1. He was Trump’s chief enabler; the most partisan Attorney General the country has ever seen. He acted as if he was Trump’s personal Attorney.

    1. WTF are you talking about? John F. Kennedy literally made his brother AG. If you think Barr was the most partisan AG in history you don’t have a very good grasp on American history.

    2. @Merici Alexander largest tax cuts, reducing regulations, making us energy independent for the first time in 70+ years, fulfilling previous presidents’ promises to move Israel Capital to Jerusalem, bipartisan prison reform, lowest unemployment in history, over 3% GDP growth with only 1.4% inflation, multiple mid-east peace deals normalizing relations with Israel, operation legend, operation warp speed…Jesus, even CNN named a few in the interview and you think he did nothing?

    3. This is what Biden has said about Putin:

      “If I’m President, Putin’s Days of Tyranny and Trying to Intimidate U.S. and Eastern Europe are Over’”

      -Candidate Joe Biden , March 21, 2019

      ” Putin doesn’t want me to be President. He doesn’t want me to be our nominee. If you’re wondering why – it’s because I’m the only person in this field who’s ever gone toe-to-toe with him,”

      -Candidate Joe Biden’s Feb. 21, 2020

      And this is what Biden did on his first day in office and subsequently:

      —Stopped drilling on additional Federal Lands

      —Approved an agreement with Germany that would allow the Russian natural-gas pipeline to be completed,

      —Reinstated the Obama era suffocating regulations on US Oil Companies

      —Stop the US Keystone Pipeline

      Ok Boys and Girls can you say Midterm Elections


  2. He just said a week ago, that he would support a Trump candidacy for 2024. Why he still is allowed to roll around giving interviews and people still listen to him is beyond me. Yeah, he’s a liar folks.

    1. @Abby Has nothing to do with primary vs. general. Barr would choose a person he deems unfit to hold public office over a Democrat. Try to keep up with stupid as rocks boomers. Mmmkay?

    2. @neb ROFL. Giuliani’s “Hunter Biden laptop” story requires you to believe that a professional computer repairer checks the integrity of a hard drive by reading the emails on it. They don’t: you run software that calculates check sums for every file and compares them with the check sums on the disc. That is why the FBI laughed in Giuliani’s face when he tried to sell them such a pile of nonsense. The only thing we discovered from the story is that Giuliani certainly does not have the competence to be the president’s cyber security adviser and that post was merely a cover to pay Giuliani for his services to Trump that should have been paid out of Trump’s own pocket.

    3. So is every single politician/CNN spokesman on the left. In fact nothing they and you have stated in the last 6 years has been true.
      Supporting “the establishment” is the most ridiculous thing libtards have come up with yet.

      I’ll stand on the opposite of what any of these guys say and be guaranteed to be on the Right side everytime.

      Insert snarky comment because you chose wrong again here↙️⬇️↘️

    4. I agree completely. I think his opposition in media is so impressed with his “alleged” change of face, they’re willing for some reason to give him the benefit of a doubt. Anytime they find a Conservative making sense, they consider it as a newsworthy event. Just hearing him suggest that he thinks the “progressive left is showing a totalitarian temperament” is more than enough proof to me that he hasn’t lived had any epiphanies. Although, I consider him to be an expert when it comes to identifying “totalitarian temperament.” He has a front row seat view totalitarian temperament every day when he looks in the mirror.

  3. Barr: “I’ll vote for Trump in 2024”

    Barr, but 2 seconds later: “I’ll help defeat Trump in 2024”

    1. @CynJ Williams Barr is not going to vote for anybody in 2024. He’s not out there talking out of both sides of his “face” to sell a book, he’s trying to create plausible deniability, confusion of motive, and reasonable doubt. The fact he jumped the sinking ship of bubonic meme infested rats when they went full sydney-krakken with the coup, doesn’t have a damn thing to do with the conspiracies against rights, under color of law, and to defraud the United States he already participated in and no GD pocket pardon of the self-dealer will save a single one of the traitors – enough district and state laws were broken that RICO, based on those, has a shelf life of FOREVER. SO put that in your putin puffer and smoke it

    2. @Tomas Pita I don’t know what speculative gibberish is that you wrote nor what it has to do with the way that Barr said he is going to vote. You definitely sound like one of those Russia-Trump collusion conspiracy theorists and that you might have participated in plenty of crack smoking parties with Hunter Bidumb.

  4. He sang a different tune when he was giving an interview on Fox News .This man will say anything and go anywhere to sell this book .

    1. @Sassouu Sasoo
      Oh ok. Now I see. You are a FAUX “news” watcher NORMALLY which is why you say Barr says something different here…

    2. Barr needs to be held accountable for lying to the people about the results of the Mueller investigation.

  5. How is it that half the country has been fearing this since 2016, and Bill Barr couldn’t have foreseen this? Don’t let him normalize that administration.

    1. @Jerry Beloin Just joined youtube did you? Did somebody… persuade you to do that? Somebody… in russia perhaps?

    2. @General Yellor Really? Have you been paying attention? Apparently not. Kids this is why a 5th-grade education just isn’t sufficient enough to make an educated comment. It’s never too late to receive an education!

    3. Barr wasn’t asked about lying to congress when Harris asked him if Trump asked him to investigate his political enemies.

  6. OK. Let’s just be clear on what primarily the AG’s job description is supposed to NOT include: A Partisan opinion and/or ‘Lean’.
    It’s a Legal and/or Law Enforcement Office- the DOA- and we should never have to hear a current and/or former AG admitting that they supported an Administration’s Policies.
    It’s a Constitutional Role. Non-Partisan. 🙄✌

    1. Learn some American History. Both parties have been fielding partisan AGs for decades. It’s nothing new. JFK literally appointed his brother as AG.

  7. Barr is almost tolerable in this interview… Almost. After what he did during the Trump administration, he doesn’t deserve another day as a public servant.

  8. Normalizing trump’s madness. Jake should have grilled Barr about his deliberate mischaracterization of the Mueller Report, allowing trump to claim “complete exoneration.”

    1. @Wilfred jurassic yes
      Yes, that’s it because you’re the moral compass on all that’s true. Everyone in the Democrat party has looked like idiots with all they have been caught doing that’s illegal. But you keep thinking it’s all one party.

      Get an education, please! 🍎

    2. Some of you lying Trump-haters are still holding onto the Russia-Trump collusion lie that crooked Hillary concocted and that you lying lunatics spread for years. There was no evidence of guilt and President Trump had the right to claim complete exoneration; you lying leftist lunatics are still mad about that after your side tried to frame an innocent man.

  9. Wasn’t it just a week ago when Barr said he couldn’t see himself not voting for a Republican, no matter who the nominee will be?!

  10. The last interview I saw with Barr (to promote his book, of course, which is the only reason he’s resurfaced) he said he would vote for Trump if he ran in 2024. Can’t believe a word out of this guy’s mouth.

    1. You are just mad because he still refuses to vote for the evil anti-America DemoKKKrat party. Stay mad.

    1. U will be begging for Trump !!!
      We had $1.96 a gal for Gas for
      4 Year’s !!! An Low food prices !!!
      U will be in POVERTY before 2024 !!;
      Sloppy Joe Loves U !?! LoL LoL

  11. His attempts to restore his reputation falls grossly short of the gutter he’s trying to pull himself out of.

  12. “But if he wins the Nomination, I would definitely get involved to make him president again” He left that part out

  13. He said he would “absolutely” get in the fight. Did he ever say on which side? These lawyers and politicians are slippery when you try to pin them down.

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