1. The nasty, unqualified Barrett is a traitor and a liar. SCOTUS must be reformed and balanced. This is terrifying. America is being overrun with fascists. Vote the Republicans out of office—they cannot be trusted with power—they hate women, people of color and poor people. Vote Democratic and help save our country from Republicans who are working hard to destroy democracy.

    2. Yup. At some point we need to do something about all magic believers. I DGAF what you believe until you try and force me to believe your nonsense. I have a good solution for these trash.

  1. It’s only a matter of time before the Banana Republicans put bounties on anyone voting for Democrats ..

    1. @R Q Bingo- it is a basic tenet of the Alinsky playbook that leftists worship that you accuse the others (Republicans) of what you (Democrats) actually are. The Obana/Biden cabal is a perfect example- they are/were far more fascistic than any other administration.

    2. @cary billey Is that the sum total of your intellectual input- try refuting any of what i said- take your time. Ask you “husband” for help.

    1. @w2knowles The Supreme Court ruled against the Constitutional provisions set into the law by Roe v.Wade which is currently the law of the land. They did not take into account that Roe is the law of land. The ruling came down at midnight and was unsigned at first. There needs to be clarification because the ruling seems to be in violation of current law regarding this matter. I am using my brain, not my politics in questioning a very confusing ruling.

    2. @Nancy Ross if you really were using your brain, you would realize how dumb it sounds to say they made a ruling at midnight. AGAIN, Texas legally made a state law(PERIOD) The supreme court received an appeal to the NEW LAW TEXAS HAD THE RIGHT TO MAKE. You’re politics and media are deliberately implying Texas needed permission because they don’t want you to know Texas can do that, UNLESS democrats give a good arguement to appeal. Why don’t you know what they said?

    3. @Nancy Ross it’s not hard to figure out if I’m right or wrong. I was specific unlike the media. You said exactly what they want you to think about because the truth won’t make you hate conservatives. My original comment said you’ll stop responding because you won’t admit the media lied or my explanation was right

    1. @Adrian Poli what about all the women who were thrown down stairs , beaten half to death , kicked in the stomach repeatedly etc by men who got them pregnant back when abortions were illegal , what about them , do they deserve death and your ignorant sanctimonious wrath too ?

    2. @Renee Daniel The left is saying that you must get vaxed and wear a mask to save lives but every time an abortion is committed a life is taken

    3. @TheCandiceWang well you no everyone has right to say no but scum think they can tell everyone what do ..do you not get some can not take it ….are you dumb. ..if someone take a has a bad reaction ..who going to take of family huh and yes I no vacinnate suppose to help ..but this people are still get covid even with shot. So…..

    1. Yes. All longstanding constitutional human rights mean nothing now, with an ideological Supreme Court. Roe v. Wade is gone. Next could be Brown v. Board of Education. Maybe Miranda.

    1. @Jeff Walsh What does that got to do with the situation now? Joe Biden didn’t put this in place it was the Republicans in the states are you really that stupid

    2. @GRJ2733 There are no, as in zero charges against Gaetz- that evidence “thingy” is tough for you leftists isn’t it? Remind me of any credible evidence against surreal President, Mr. Trump. Keep in mind the word “credible”.

  2. This is just another attack on a woman’s right to choose what she wants to do with her body. Texas, Mississippi or any other state that passes restricted abortion laws will not stop abortions, which by the way have been going down, all this will do is put women in the marginalized sections of our population to go to dangerous situations that jeopardize their health. Those women that are financially secure will get their abortions safely. Congress needs to step up and pass legislation to protect women’s rights!

    1. @Lord Llyod The hypocracy is on the GOP. They can choose to take vaccines and infect others or not, but women cannot choose what happens to thier bodies.

    2. @Molaodi Menyatso you realize that a mandatory vaccine means Women have no choice too, right? This isn’t hard to understand. Do you know what hypocrisy means? Because I don’t think you do.

    1. the political process is ALREADY destroyed in the united states …
      it’s all due to a widespread prevalence of AUTHORITARIANISM
      ‘the authoritarians’ – robert altemeyer
      ‘conservatives without conscience’ – john dean (2006)

    2. @Pontificus Vascillious No son, it’s about money and the power it buys.
      Without it our 1% would have no real effect on our political process.
      Kinda like the Founders had in mind.
      But we seem to have chosen to back and worship our economic R oyals.

      Personally I’m constantly reminded of France circa 1789.

