Barr Again Under Fire For Politicization Of DOJ After Prosecutor’s Explosive Testimony | MSNBC

Barr Again Under Fire For Politicization Of DOJ After Prosecutor’s Explosive Testimony | MSNBC 1


  1. Nixon’s Attorney General was disbarred and went to prison for less crimes.
    Elections matter.
    Vote Democrat at every level.

    1. micro trades : Are you coming up with excuses already when he is elected by all the people who absolutely do NOT want the democrat / liberal alternative ?

    2. @Gary Campbell you dont get it. We aren’t rioting on the side of the dems. Both partys are the reason all this is going on. Both partys keep citizens united alive, both partys keep reagans garbage tax system in place.

      The rioters and protesters? Mostly that 49% of americans who just aren’t participating in a system that doesn’t represent them.

    3. laharl sama : Not rioting on the side of dems ? Oh, all the owners of those businesses that were damaged and looted will be glad to hear that. AND, I never mentioned protesters.

    4. @James Murphy Gary said not all Dems. Not Biden. And if you believe Biden +14, I have a bridge to sell you. Maybe if the media didn’t portray any Trump voter as a toothless hick, more people would answer honestly. For all the hate you people spew, the truth is that supporters of ANY candidate can’t be defined by the worst among them, R or D.

    1. @Richard Owens
      “Now, that’s either because the GOP is hopelessly incompetent, or Obama was innocent. Which is it?
      Easy answer; BOTH of the above! ………………………………………………….But Sammy wouldn’t understand.

    2. @sirius428 IRS has already been taken to court and lost their case. Do you want the link???
      And Carter Paige and possibly General Flynn both should sue the goverment for their attempts at illegal wiretaps and falsifications of documents.
      Carter Paige has said several times he will sue and he should. You want the links??? They were both railroaded by a corrupt FBI , DOJ.

    3. Mark bodman the FBI was doing their job investigating potential security threats involving Americans working with foreign powers to subvert democracy…which we all discovered was true based on the many many instances of collusion with Russians and Trumps actions in Helsinki.

      Youre losing, Comrade…and you have helped us destroy the GOP.


    4. @Richard Owens I could not agree more, they need to be made of what will happens when someone tries to subvert our democracy.

  2. This government has stopped all pretence of even being a government. It’s just a Mafia. And, trump’s building a wall around the White House, because they’re going to end the Republic altogether, and he’s expecting pushback, maybe a revolt? Barr belongs in jail. Don’t let them steal your democracy

    1. @micro trades Hey micro brain, you still haven’t gotten over Madame Cyberhack the dimdems Golden Moo Moo’s loss in 16..Your attempted coups didn’t work, arresting business owners and churchgoers didn’t work, and your violent insurrection won’t work either..So now it’s covidiot ballot harvesting for you commie rats..Of course the commie rat party is also threatening to remove the President by whatever means necessary before the election..Take your foul leftist sewage and choke on it commie rat..You don’t have a fking clue..

    2. @Mark bodman It’s very easy to ignore you, and your comment, as you have provided no said proof…SMH. 🤯😱

    1. @George Florence please educate me on the 25th amendment as I may have misunderstood. I’m not being smart, but asking
      Thank you

    2. Becky Boatwright the executive cabinet has to vote to remove from office and trigger Presidential line of succession.

    3. Becky Boatwright
      Let’s not give evil such importance. Surely we need a lot of prayers and braver Americans to stand up to this administration and the thugs it houses.

    1. @The Tweatles Oh dear, putin will be having mass layoffs come November, back to picking potatoes for you

    2. Here’s what I believe will happen.
      Trump will lose the election and cry “VOTER FRAUD”, then Barr will do an investigation about the bogus voter fraud claim of mailed in ballots and Barr will recommend trump REMAIN PRESIDENT while he concludes his investigation. That’s trumps last scam play after he loses in november!! Seems Barr can protect trump and his friends from anything! Why would this be any different? And because no one in the congress is even talking about it,makes it even more probable!! Anyone agree with me?

  3. Bill Barr’s corrupt Justice Department allows any American immunity to go after the top brass of government via 10th Amendment.

