Barr’s DOJ Accused Of Gross Abuse Of Power In New Flynn Report | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


    1. Barr is a Patriot and one of the Greatest Americans who has ever existed.
      Barr for the Supreme court.

      MAGA 2020
      Trump Today
      Trump Tomorrow
      Trump Forever.

    2. Mmmn. These US presidents. Has any except maybe St Jimmy not been a devious, self-serving criminal?

    3. @Sterling Pound – Carter is hated by Republicans, absolutely hated, because he is a devious, self-serving criminal.

    4. Have you or have you not been following the details of this case? Flynn was framed. AG Barr is doing the right.

    1. @Scoobie Elections in Georgia, among many dysfunctional electoral problems, violent action against peaceful protest in Washington, deaths and abuses of power daily across the country by an arm of government (law enforcement), removal of basic safety net for the vulnerable of all types, enormous tax relief for super rich, working poor, increased homelessness. One of the worst pandemic outcomes in the world. How much more you want?
      You’re in the northern most part of Central America.

    2. @Scoobie Stupid, incompetent Donald pulled out of the Iran deal. A deal between America, European countries and Iran with the purpose of making the world a safer place. The meaning of the deal was Iran to stop its nuclear reaseach program and they sticked to the deal until the incompetent, megalomanic Donald left it. Iran has taken up its research and the threat is there again. Saying America will wipe Iran off is a very stupid, ignorant and naive idea.It might as well be the other way around. I wonder if you have even heard about this deal. Donald´s fans are known to be very ignorant and uneducated when it comes to politics – domestic as well as foreign politics.

    3. Too bad all these facts and moral arguments are lost on Trump supporters. You know the ones who like to call themselves patriots and throw around the word treason. They are too busy using the constitution for toilet paper.

    4. @Scoobie I don’t think your random threats help your argument as much as you think they do, utterly powerless internet poster.

  1. William Barr has committed more crimes than Nixon’s Attorney General. I can’t wait until Barr is disbarred and thrown in prison.

    1. @43 44 46 a no we didnt forget I just found him to be good. Let me know what you think??

    1. Ann van de Kew – well, I’ve seen a few from yourself in last few months, had to get one back some time?

    2. You mean the racist grandson of an illegal immigrant brothel owner who spawned a klansman committed voter fraud? Whodathunkit

  2. So funny, are we in America or in a 3rd world Country. Conflict of interest, bias, corruption, injustice +++
    Is this the best Country in the World……..I doubt it for real !!!!

    1. Federico Barrio Linares it’s been a third world country for blacks, latinos and a lot of whites as well for a lot longer than 3 1/2 years. It’s two countries, the haves and the have nots!

    2. Gayle swenson : So that Haters like you are all that’s left? Why should he? How about we restore the Republic, and those who don’t like the American way of doing things can leave? That would be you, son

    3. @Federico Barrio Linares Yes, I agree. So many homeless, no full health care system, bankruptcy if you are really ill,
      and undereducated. All the money goes to weapons and killing people from other countries as well.

    4. @Gayle swenson That’s just silly Gayle. Not kind, and not really bright. People have a right to speak their minds, and so simple just to tell them to leave and not try to change things, and then to give out that old saw…America love it or leave it….just brain-dead stuff. Protesting works. If no one complains, nothing changes. And. by the way, herds of Americans have already left for countries where they have decent social systems and medical is free.

    1. karin backstrom : All true. But, we must cut off the head of the snake (whom we knew was a snake, when we let him in) and begin a program of Education. A huge package, focussed on prioritising the youngest, on up. Inoculate them against racism, bigotry and ignorance, and half the battle is won. The other half involves being prepared to FIGHT to restore your Republic, and to take part in politics, always. Trump is what happens when people get too lazy to mind the shop

    2. Clark Kent 👈 All day, every day, spewing hate, at people you hate, on channels you hate, but you’re, “not mentally ill,” are you, son? 🤪

    3. Trump wanted the sanctions against Russian Billionaire removed , his buddies
      Flynn was the first step

      One of them bought a home from Trump for a near $100 million 2.5x what trump paid 2yrs earlier, it was bulldozed recently.

