BARBADOS JOURNALIST David Ellis speaks on cabinet reshuffle; performance of government

Journalist, Manager of StarCom Network and host of 'Down to Brass Tacks" David Ellis on THE WEEK THAT WAS.

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  1. Public comments.message to apnu and afc stop peddling lies and and deception and division amount the guyanese people because they know what PPP Civic win election in Guyana. All parties involved in electoral process in Guyana including caricom Secretariat and international community and Carter center. The election was credible and accurate and transparent and agreed by all parties involved in electoral process. Apnu take it to ccj and ccj rule against current administration which allowing Democracy to prevail in Guyana. Mr Granger need to respect the fact and allowing me lowenfield to respect and comply with the re count results and submit it to geecom.apnu need to stop playing games with Democracy and unity of the guyanese people. PPP Civic government is educated and understand the function of governance and proper management in government including checks and balances in government.

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