  4. It’s amazing how so many respected people have disgraced themselves and damaged their reputation just from associating themselves with this president. Barr is no exception unfortunately…

    1. Barr has always advocated an all-powerful executive branch. There is a known flaw in the Constitution that allows a dictatorship. Barr is an excellent lawyer who specializes in executive power. Four more years of Trump will result in “President for Life Trump.” Being that he’s President, Trump can steer the situation in that direction and at the right moment Barr can make it happen. Trump is good at ‘making a moment,’ after all in his political career he has led exactly one poll: The 2016 Electoral College delegate poll. One day is all he needed. It can happen again. Chaos is his field of play and look at it today. The difference is he requires a strong foundation to push away from and he’s spent the last several years weakening the foundation. Time to do your part: If you get one person to vote in 2020 who did not cast a ballot in 2016 consider your effort to be an overwhelming success. You will have done more than your part in strengthening the country. Wow, that was longer than I’d planned.

  5. It is a full fledged corruption!
    Erosion of the office of AG, erosion of justice,
    It needs to be stopped!

    1. james w bullington jr you know Trump lied to the American people about building a tower in Moscow and took Putins word over all US Intel and Congress…right?

      And that he says he and China President Xi ‘love each other’?

      Tell us more about ‘buh muh communists’?


    2. @Dave Schultz You are a lier and people know the truth,no matter how many of you trump supportors are out their,,,trump is gone in 2020…and you cant save him

    3. @Lor Hay Fox had to identify as ” entertainment” so they would not be forced to use real facts and evidence. dave schultz is a useless russian troll.

  6. DEFUND DOJ COMPLETEY, until Barr appears for inquiry. That is the only way to handle the situation.

    1. you aren’t very bright, are you? then again, most in the public now make extreme emotional statements knowing their fellow mouth breathers will go “YAAASSSS!” and up-thumb them. Ah, morons, morons everywhere. Instead of fighting you and piling you in the ditches, I honestly think we should give you the keys to the country and let you run it right into the ground. Then you’ll at least have the holes dug already!

    2. Dhanushkodi Varadharajan no fine him personally , on a compound basis for every hour he doesn’t appear. Plus send the Sargent at arms to arrest him, he should be in jail before he testifies.

    3. @David McFerre RHCE When will you ever realize the enormity of what is happening ?

    1. @Randy Powers your (btw – I’ve NEVER seen “you’re” used when “your” was correct. It’s always the opposite. Until now. So … congrats?

    2. Nah, it’s going to come from the inside, from it’s own people, there will be no ‘invasion’ America is slowly imploding until you start treating ALL Americans with respect to their Civil rights and not use a brutal police regime on them. There is a huge voice that nearly half of the whole Country is not hearing.

  7. This feels like the mafia and Trump is literally the DON giving orders to his under boss on who he wants whacked. But like John Gotti another boss with a loose tongue his ending will be a disgraceful one in federal prison. He’ll be the first former President wearing an orange jump suit and Barr will be his celly

    1. I agree but with an exception. trump IS far too stupid to come up with all this. Nay, Putin is the puppet master with china, turkey & saudi calling the shots for him. 7-8 bankruptcies says so.

    2. @Robie Robertson and where it isnt burning the bullets will fly. There is more than one way to get the republicans gone… this time for good.

    3. Comic Power…and most of the Republicans have “joined” trump’s “Mafia”..They are part of his “Mob” lying for and protecting trump…they do trump’s bidding, not the countries nor the American people…talk about Karma! They will all “fall down” big time..they made a choice and soon their careers and lives will pretty much be over…they cannot complain or whine or say the “next president” “Can’t do this or can’t do that”…after trump and how they let him do anything he wanted…how can they ever say our new president can’t do anything they “don’t like”?? I Love karma right now!

