1. @LTS 69 I’m sure he has a huge say so in how he wants it delivered though. Particularly the jokes. If you’ve ever seen him in an interview with someone, he’ll come up with this stuff off the top of his head.

    2. @J 🦴BONEZPURZ🦴, 🦴BONEZPURZ🦴 whatcha gonna do?
      Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?
      🦴BONEZPURZ🦴, 🦴BONEZPURZ🦴 whatcha gonna do?
      Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

    1. @Extreme musick There is no difference. Your version of right and wrong is not theirs and theirs is not yours. The personal opinion you hold, that you are ‘right’, is merely what you want to think. You really can’t get out of that bind. For every answer you could come up with would still be your opinion, which is by logical default, not fact.

    2. @Mubarak Abdi Haji Haybad CABAADE… KOORE BARKAD people were dying from Covid and went and played golf. He played golf more than any other president. He said that if he became president, he wouldn’t have time to golf

    1. @Krista Welch Caitlin Jenner doesn’t count, I’m sorry I meant Melania, I always get the two of them mixed up 😉

  1. Intelligence, humility, compassion, and dignity, all combined in this beautiful couple. Oh, by the way, I loved the tan suit. You two are a gift to this nation.

  2. I will give him credit for being a good speaker. I wasn’t always on board with his decisions while in office, but he made some good decisions and policies. Like myself that can always do better.

    1. @WanderingStar it is our system u dont like it change it. if u never try in business you would never know.. that makes u weak

  3. How can I feel so proud to hear a speech by a former president and first lady of another country, while I feel so ashamed of my country on this day of commemoration of Brazil’s independence with this current Bolsonarist government!?

    Como posso sentir tanto orgulho ao ouvir um discurso de um ex-presidente e primeira dama de outro país, enquanto sinto tanta vergonha do meu país neste dia de comemoração da independencia do Brasil com este atual governo Bolsonarista!?

    1. @Bashir shiek Siyad Barre was the BEST thing that ever happened to Somalia! Somalia was a major player in world affairs during his days… Maantana waad aragtaa xaaladeeda iyo in ay Xamar ku jirto “UNUKAA ISKA LEH” I promise you that no other form of government other than a dictatorship is suitable for Somalia today in order to put it back on the world map and to take its rightful place amongst the rest of the nations in the world.

    2. @C Davis There are couple things that I’d like to share with you. First and foremost, it’s beneath me and my intellectual integrity to stoop down to your level and engage in an exchange of personal attacks and name-calling that solves absolutely nothing. Secondly, here’s a list of what you call “dictators” though I humbly disagree:

      1) Colonel Muammar Qaddafi of Libya (2 March 1979 – 20 October 2011), After coming to power, Qaddafi initiated a process of directing funds toward providing education, health care and housing for all. Public education in the country became free and primary education compulsory for both sexes. Medical care became available to the public at no cost, the marriage of young couples was incentivized with free housing and an allowance for cost of living. Under Qaddafi, per capita income in the country rose to more than US$11,000, the 5th highest in Africa.

      2) Saddam Hussain of Iraq (16 July 1979 – 30 December 2006), Under his rule, Iraq was one of the most advanced countries in the Middle East in many areas such as; infrastructure, healthcare, preservation of historical sites/civilizations, religious tolerance, continuously improving day to day life of its citizens. That does not mean there weren’t any negatives either, but life for Iraqis and the whole region was much better under his rule than it has been since his overthrowal. Besides, it was the USA that pinned him against Iran (the beginning of his end really), and when the USA no longer had any use for him, they did what they did.

      3) Siyad Barre of Somalia (October 21, 1969 – January 26, 1991), Barre literally revolutionized Somalia and propelled it past way more African nations with much larger populations and resources. He single-handedly made Somalia the strongest and the most influential nation in Africa at the time! Siyad Barre’s downfall can be summed up in his “kicking the Russians out of Somalia and getting in bed with The USA”… But Somalia, will never reach where he took it without another leader like him!

      4) Assads of Syria (Hafez Al-Assad & Bashar Al-Assad)… Feel free to look them up and ask yourself the real questions that matter!

