Barack Obama delivers scathing takedown of Donald Trump

Barack Obama delivers scathing takedown of Donald Trump 1


Former President Barack Obama delivered a blistering account of his successor's first four years in office in Philadelphia, arguing that President Donald Trump has proved he is "incapable of taking the job seriously" and has shown no interest in "helping anybody but himself and his friends."
The event is Obama's first stump speech for his former vice president, a welcome sight to Democrats who see the former president as Joe Biden's most potent character witness and a key factor in encouraging Black men, Latinos and younger voters to turn out and vote.
Obama's speech represented his most direct attacks on Trump to date, with the former Democratic leader leveling both substantive critiques — like questioning Trump's tax policy and handling of the coronavirus pandemic — and personal barbs, jabbing at shrinking ratings for the President's speeches and town halls.
The remarks drilled down on years of Democratic concerns about the President, with Obama arguing Trump's presidency has not only changed the way other countries view the United States but remade the way Americans feel about politics.

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  1. This is what a president who took his own SAT sounds like…

  2. pink winter2929 | October 21, 2020 at 8:02 PM | Reply

    I like Presidents who DONT have a secret Chinese bank account.

  3. I like a President who doesn’t have to beg suburban women to like him.

    • @Jonathan Zamudio Are you saying MILFs are easy?! I think they would take offense to that! 😂🤣😅


    • barry really dose know how to identify with women. That’s why in Chicago they refer to him as bathhouse barry.

    • Inge Labounty I don’t speak for antifa. BLM are peaceful protestors. That’s where you and ppl who think like you are confused. You see looting and rioting during protests organized by BLM and equate the 2 together..

    • Inge Labounty Your President has also lost a lot of supporters since you wanna talk about that.. making fun of Bidens family, in particular his son for having a drug problem when we are currently dealing with an opioid crisis overshadowed by covid. Being disrespectful to the military, women, having a Chinese bank account lmfao dude the list goes on and on. You can have the last word enjoy your night

  4. You know somewhere Trump is watching this and throwing his McDonald french fries at the TV and screaming

  5. This is what a president who didn’t get Cs in college sounds like…

  6. I love 2 things: that there are people honking their horns as applause, and that they know to stop to let him speak. Brilliant

  7. Linton Green-Thompson | October 21, 2020 at 10:33 PM | Reply

    This gives me so much of hope!! Hang in there folks don’t lose hope!! Peace,love and happiness to everybody!! God Bless America!!

  8. man I miss this man, it was nice to see a real man in the WH for a while!

  9. I’ve watched this so many times. Just so soothing!

  10. Meanwhile at the Trump rally:
    “Barely any water would come out of the shower. You had to flush your toilet 10 or 15 times. And don’t even get me started on the dishwashers…”

  11. This is what a President sounds like and that’s why Trump is afraid of Obama.

  12. Wow, I’m for Biden but if Obama was running for president he would have crush Trump like a piece of paper.

    • I voted Obama twice. I am voting against Biden and the DSA takeover of the DNC. The warmongering wing of the republic-crat uni-pary is endorsing Biden. A vote for Trump is a vote for peace and against the military-industrial complex.

    • Obama drone-striked medicines sans frontiers. Making him the first Nobel peace prize winner to drone-strike another Nobel peace prize winner.

    • @Agrarianismo Even the Clinton’s did some terrible things . To me Obama was a good president (not one of the best) , but in comparison to Trump he was a far better one. I cant see pass the things Trump have said in the past and got away with it. He is very insultive and love to belittle people . That’s no leadership for the president of America . Peace is not part of his vocab,l mean have you seen the level of racism since he went into office. Many lives that was taken with the covid could have been much less if he didnt keep down playing it . That’s one of big reason why he’s doing so poorly nationwide against Biden , and Biden isnt even a strong opponent.

    • @Agrarianismo A vote for Trump is a vote for the end of democracy and the ownership of the common man by big business. Vote for Biden, you’ll be glad you did.

  13. Ok, I can’t be THE only one OBAMA is the freakin best president of the freakin united freaking STATES of AMERICA!!!

    • Matthew Murdock | October 21, 2020 at 11:07 PM | Reply

      @Corey l Obama did nothing he raise taxes raised our debt, made a trash healthcare and ruined our country people only voted for him because he’s black people only vote for Biden because they don’t like trump period, he can’t Barry speak and he lies to draw people like you in to vote for him

    • @Geno Vinchenzo, Trump wants to deport you Geno.

    • Matthew Murdock | October 21, 2020 at 11:07 PM | Reply

      @The Family you just watch the news that lies, Biden lies about everything and can barely talk

    • N000000000 G00D 0BAMA

    • Biden is a racist but y’all think he will solve the racial problems in this country when he didn’t want schools to intergrate he also called Obama the first black articulate man he said that he didn’t want his kids to go into a racial jungle

  14. This was.. honestly good to hear. Good on him for speaking, good on folks for listening, even more good for those of us voting to make a difference.

  15. This is the definition of true “Leadership!” Please listen!!!

  16. Great speaker no teleprompter like FOX news always alleged.

  17. Wow, a President who can actually speak in complete sentences and express a cogent thought.

    • Bernadette Leonard | October 21, 2020 at 11:02 PM | Reply


    • Vancouver RealEstate | October 21, 2020 at 11:04 PM | Reply

      Unlike Biden, but he will never be president. Obozo can give a speech but who really cares about that, dosent put food on the table. Trumps economy, foreign achievements , military etc.. is what everyone cares about. Who cares about good speeches.

    • How I miss him in the White House.

    • only with a teleprompter in front of him reminds me of Joe at the last gathering he had of maybe 30 people and a gigantic teleprompter in front of him so he would not get off script.

  18. Michael Cresta | October 21, 2020 at 10:56 PM | Reply

    God not hearing “huge” or “best” every other sentence is amazing. A coherent full sentence without every third word being a lie. We need to get back to this level of civility and education

  19. Trump squandered the great economy Obama handed over to him.

  20. the worst mistake a person can make is voting for Trump

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