Baoky Vu's Immigrant Experience Is Why He Fights For The Right To Vote 1

Baoky Vu’s Immigrant Experience Is Why He Fights For The Right To Vote


Baoky Vu, Vice Chair of the Dekalb County Georgia Election Board, shares his story immigrating to the United States from Vietnam, a journey that taught him to “never take our freedom for granted”

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  1. If he’s a legal citizen nobody denies him the right to vote, and if he’s an illegal migrant, he should move to Ca where he can not only vote, but many times ..

    1. @ruth depew You same the same meaningless cut n pasted ad hominem rant on EVERY issue… What a miserable life you lead.

    2. Sending you Love to heal your hate. This is 2021. Join us in peace and harmony. Let go of your century old grudge towards any one.

    3. @Luntershaptop Fukinov you are irrelevant . you implied he was illegal and he is not; was my point
      you must be Russian, Nyet ?

  2. If he’s an American citizen he has the right to vote just take his ID to the voting booth and vote Cena wasn’t that simple

    1. That’s what the Natives and Mexicans have been saying for centuries. Wow, you guys do have something in common after all.

    1. More importantly, these Republican legislatures will take over the counting of the votes and then proceed to throw away all the votes necessary to get the outcome they want.

  3. Parents please tell your children especially the girls that the world is a dangerous place and travelling to dangerous countries on your own and walking random sketchy areas of cities like Chicago (anat kimchi) will get you killed . Breeding this everyone is equal BS is dangerous . Some people will off you for a dollar

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