1. Something is definitely wrong with Banon, but you as a nation, letting him trash and threaten Gov. Officials like this, is worst.

    1. @Donald Carpenter – Conservative right wingers and their religious fandom is a big reason we’re in the mess we’re in.

      We need more people based in actual reality not invisible fairy people in the sky telling them what to do.

    2. That why this country so great! We have yet have a ability to say anything about our government. That ensures that we eventually win from crazies, like current dermocrats!

    3. @robert donaldson where you hear threatening? I hear pointing that any high official has to know that he is responsible for his actions! Impeachment and calls for impeachment is basic political tool, protected by law!

  2. The more they feel trapped the louder the rants get, everyone is entitled to their opinion , they are not entitled to their own facts…

    1. @Easternsun Russia what never heard of it. Does have something to do with Bannon? That is whom we are talking about.

  3. “Indict trump and we’ll impeach you”. I hate to break it to you Steve…. No actually i don’t i love it! If they do indict trump he’ll flip on you in a new york minute.

    1. @Diane Mcdonnell I think you guys need to reconsider who really has your best interest in mind and not their own, and it’s not CNN.

    2. @gdi wolverine male 2 Why would you be talking about Biden when everyone else is talking about AG Garland?

    1. @Stephen Kershaw did you look it up yet ,are you ready to admit your WRONG ? WAITING .. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. The lack of ACCOUNTABILITY is more shocking than the actual crimes!!!

  5. The ‘law and order’ folks believe they are above the law! If these clowns get away with it it’s the end of law and order in this country.

  6. Claiming otherwise to rile their “supporters” to donate to “their” cause—modern day snake oil! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. How can a person like this be able to threaten the AG? Privilege is an understatement. I am sick of the double standards and the selective prosecutions.

    1. @steve daly uh, no. It’s entirely within the purview of the Senate to impeach government officials.

  8. Put these liars in their place Garland if you have any guts. This is getting totally out of control.

  9. Saying it doesn’t make it any more true, but it inflames the anger of their supporters, and that is exactly what they want.

  10. Did he just threaten a prosecutor? Isn’t it against the law? Why federal DAs and ADAs isn’t fighting to slap a case on this guy I’ll never no.

  11. I wish MG would do something a little more public like dealing with Bannon. No law enforcement official should have to put up with threats, political or otherwise, from any extremist.

    1. From ANYONE, not just an extremist. This is absolutely outrageous! He threatened the AG. Wth? Tack that on to his charges!

  12. “they keep saying it and it doesn’t make it anymore true”
    To them it does, which is part of the problem. Repetition of falshoods is a propaganda tactic and aslong they can get away with it they keep doing it and by that adding to the upheaval on the right.

    1. @Robert S Robert I wasn’t disagreeing qith u…infact I concur…but I said for thw hope of the country…bcz this is seeious

  13. When some people get a platform, they go crazy with the power and think they are untouchable. When Bannon gets a nice new steel and cement platform for the next twenty years, he might finally understand what real power is.

    1. @Malisa I am not sure if you heard what trump said long time ago. If you tell people something over and over, they will start to believe. And he is continuously doing that. In the cult people don’t use their brains, they just following the cult leader. My advice to you read history about USSR. The whole country believed in something that never happened for over 70 years.

  14. As an honorable Military Veteran, I never thought that the Country that I fought bravely for would become such a cesspool of greed and hatred. As a Combat Veteran, I know what the beginning of any kind of war smells like. What’s going on in this country right now is the start of something that could be dangerous for every American Citizen.

    1. @davethepak “I never ever thought I would see such a thing in the modern age.”

      You better dig a fox hole, the capacity for humankind to sh*t in its own bed never fails to disappoint 😞

    2. @Daniel Bond Does godess Maya forbid you to hate your political adversaries the way Jesus forbid those who believe in Him to hate other people?

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