    3. @Prof_Kaos “… Slipping Away … No, This Was Decades In The Making …” AGREED. As far back as the 1960’s, Conservative Students began discussing the “Taking Over Of The Supreme Court”. However, for more than 40 Years Mitch McConnell’s (For Sale to the Highest Bidders FOREIGN or DOMESTIC) has been at the Head of this ABYSS. This is “A LONG TERMED” Struggle to Correct the State of Our Nation. VOTE, the MCCONNELL CONTROLLED GOP REPRESENTATIVES OUT OF OFFICE at the Local, State and Federal Levels.

    4. Slipping? It’s gone. Over. Finished.
      There is no more democracy. Republicans have been allowed to pass unconstitutional laws to let them block anyone they want from voting, while choosing who’s votes to count. And nothing has been done about it. So there is no hope for America.

      The new Nazi empire the Republicans have long sought is finally here.

    1. @Arceus Thomas “But that stops when it endangers another” yet Republicans want get vaccinated or wear a freaking mask to protect others. Your HYPOCRISY is astounding!

    2. @Ramon Gonzalez I am not the republican party. But I can defend the vaccine thing if wanted especially overly authoritarian things some of you guys have been proposing. Vaccines are authorized for emergency use. It’s side effects are being studied. Forcing everyone to get it who already made peace with their choice seems like an authoritarian thing to do. I advice people to get vaccinated but unless the manufacturers and govt are made liable, don’t think it should be forced on. Only thing in a vaccine debate is wether you are vaccinated. If you are then irrespective of If the other is vaccinated or not it doesn’t make a difference. And it’s a choice that only affects that person.

      Masks I don’t think there is a good reason not to do it. I don’t condone any so called freedom lover unmasking others.

      But this is not the video on Vax. Let’s not deviate from the actual point.

    1. it’s ALREADY on …
      did you watch the nyt video?
      ‘the authoritarians’ – robert altemeyer
      ‘altemeyer on trump’s supporters’ – john dean
      ‘conservatives without conscience’ – john dean (2006)

  3. Get to raising the taxes on the rich and anything else the GOP doesn’t like. Get those executive orders written up.
    Start packing the Courts.
    IT’S ON!!! ✊

    1. @StronglyWordedLetter : Sorry Comrade your theory was proven wrong in 2020, the Republicans have no honor and they are corrupt it’s the only reason they have power NOT because they as you say “ show up”.

    2. There are 9 other Dems just like Manchin and Synema standing in line to take over for them. That party is not up to the moment.

    3. @StronglyWordedLetter : Yes, you pose the Question Of Questions. We are the present and future majority, have the economic power and the moral high ground. So why are the rural cretin haters running free, packing the state legislatures?

    1. Republicans are overtly enemies of the United States. Almost all of them support violently overthrowing our government and rigging elections to end democracy.

    1. @morten larsen : You do know, don’t you that black babies are aborted all out of proportion to the 12% of the population that is black? If conservatives are as concerned about changing demographics as you allege then we would encourage more, not fewer abortions. Facts are a biaatch aren’t they?

  4. Everyone now needs to start to learn the tenants of fascism. The history of it and how it gets defeated. Need to understand what you are up against.

  5. What more evidence do Biden and the Democrats in Congress need to realize the only way out of this nightmare is to appoint 4 more justices to SCOTUS? McConnell already did away with the filibuster for Supreme Court justice nominees so we only need a 51 vote majority. That’s what the “whole of the Federal Government” can do right now to protect women’s rights.

  6. America continues to shock the rest of the developed world with its harking back to the laws of men who had no idea where the sun went at night. Grow up America, come join us in the 21st century.

    1. The American Voter can STOP It. The 2022 Midterm Elections are Upcoming. PREPARE to VOTE at the Local, State and Federal Levels To Remove and Replace ALL McConnell/Trump Controlled Representatives. To BEGIN to Remove the Residue of Mitch McConnell’s 40 Years of EXPLOITATION and CORRUPTION.

    2. @Allen Reddick <<< Probably voted against sex education in schools, probably opposed to use of condoms and birth control and the "morning after" pill too. Never took in and adopted a baby from a woman who did not have the means to support a child and/or was forced to give birth to the product of a rape or incest. Trumpites are hypocrites.

    3. @C Grey you wrong about everything that you said
      1: got snipped at the age of 25
      2: I’ve been donating to st Jude for years
      3: I’ve never been a father
      4: I’ve been working my whole life
      5: I believe that you make poor decisions you should pay the price
      6:Sleeping around with HIV STD and not using protection is horrible
      But if you care to judge me please by all means do cause I know that you have had an abortion or have a partner that had one and this is your way to justifie your decision

    4. This will be the defining issue in the 2022 elections, especially for women. The GOP will be severely punished for this.

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