1. @UCZ8ZGxsxvtKHe7mzdv0AGlA Trump is destroying your country and Xi Ping is happy. America has been the biggest loser in the past four years. Most killed by Covid19. And Trump is starting another civil war.

    2. Either way it’s outside agitaters inciting the violence not the people who live in the Twin Cities

    3. @wing Man “The Man will be in federal pen and his license will be gone”
      He doesn’t care about personal consequences expect perhaps incarceration. He’s on record saying that he’s at the end of his career and not bothered about his reputation etc. He’s truly a lizard.

    4. @frictionRx9 And your sheer stupidity is on all of these videos for all to see and laugh at.

    1. North Guy we can only begin to heal after this administration is under lock and key but I don’t even think they deserve to be taking up space or resources.

    2. nick cruz I’m from Australia and and devastated by what’s happening, again Barr doin the bidding of trump blaming the far left of instigating the violence when trump himself is the instigator 🤬🤬

    1. frictionRx9 Strawman statement, you don’t know what political party the protesters support. I would bet that most of them have never voted or even thought about politics. They are just tired of being murdered by white racist cops. Now crawl back into your racist hole.

    2. But you know protestors are using Anti fascist tactics and thats bad when republicans are pro fascism .
      You know when those left wing activist from Indiana that Devos family paid to go to Michigan to wave their guns around and spit on cops … protest that T-Rump supported .

    1. @J N Trying to incite a Civil War and blaming everyone else. So they are justified to gun them all down with the military. It’s obvious Trumpets support Policemen killing black people. The more deaths, the higher the chances for a reelection. This is how these minds work.

    2. @incipidsigninsetup I agree. Peace is the ideal solution but what happens when neither side can agree on anything? Violence or the treat of violence rules. Why do you think we have a strong military?

    3. @incipidsigninsetup Tnx for your insight and time to explain. What you say is idd correct for large scale, deep structural changes. In our own protest work – mainly in the field of heritage – we have won several battles without violence. Instead we use lawsuits, intimidating emails, unwanted press coverage and soft protest… that has worked for us so far, except for the personal beatings I received of course… but I do get your point. Tnx 🙂

  1. Justice will be served when The Pentagon Stop Using Our U.S. Military To Train Our Soldiers To Be NAZIS!

    1. note to self: don’t go to war against fascist regimes, because within 100 years they will start calling you nazis. just save the money

  2. Far left extremists!?!? How about the far right government that has done nothing to stop the killing of it’s citizens at the hands of those that are supposed to protect them?

    1. @Lars Jones Good, we need a civil war, Thomas Jefferson wrote on this.
      “There is nothing more unequal than the equal treatment of unequal people.”
      “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty.”
      “the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”
      ~Thomas Jefferson

  3. We’re in the third day of a nationwide crisis and our president is yet to address the American people.

    1. Yes but even if he addresses the nation about this tragedy he will say the same thing like Barr said. He will accuse the left but will never address the real issue. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his power .

    2. He’s no President……He’s Mr.twitter….
      He doesn’t know how to Govern.

      So when YOUR PROTEST RALLIES that held guns at the Michigan State House weren’t protesting quietly and standing in the way of Medical workers, those idiots were deemed peaceful demonstrators, huh FAT BARR????

      I DON’T condone this rhetoric that’s going on, but meaningful protests and demonstrations are what is needed now given the kinds of INJUSTICES that has befallen on the African-American Men lately….

      Just please be safe and act accordingly people🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. Unlike Joy Reid spreading a conspiracy theory that antifa are actually white nationalist trump supporters, and saying it is “documented”. The key take away from these riots and the media/liberal/normie reaction to it that they think minorities have no agency, and that Seth Rogan and Steve Carrel bailed out a bunch of nazis. It feels like I’m living through a twilight zone episode. Pure gaslighting.

    2. Relax Good says the person who supports a political party that is intentionally doing everything in their power to collapse the economy for political gain… get real, dude

    3. Willam Bar nor his boss care about civil rights. Black American. They are not going to fund cival rights, let alone voting rights. Long before election mite the president told police departments to volatile people rights by to nice when it comes aresting people in streets comunites in America.

