1. Eliminate this training program for Saudis in the United States, or at the very least, move that training OUT of the United States. 21 Saudi trainees who posted derogatory material PLUS the shooter. If the Saudi military cannot adequately screen its own military trainees, then they have no business being in the United States.

    1. chijohnaok they don’t need to “screen” their cadets. they should be allowed to have whatever opinion they have. not be sent back for having material the government doesn’t like

    1. Arwen Bernard no i mean in general. It’s obviously Islamic cause it was in the name of Islam, but terror attacks shouldn’t be limited to Islam.

    1. @MyCraftablRomnce TheRealM310N the crusades has nothing to do with what the holy book commands of its followers. the crusades is an act of man not something their gods expected from them

    2. @AJ Fisher
      Negative. As a pastor who went through seminary and had to read scriptures of each abrahamic faith in their original languages; there is evil in all of them.

    3. @MyCraftablRomnce TheRealM310N
      The crusades were a geopolitical problem; it was in a period when religious empires were the rule and law of the land. Even kings had to bend the knee.

    1. @IronSeaBee Lost please provide the name and the quote of whoever said it wasn’t terrorism. We’ll wait.

    2. @IronSeaBee Lost as I figured. You got nothing, gomer. Crawl back under your rock. We’ll let you know when it’s safe to come out (maybe)!!

    1. Tenzack YOGI horrible thing about it is that they are very nice people. My husband was stationed there 3 months ago. My husband actually has had conversations with the Saudi’s there.

    2. Sadly, background checks don’t work if the Saudi gov’t can get the US gov’t to be its lapdog just by waving its oil money around

    1. @OROMO KUSH you being bristish means absolutely nothing of importance or you having more knowledge just so you know🤷‍♂️

    2. LionsFan82 try learning how to spell English. You do speak our language right? Or are u polish, romanian, russian, irish etc. Even German lol. We’re originally German. Why do u hate Britain? I thought u loved your culture and race. USA is full of mutts who are controlled by an upper class of made up American equivalent aristocratic family’s or individuals who are educated at the highest educational institutions. You’re a pleb. Go get distracted with the NFL playoffs.

    3. @OROMO KUSH  OROMO KUSH  wow so my autocorrect spelt British wrong and you get your small field day (Oh you also spelled thier as there when talking about Iran above but hey who is keeping track😉) but now let me educate you on something. I lived over in Europe for 4 years and traveled and spent a lot of time in England and it was outstanding to get some outside perspective. But lets stop there bud, England is full of a bunch of snooty uptight depressive powdered up wankers with fucked up hygiene and im guessing tiny dicks. I mean what else can cause England to have such a high rate of depressed adult woman? Do them a favor my man and order yourself a pump and try your hardest to get that half inch gain😁

    1. patrick O’flannigan LOL! You and multiple generations of your descendants will be long gone six feet under before that scenario of your possibly becomes reality……….

    2. Patrick is right the US has a ton of oil reserves. If we wanted to we could cut all ties with the Middle East & be self sustainable. Once the Middle East runs out they will be in big trouble.

    3. Diego Medina “If we wanted to.” LOL! Says who?! Well, that has yet to come to any fruition. Are you a govt insider or just a armchair oil analyst?

  2. Prime example of leaving your door unlocked, then become outrage that a thief walked in and stole everything. Just foolish!

    1. TheTjoconnor im about 90% sure Joe is joking, if not…..hope he don’t have kids that marry an immigrant. I don’t doubt he is a good person, but I agree even as a conservative leaning person, the statement he made is ignorant.

    2. Alma Wells you are the definition of an old woman who doesn’t understand the modern world. We are all aware of what the Quran** is, and your statements are so ignorant it disgusts me that I’m from the same country as you. If you want to play down Islam then you might as well shame all religions because they’ve all been blamed for something fucked up before

    3. Mike Brown that’s so beside his point but you’re too oblivious to comprehend his argument. You’re simply being unnecessary hostile to an entire group. Do you blame all Germans for the actions of the Nazi party?

    4. DslBroski 100% agree, so many idiots are pretending to be conservatives but in reality are just destroying the party with their idiocracy and ignorance

  3. Yet here we are continuing the agenda of teaching foreign fighters and giving access to all who want to cause harm to Americans.. This is old and worn out..

    1. @Jake Parker Arabs are white people, according to the U.S census, job applications, white race theorists and themselves. Where’s the racism?

    2. @Jake Parker holy virtue signal batman.. people with a ideology that is not compatible with American freedoms means by definition they are not our allies

  4. It’s all about money! We sell Jets to Saudi, we train them on Jets. 🤫
    I feel for American families who lost loved ones over foreigners. 🇺🇲

    1. When did our government start building jets! So why not let the companies who profit from those jet sales assume the risk of training terrorists.

    2. @S. Young
      It too is sad, but allowing foreigners into the country from known countries with human rights issues is a whole other subject.

    3. @Obilon Kenobi
      That would be interesting to hold private companies like Lockheed responsible but in the end they made a product for the government which sells to other govt. Lockheed cannot sell Jets to just anybody without our government permission.😉

    4. @persimmon I think about this all the time. It’s sad and not many Americans think about the lives lost because of us. There is always some kind of rude attempt at justification but it’s sad wherever innocent lives are lost no matter where they are from.

    1. the us cannot survive without bullying nations the us constantly needs a reason to sell outdated wepons to its supposed fake allies

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