    4. Luce FDR Joe Kennedy Mob…
      & Prez DJT

      Before Archer Hunter Biden Bulger Ukraine Loot & China/ WMD platforms

      …President Franklin D. Roosevelt, aware that most publishers were opposed to him, issued a decree in 1943 that blocked all publishers and media executives from visits to combat areas; he put General George Marshall in charge of enforcement.[citation needed] [WW2 Marshall Plan]

      The main target was Luce [ Luce Booth, as in John Wilkes Booth –» ] who had long opposed Roosevelt. Historian Alan Brinkley argued the move was “badly mistaken” and said had Luce been allowed to travel, he would have been an enthusiastic cheerleader for American forces around the globe.[citation needed] However, stranded in New York City, Luce’s frustration and anger expressed itself in blatant partisanship.[5]

      Luce, supported by Editor-in-Chief T. S. Matthews, appointed Whittaker Chambers as acting Foreign News editor in 1944, despite the feuds that Chambers had with reporters in the field.[6]

      Luce, who remained editor-in-chief of all his publications until 1964, maintained a position as an influential member of the Republican Party.[7] An instrumental figure behind the so-called “China Lobby”, he played a large role in steering American foreign policy and popular sentiment in favor of Kuomintang leader Chiang Kai-shek and his wife, Soong Mei-ling, in their war against the Japanese. (The Chiangs appeared in the cover of Time eleven times between 1927 and 1955.[8])

      It has been reported that Luce, during the 1960s, tried LSD and reported that he had talked to God under its influence.[9]

      Once ambitious to become Secretary of State in a Republican administration, Luce penned a famous article in Life magazine in 1941, called “The American Century”, which defined the role of American foreign policy for the remainder of the 20th century (and perhaps beyond).[7]

      An ardent anti-Soviet, he once demanded John Kennedy invade Cuba, later to remark to his editors that if he did not, his corporation would act like Hearst during the Spanish–American War. The publisher would advance his concepts of US dominance of the “American Century” through his periodicals with the ideals shared and guided by members of his social circle, John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State and his brother, director of the CIA, Allen Dulles.[citation needed] [. JFK fired Dulles and

      Dulles is rumored/newely proven to have been involved in the assassination & cover-up re: Jospeh Kennedy’s#1 son JFK]

      Oh, Kennedy’s affairs. Joseph Kennedy’s best-known mistress, actress Gloria Swanson, resented that Kennedy profited from their association while she fell into financial ruin, for which she never forgave him.

      But Kennedy had a satisfying, productive, and mature long-term affair with another world figure. This was Clare Boothe Luce, actress, playwright, congresswoman, ambassador to Italy, and wife of Henry Luce, publisher of Time and Life (as well as Fortune) when these were America’s most influential popular periodicals.

      Henry and Clare were sexually incompatible –or at least non-exclusive — and Kennedy became acquainted with Clare (and her husband) in London. The time when Kennedy met Luce, after a lifetime of triumphs (among many, Kennedy had been successful as the first director of the SEC and was one of Roosevelt’s most trusted advisors), was to be devastating to Kennedy’s reputation and life

      See also
      Joe Kennedy and the Irish, Italian and Jewish Mobs

      …wasted and defrauded off We, The Little People—AKA The Elite

      Whitey Bulger Boston Blue Blood Connections —very high—including a potential Prez candidate, FBI, Mueller,Judge Stearns (Mueller close friend), and Catholic Priests.

      It’s Mueller Time!

      Pt 1

      Pt 2

      Investigative journalist David Boeri knows all about this

      Whitey’s Arrest

      Know Your Russian Mobsters

      Whitey’s Blue Chip Connections

      Know Your American Mobsters

      Bulger, Biden, Archer, Pelosi, Kerry, Romney, McCain, Nixon, Reagan, Clinton, Trump–Mobocracy Connections

      SUPERMOB by Gus Russo

      This thoroughly researched investigative report profiles the hidden power brokers behind the mob’s dominance of Chicago and Los Angeles throughout the second half of the twentieth century.

      Prez DJ Trump’$ Commerce $ect. Wilbur Ro$$ Tied to Ru$$ian Oligarchs, Money- Laundering Bank

      Trump Russian Mafia Chabad Rabbis Links

      Scaramucci: “Are you an act?”

      Prez. Don King Con Trump: “I’m a total act and I don’t understand why people don’t get it”

      “It’s just so unfair that American companies aren’t allowed to pay bribes to get business overseas.We’re going to change that.” Trump says

      And now you know, the rest, of the story

      Good Day.