    4. Deacon Borges Incoherent gibberish. Your not even an American. You clearly don’t speak English. Your comment makes NO SENSE.

  4. JFC. Can anyone find out what the prize for being the biggest POS in politics is this year? So many contenders.

    1. Please remove this Orange clown. He’s getting in the way of selling American companies to foreign investors. Get this American POS out of office immediately.

    2. @Dave Schultz aren’t you a troll. What are you doing on a platform where people actually think? Go back to Fox and QANON.

    3. @Dave Schultz

    1. @jade In the case of the US, the true history will be written by observers watching from outside the country. We already know where text books are made (Texas) and how they pick and choose and lie about whatever they want to put in them.

    2. dennis mccarty And lets just call you what you are; A RACIST.
      The fact that you feel the need to protect a business over a cold-blooded murder of an innocent black man committed by your people (racists) paints a clear picture of the human being you are.

      Let me be clear, I don’t believe all white Americans are racists. But in the spirit of being honest like @dennis mccarty suggested, I thought I would call him out.

    3. @Just an average peaceful leftist it’s not an excuse, it’s a fact. If you were living in a society that treated you as less than human I’m sure you would be doing the same thing, if not worse. But since you obviously aren’t, and you lack the empathy needed to walk in someone else’s shoes to understand what it’s like, then you don’t really add or take away any value from the cause. You’re either indifferent or you’re a racist who perhaps likes to witness the murder of black men and women.

    4. @PKay Gray I have empathy when anyone is murdered. What I don’t have empathy for are people who make excuses. Rioting is an excuse, and it solves nothing. Black people are not children, and I will not treat them special. The current situation that black people find themselves in really isn’t all their own fault. Alot of the blame rest on neo-liberals who treat the black community like children.
      Actually just ignore me. Go back to rioting. Keep burning down black neighborhoods. That’ll really solve the issue.

  5. More lies coming from Trump and his corrupt administration.

    Hate doesn’t have sides Mr. Barr and you will say anything to destroy democracy and protect your corrupt friends in DC and elsewhere.

    Justice is coming!

  6. This is not about left or right. It’s this exact reason why people are on the streets. Instead of listen to them you blame what is convenient to you.

    1. @Renee Speece it wasn’t mainstream media, it was the President of the United States…even now the current corrupt administration is crying it’s the left…f@ck off…it’s time to quit hiding behind a political affiliation…right is right and wrong is wrong.

    2. @Crystal Giddens GTFO, clown show. The coup already happened when that orange slime was placed in that office. Go play with your Barbies, trash.

    3. @Ver Coda I feel There are 2 types of media. 1 media opinion hosts. And you are corrected they do make things worse. But the news ² media that give straight facts, doing their job

    4. No, I think the “orange clown” is the counter coup and our very last chance. You don’t know America so you cannot appreciate America. You have been brainwashed into the America counter culture.

  7. How about the Charlottesville torch carrying “protesters”? Weren’t most of them from out of state? We’re sick of the double standards.

    1. He’ll have a really tough time explaining how these “out-of-staters” managed to show up in so many different states at the same damned time.

    2. So true. I guarantee you there will never come a day when Trump or Barr publicly condemn far-right extremists like those who MURDERED Heather Heyer

    3. @Dave Schultz Charlottesville is definitely not liberal…speaking as a former student of UVa

    4. @Dave Schultz Those tiki-torch carriers yelling, “Jews will not replace us!” were not college kids, nor were they locals.

    1. this is why you should never go to war against nazis. they will call you nazis too so just don’t engage in war. save the money.

  8. Far left extremist group. That’s how they used to call the civil rights movement.

    1. @Josephus S Meanwhile, in reality, most of those from out of town? Causing trouble?

      They’re Neo Nazi’s.

  9. He looks like a man who has lost his soul and is trying to get it back by eating too many pastries.

    1. Too many quarter pounders and fries with diet cokes!!That’s Ttrumps regular feast!!!💩💩💩💩💩

  10. The people responsible for the riots, the fires, the looting, the vandalism are the right-wing agent provocateurs.

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