      5) Vladimir Putin (and MY PERSONAL FAVORITE)… Look at Russia before him around the time of the collapse of the USSR, and compare that with where Russia is at today in the world stage whether it’s in terms of military might, world influence, and image! Riddle me this, how can Russia with only 14% of America’s military budget, be able to have a four-year advantage in terms of technology and effectiveness over the USA military? That baffles me!!! Another reason why a “dictatorship” is a much better form of governance for certain nations! One size does NOT fit all. Furthermore, the Russian Rouble is far more valuable today than it has been before the war in Ukraine and before the USA and its European puppets enacted and imposed ILLEGAL SANCTIONS on Russia… It wasn’t too long ago when “SLEEPY” Joe Biden was blaming Putin for the hike in gas prices in the USA!

      I leave you with, “it’s chess, not checkers”

      I’m addition, mark my words, China, Turkey, Russia and many more powerful nations are going to be adopting what you consider “DICTATORSHIP” as a form of governance within a few years! I mean the above mentioned three nations literally already amended their constitutions in order to pave the way for this…

      Who’s the ignorant, stupid, idiot now??? Much love Karen,


    3. Boa sorte this October.

      I know the alternative to Jahir may not be perfect(to some , I personally think he was a great president) but he’s infinitely better than jahir

      My is Brazilian and we are going in December..hope it won’t be under that clown.

      His son was publically claiming his dad can only lose by fraud…..looks like they want to try and be the discount trump

  4. “The presidency is like running a relay. When you get the baton you run your leg as hard as you can, then you pass the baton on to the next person.” Barack Obama (9/7/2022). Some people don’t want to pass the baton. They prefer to hold on to it selfishly. They never learned how to share. Smh

    1. @david martin some people are delusional. It’s a real shame that grown folks believe in lies. Seems their whole life is a lie. Are you even alive or a dead man walking?

  5. Well, of coarse the Obamas are putting in a great appearance and so welcome. Barack Obama’s typical grace and humor, then Michelle Obama shot the bar for inspirational into the stratosphere! So moving, and hopeful. Thank you Michelle.

  6. I was in a really bad, anxious mood before watching this. I feel so calm listening to president obama speak. There’s no better natural medicine.

    1. ns0122♥️
      You are so sweet, kind and gracious, I really feel you, when you have a President that makes sense, have a sense of humor and gives you peace of mind, because you don’t have to worry about his integrity and if he’s going to sell out your Country to the enemy, it truly feels great.
      Thank you for being a genuine and honest American😍🌹

    2. @jo mamacita
      😁Try your darnedest, but no vile lying hater can spoil this great feeling, that we share, chow😁♥️

  7. The Obamas were ahead of their time. Hearing President Obama be classy, funny & just overall giving a sense of calming is what we need. Thank you for an amazing speech.

    1. @kay armstrong You “thought Trump did great” and Obama “seemed arrogant?”
      Well then, clearly your opinion does not matter.

  8. I listened to this in my earbuds today while working, felt great to hear class, dignity and decency from the Obamas.

  9. He’s always been, in my opinion, one of the greatest orators I’ve ever seen. The charming demeanor, the self deprecating humor, the wit and wisdom.

    1. @My Man *🦴BONEZPURZ🦴 STILL LOST AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN!! 🦴🦴❄❄❄😆👅🙌😋😃😂🤣🥰🥰🙏👏😅🤩😁*

  10. When he said….well, Michelle is FINE! 🥰♥️😂😂😂 Talk about expressing the love and admiration of your wife in front of everyone. 🥰 That was so genuine. They’re such an incredibly handsome couple. ♥️♥️♥️

  11. He will forever be my favorite president. His speeches grab my attention with his maturity, humbleness, humor, and inspiration. Trump’s speeches always bring me anger and headaches like a little girl whining and telling lies. This brought me so much happiness

    1. @Bryan MullinsAmong his goals was to increase taxes for higher income families. The 3.9% surtax on income from investments actually did affect people and discouraged future investments.

    2. @James Miller Gas has been going down for 60 plus days the inflation reduction act was signed into law and the hun violence bill was passed and signed

  12. I miss him so much. I could listen to his speeches every day. The good with the bad, he never fails to make me laugh. America needs more laughter for sure. Many Americans will never truly appreciate him, but America mist definitely appreciates him. Don’t be strangers Obama family, America still needs you to pop in every now and again with some candid humor and calm perspective.

    1. The talk is nice but we need much more than that. This country has 40 million people on food stamps. Our government pisses away a trillion dollars a year on the war machine but we still have for profit healthcare, crumbing infrastructure, children being murdered in our schools. A handful of people who have more wealth than half the country. We have a lot of things here in America but we don’t have democracy.

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