pin it. Unpinned clips will be deleted after 1 hour.

  10. Ivanka: “Daddy is it true that we will have to go to Russia to avoid prison?” Daddy: “No, sweetheart, I’ll go to Russia, you’ll go to prison”.

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