    4. Ms. Backstrom, Trumpublicans are a cult every but as dangerous as the Jonestown group. Trump literally told them not to believe their lying eyes and ears, and they believed. Unfortunately Obama’s election spawned a new era of bigotry and racism, but most of all hate. Trump took this fear, bigotry and racism, and created a cult of hate, with himself as messiah. Facts, truth, reason and logic don’t matter when opposed to the word of the messiah and his apostles. Anyone with the ability to reason could see that Trump was guilty of the charges in the impeachment trial, and the only flaw in our Constitution was that our founding fathers believed that Senators would be men of honor, holding their personal oaths sacred. Every Senator in that chamber knew that Schiff’s statements were true, and then proceeded to place party over country.Trump’s apostles. This is not to say the Democrats are blameless, or the media. Corporations run both parties, and the media. It basically becomes a contest of which group of oligarchs you support. Many even support both sides, caring nothing about political philosophy, only how it benefits them. Corporate Democrats control the party, catering to large donors, and the same for Republicans. The media prefer a close race, because large donors mean larger advertising budgets, and bigger profits for them. Sanders policies were popular with the public, but the media, and corporate dems kept hammering away at “electability” despite the polls to the contrary, driving public opinion towards Biden. Both parties are corrupt, their priorities are re-election, not governing for the good of the people. My friend’s father had an expression, Democrats want 95¢ out of every dollar, and the nickel keeps the country running, the Republicans want the whole dollar. Biden is only better than Trump because Trump is so abhorrent.

  3. A little late it’s become obvious this administration is grossly abusing America but who’s going to stop them? NO ONE

    1. His followers literally believe anything he says, voter fraud, everything but positive news about him is positive, they don’t believe in climate change, they don’t believe in science, he ignore his scientists on the Corona virus and mislead the public. He is a narcissist and a liar but people vote for him anyways. They follow all his words and it’s.crazy. If he were any other president he would’ve been impeached or at least resigned from his indecency. Let’s be real.

  4. The bomb that keeps on blowing, stuck in a time loop. This will come back again and again in the years to come as new revelations (when Trump is just a shadow) continue to surface, some will confirm what we already think and some will be new and worse (for example, some people believe that Mattis was holding back and knows much more damaging information). And each time, we will be reminded that the Republican party was complicit. This is Barry Goldwater/Richard Nixon-like generational damage.

  5. America should stop calling herself 1st world country because even in 3rd world countries when they want to be this corrupt, they try to hide it and not make it obvious. but in America, this administration has no shame.

  6. And this…is new ? Barr has acted as Trump’s personal lawyer…since in office…how many lawyers and judges…have written letters to oust Barr ..over 2000….Get rid of Barr and Trump !!!

    1. Months ago over 2000 previous DOJ lawyers and prosecutors, wrote letters saying they think Barr should step down. What did Barr do? Nothing. Now a judge accuses him of abuse of power. What’ll Barr do, probably nothing.

  7. Flynn was a traitor, wasn’t even sworn in yet to his position, and he was undermining a bi=partisan Congress sanctions upon Russia. How can you not believe that Trump told him to do so? Trump is a traitor!

    1. Let’s not forget General Flynn urging “lock her up ” during the election campaign. Paradox personified.

    2. @Carol Sitzberger Because, Flynn and Trump were in on this together. That’s why Trump asked Comey, to let Flynn go. And, I might be wrong. But I believe that Pence knew too, and played dumb.

  8. If the illegimate Helsinki sissy pardons these traitor the outrage should lead to relentless protests until the pardons are overturned and Justice prevails.

    1. America has a huge bag of protests to roll out. Corruption in your White House and Justice system. Rich squashing the poor, guns and shooting your children in schools…
      RACISM….AND getting Trump and his cronies + grotesque family out of there. For the life of me I don’t know why you all were bottling up all of this despicable stuff. I can only think of one reason. Somewhere there was money to be made… is the god and tablet for America’s headaches. Doesn’t keep some of you alive though. Such misery.

    2. @Sophia Lewis where are you located because if your country is the opposite of what is happening in the USA I want to move there

    3. @B Karol To a goodish degree opposite but we are of this World so some bits of same. Still we deal with our issues very differently. I would have to be honest and say race relations are kept ‘nicely’ undercover which admittedly is not healthy either. This
      …one of the ‘shithole’ countries as that there president guy Trump called us……is Paradise in pretty much every sense of the word. That’s a hint I just gave you. Smile

  9. Barr is corrupt to the core. He’s pledged himself to the orange fascist-in-chief and not America. He will answer for his crimes soon enough. As for Flynn, he’ll be back in prison soon enough, these reversals from the corrupt DoJ will fall flat.

  10. It’s not like America doesn’t KNOW Flynn’s guilty, and the, “administration,” is rotten to the core? It’s just more evidence. The American Republic is collapsing

    1. The Justice Department is trying to get the DC Circuit Court to throw the case out; this will, at least, take up some time and prevent Sullivan from sentencing Flynn before the election.

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