Barrack Indictment Puts New Attention On U.A.E. Interest In Getting Trump Elected 1

Barrack Indictment Puts New Attention On U.A.E. Interest In Getting Trump Elected

Rachel Maddow reviews New York Times reporting from 2018 of an offer by the United Arab Emirates to help Donald Trump get elected, an especially appealing prospect since they allegedly had an agent in Tom Barrack in a position to influence Donald Trump to act in their interest. 
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  1. Saw Barrack and thought it was about Obama and I was like “indictment” and “Obama” don’t go in thesame sentence

    1. And there I had a vision of Don Jrs witch standing next to her boiling swamp filled cauldron and shrieking insanely.

  2. How many more of TRUMP’s cronies are going to get arrested & get jailed before the LAW catches up with the HEAD HONCHO? Not much longer I hope…

    1. @Sarah F. 4.3 According to MSDNC conspiracy “news”? Fox has never mentioned a reinstatement doofy.

    2. @Howard You know the only way he could be reinstated is if you completely throw out the constitution, right?

    1. @The wolf of Swingthat I’d be super shocked if so. Obama was the only president this century to make it 2 terms, 8 years, without any Scandals. Trump couldn’t make it a week without a new scandal coming to light.

    2. @Jeremy Backup
      No scandals??
      I strongly want to remind you that he wore a Brown suit…..

      No scandals…

  3. Yup, it was a sweet situation for the criminals involved
    TRUMP was trafficked

    1. Ya, I too still have hope for Barron. Remember how he intentionally avoided daddy’s send off from the WH? It’s rumored there is bad juju between he and his dad. The kid is onto the corruption and I think he’s trying to avoid it like the plague. Crossing my fingers.

  4. More than 60% of the former president’s Twitter following, or about 33 million accounts, were deemed fake by a marketing software firm. It ran all of Trump’s followers through a machine-learning based tool that picks up signals that an account might be spam, propaganda, a bot, or inactive. If the account racks up seven to 10 signals or more, it was counted as fake.

    1. Does that explain the number of trolling posts? Cuz I think that might explain most of the trolls…….

    2. THE DuCK: Thanks for the heads up!We have to show up again in ’22 & stop this red hat hatred, inspired by djt. END the FILIBUSTER IT’S BUSTING UP OUR DEMOCRACY!

  5. I bet all the Trump supporters nutted thinking it was “Barack Obama”, then they found it was one of Trumps swamp things and now they call it a witch hunt.

    1. You won the bet. There actually was a comment by a Trumpet elsewhere that this proved Obama was corrupt and bought over by foreign interests, and why were they lining poor Trump to Obama’s scandal

    2. @Deepak D’Souza I’ve seen a few of the nut jobs jump the gun and gleefully comment about Obama, then when they realized it wasn’t Obama, they deleted their comments. It’s amazing how they hold people to such different sets of standards. In their eyes, it’s OK to be a Traitor and criminal as long as you have an ‘R’ beside your name.

  6. No wonder they thought they had a “silent majority”. More than half the social media positivity about Trump was from fake foreign accounts. Not just Russia, but a growing list apparently.

    1. Paid supporters when he said he’s running for president 2016 election, ..fake social media account followers…= Fraud president.

  7. All these incredibly wealthy men who benefited so much from our nation… will so easily turn around and sell it off piecemeal is just staggering. Treason. Remember when we used to have firing squads to deal with those who would sell out our country.

  8. Rachel I never miss your news report so authentic & analytical.. wow what a news of Trump now it looks Trump’s administration was completely Corrupted to the CORE

  9. The GOP reminds me more and more of the Soviets during the USSR reign. Thing is, USSR crashed and burned and GOP is not far from it.

  10. Last time when Steve Bannon got arrested. I said Who’s next? Now we know is Tom Barrack. Now the same question. Who’s next? Don jr. Ivanka, Eric, Guiliani, Mo Brooks, Trump, WeaselBurg son, Mark Meadows. Who?

  11. Apparently the Arabs also helped the Trumpists and the Russians for the disappearance of the United States!

  12. Yep, all that high-fiving between the Arab prince and Putin seems to make sense more and more everyday.

  13. Malcom Nance’s books lay everything out about Russia and Trump. He wrote it before it even happened.

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