Barr Emboldened To Attack SDNY After Success Hijacking DC Office In Trump’s Favor | MSNBC


  1. Desperate attempts to cover up crimes and end investigations. Won’t work; it is already too late.

    1. @Hazel McCloy What laws need to be fixed to make everyone’s rights equal? Because I agree with you that we should all have equal rights. If there is some law that can be changed so we are all equal I would support that.

      I can’t support removing Aunt Jemima and Uncle Ben though.

    2. @Lords of Media You dillussional turmpkin will see your wannabe dictator and his administration out of office and in prison for treason and obstruction.
      You turmpkin will have nothing but fading memories.
      The confedy flag, and all other fascict, racist, xenaphobe symbols will be banned from public view as punishable crimes.
      No more KKK marches or national Socialist rallys!
      You will have to hide in basements where you belong!

    3. @Lords of Media Too bad. You are going to lose all of your racist symbols now turmpkin.

    1. @Wigg Licker It’s not Msnbc that is forced to call itself Fox Entertainment in Europe. Msnbc is considered a legitimate news source world wide. While Fox is not.

    2. @Printagic Online
      Msnbc personnel is all serpent posing as human, lucifers minions and you are about to enter Rev 13&14 played out off of democratic corporate beast system fake news

    3. whoa froggie boy!! calm down you racist white supremacist. in our country we’re not supposed to call out left-wing child molesters. you should be ashamed of yourself and even more so that you have a FROG for an avatar. LOSER!

    4. @Wigg Licker Hahaha you’re a pathetic, uneducated troll… SMH rambling on about lucifers minions like a whack job. Ladies and gentleman……. a TRUMP supporter. LMFAO

  2. The erosion of state institutions is the start of autocracy. If you micro-manage the adjudicators of the law, cherry pick which laws to follow and then commit to voter suppression, democracy as you know it will cease to be.

    1. We must erode these racist state institutions. In my country, the United States, is not a democracy or else the people would vote for the president, but in our country they don’t.

    2. we’re there. US Democracy is dead. Voter suppression, criminals in the courts, Trump in bed with Putin and Xi, lined up against the American people. It’s terrifying, and those of us who get this are trying to decide what to do next. I have burner phone, Tor browser, Signal, and so on, but I’m confused about what direct action to take and when.

    3. @Wendy’s Garden Vote. Even if you have to travel a bit further to vote do it or if your state allows mail in voting do that, because the pandemic is raging. Just be a part of the quiet resistance and let people know the current state of the US. A lot of people are ignorant of whats happening, educate them. *Stay safe, observe, educate* .

    1. LOOK UP on youtube:
      *”Bill Gates Discusses His Meeting With Jeffrey Epstein | 2019″*

    2. To quote me, “I’d never impose rules upon people who’d accept rules from me, it’s those other folks we have to worry about”.

    3. they are barriers, hurdles . . the fascist way. and the starting point is major lack of education.

    4. “They will continue to try it in New York .” “They will continue to try it in New York .” “They will continue to try it in New York .” And,, they will probably succeed. Therefore, we must vote this person and his administration out of our White House. And, come on Biden, you must return our DOJ to functioning for the people (not for the person who is in our White House).

    1. her opponent Sara Gideon is on Act Blue. I already threw $100 her way and will likely give more before it’s done. Collins is also a traitor to women. She needs to be voted out.

  3. Trump and Barr are destroying the Justice Dept and the rule of law. They are not patriots, but are criminals, and both belong in prison.

    1. @AThagoras All past presidents fired U.S. Attorneys. Obama fired dozens of them, got some push back, but not like this. Considering Obama organized and/or oversaw the biggest scandals in U.S. history (the attempted coup d’etat of Trump and letting Quid Pro Joe loose in Ukraine) Obama has much to answer for.,

    2. @Linda Sandoval remember that all conservatives are Fascist while only most Democrats are. Voting for the lesser evil, is a real thing !!

    3. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

  4. Don’t these idiots understand when you destroy the rule of law it will come back and destroy them. It’s an old saying & true the pit you dig you’re falling yourself. Hope Barr goes first.

    1. Don’t you know destroying the rule of law has been my dream, my destiny….. Vote Mr Magoo 2020.

    2. @MC KO Oh stop it. That was debunked long ago. Mueller himself testified under oath that Trump and his campaign had at least 110 contacts with Russian inelegance throughout Trump’s Presidential run. The FBI had no choice but to investigate. That’s not spying that’s doing your job.

    3. @Printagic Online do you think facts are gonna work. Is this your first time dealing with a trumper? Facts and common Sense mean nothing to them.

    1. @David Wilkinson, it’s irresponsible for Barr to abdicate his duties and serve an individual instead of the nation constitution.

      However, hope is enablers actions will come to haunt him. And at some point he will be made to pay for his crimes.

    2. @mary nyaga John Newton Mitchell Was the AG for Nixon from 1968 to 1972. In 1974 Nixon resigned and in 1977 John Mitchell was sentenced to 19 months in prison for his role in Watergate. Once Trump and Barr are gone I’m certain that investigations will start and if Barr hasn’t succeeded in covering up their crimes both Trump and Barr will see prison time. But they won’t be alone I believe Kushner and others will join them.

  5. Rule of law has been thrown to the dogs🐕 Trump and Barr wants to control the judiciary to protect Trump. Banana 🍌 Republic indeed.

  6. Trump’s psychiatrist told him: “You’re going crazy”. Trump told him: “I’d like a second opinion”. The doctor said, “Alright, you’re ugly too”.

    1. @Trump 2Q2Q The Library , Trump has caused this coronavirus financial crisis with his lack of business acumen
      He bankrupted 6 businesses,
      he’s about to bankrupt thousands more.

  7. What kind of damage can trump do before the November election, A LOT we are watching a lot and no one cares in government

    1. Bunker Baby the Cowardly IS ALREADY a fascist dictator. He even has his MAGATS claiming themselves pro fascist. They are completely ignorant of the meaning, have no clue just how unpatriotic fascism actually is, and they literally believe there is a anti fascism “terrorist organization” that doesn’t want Bunker Baby to be POTUS. We don’t have a POTUS. We have racist pos who has been enabled by his cowardly swamp regime that is corrupt to the core enabling him to be a fascist dictator who never sees any consequences for lawlessness and countless constitutional violations. They’re just getting started. He and Barr have gotten away with and will continue to prevent or House of Representatives from doing their jobs of oversight. No one of Bunker Baby’s corrupt enablers have faced a single consequence for ignoring subpoenas.

    1. @ChimpCube chimpcube you’d stand in a fire to watch a liberal burn, that’s how bright you are. Republicans won’t be in power forever, then YOU will be complaining about how unfair things are. You insult chimps.

  8. As societies we need to generalize the lessons of the covid-19 experience.
    Early response to deadly threat is key to survival. Just one week of delay or denial leads to exponential increases in threat to life.
    Trump and Barr have had 4 years.
    The new Nazis have had 6 decades or more to strategize.

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