  8. Heads will roll in November, Barr. When the president loses the protection of the senate, no one is going to break the law to save you.

    1. @Martin Moyes he will be lucky if he escapes justice. people are incredibly angry and it is very important to the country that law is restored. we cannot let a pattern of corruption start.

    2. @Tidbit i was just thinking about how the president colluded with russia. that is treasonous. i hope he gets what he deserves. all these decades of talk about hating “commies” and they go and elect a president who tries to undermine the US system of democracy with the help of vladimir putin. right wingers. they are lost people, unintelligent and delusional (99% of them).

    1. This president has no shame. He heeds evilness as do his minions. G-d bless this country from them, the evil ones. This is the time to pray together and pray for God to send his Seraphim and clean this country.

  9. What is the point of all these “check and balances” when the process has not teeth, no ability to do anything.
    Barr, Trump… all of them, it like …..they don’t care. ….
    Like the quote…… “Have you no sense of decency”

    1. The Republicons control the Senate, Presidency, DoJ, Supreme Court , and have packed the judiciary, and skimmed the voting system. Until voting time, they are immune to checks. Much of the news media is in their pocket. Faux News, Twitter and FaceBook are their propaganda tools. They are banking on getting re-elected. They have no sense of decency – these are blatant criminals

    2. Here’s what I believe will happen.
      Trump will lose the election and cry “VOTER FRAUD”, then Barr will do an investigation about the bogus voter fraud claim of mailed in ballots and Barr will recommend trump REMAIN PRESIDENT while he concludes his investigation. That’s trumps last scam play after he loses in november!! Seems Barr can protect trump and his friends from anything! Why would this be any different? And because no one in the congress is even talking about it,makes it even more probable!! Anyone agree with me?

    3. @micro trades It’s not up to Barr to say he can remain the president. They would the House and Senate has to discuss it. Let me look it up again but Barr has no say in the matter. I want him gone moreso than Trump.

    1. @Will Peyton Barr is a ‘law and order’ AG and believes that our justice system should pursue the fair and proper application of law, without the intrusion of political bias. Unfortunately, under previous administrations, the sacred trust that the American people had placed in our DOJ had been severely betrayed. Instead of fair and impartial, it became a two-tiered system, one for political cronies and another for political enemies.
      Look at the difference in the treatment of Clinton / Trump by the Obama FBI/DOJ.
      mid-year exam / crossfire hurricane!
      call it a matter / launch co-intel spy ops!

    2. Will Peyton Lying about paying off Stormy Daniels & his other mistress, Having Bill Barr lie about the Mueller report, bribing the Ukrainians & withholding aid, not permitting an FBI report on Kavanaugh, firing ANYONE who has any oversight over him, withholding his tax returns, agreeing with Putin at Helsinki & ripping up the translators notes of his meeting, interfering in Cohen, Flynn’s, AND Roger Stones Criminal sentences, perjury to Robert Mueller. etc, etc.
      that’s off the top of my head. BTW, he’s a Malignant Narcissist who’s gaslighting you!

    1. @vidkidxyz You appear to be claiming that people who refer to the criminality of the current ruling regime in the US are going to go to prison. That is risible. Ridiculous in the extreme.
      What is going to happen is the electoral destruction of the Republican Party, swiftly followed by criminal investigations. There’s a lot to investigate… and lots of fat sentences to hand out.

    2. @Pashak de Scilly Laugh all you want Lefty Boy… actions are being taken as we speak that will result in jail time for the prominent leaders of the attempted coup against Trump. You’re not going to like what happens… but it will happen despite the noise of the Left.

    3. @vidkidxyz LOL
      Holding an administration to account is THE FUNCTION of a constitution with checks and balances.
      You seem to be unaware that a president is required by his oath of office to uphold the Constitution. It is manifestly obvious that Trump is not doing so.
      You seem also to be unaware that there is going to be an election soon. Trump has to show what he has achieved in office, and show why he should be re-elected, if that is his ambition. He seems to think that re-election is his by right. It is not.

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